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Turbo FAST season 4 is to premiere
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23 min
Reid Scott, Eric Bauza, Mike Bell, John Eric Bentley
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Released Date Turbo FAST season 3

Episode 13









Released Turbo FAST - 05.02.2016

Turbo FAST (stands for Fast Action Stunt Team, if you don’t know) is an American flash-animated comedy series for children, which has been airing on Netflix in the United States and another 40 countries around the globe since December 24, 2013. Being the first Netflix Original Series made for kids, Turbo FAST is developed by DreamWorks Animation Television and computer animated by studio Titmouse. Exec producers Chris Prynoski and Jack Thomas stand behind this action and adventure-packed series.

Turbo FAST is inspired by DreamWorks Animation snail hit film Turbo. The storyline of the derivative product follows Turbo and his friends after the action of the film. After winning Indianapolis 500,Tito founds s a city for all the snails and even builds a race track for them. Turbo progresses racing with his brother Chet and his comerades Whiplash, Burn, Skidmark, White Shadow, and Smoove Move.

As Netflix don’t demonstrate their ratings, we can’t judge about Turbo FAST’s popularity by viewership numbers. The series is holding a good 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb, based on just three hundred votes. As for the critics’ reviews, they been more positive than negative, and Turbo FAST has garnered 9 nominations.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Crazy Fast24 Dec. 2013
2Dungball Derby/Ace of Race24 Dec. 2013
3Bumperdome/Broaches24 Dec. 2013
4African Queen/Mega Snails24 Dec. 2013
5Ants Ants Revolution/Clamsquatch24 Dec. 2013
6Turbo Stinks/Snails in Jail4 Apr. 2014
7A Tale of Two Turbos/The Escargot Affair4 Apr. 2014
8Surf'N Turf/Hardcase Returns4 Apr. 2014
9Turbo Drift4 Apr. 2014
10Ready, Set, Glow/Breakneck's Back4 Apr. 2014
11Cruise Control/R/C Turbo27 Jun. 2014
12Curse of the Cicadas/Beat-A Fajita27 Jun. 2014
13Karmageddon/Chet Gets Burned27 Jun. 2014
14Gypsy Moth Prophecies/Skidzo-Brainia27 Jun. 2014
15No Can Do/Adopt-A-Toad27 Jun. 2014
16Buster Move/Gills12 Sep. 2014
17Terror of Tickula/Feels Good to Be Pranksta12 Sep. 2014
18Over Shadowed/Beware the Chickipede12 Sep. 2014
19Mall Is Well/Taco Tank12 Sep. 2014
20Zoo Lander/Balloonatics12 Sep. 2014
21The Packet Racket/Smack Me Down1 Dec. 2014
22Smoovin' on Up/The Great Shell Robbery1 Dec. 2014
23Chet vs. Dr. Disorder/Damselfly in Distress1 Dec. 2014
24Dome Sweet Dome/My Pet Clamsquatch1 Dec. 2014
25Hardluck Hardcase/Bee Story1 Dec. 2014
26Tur-Bros/The Snailman1 Dec. 2014

Season 2

1The Challenge/Home on Our Own31 Jul. 2015
2The Mighty Snails/Silent But Deadly31 Jul. 2015
3Agent Ace/Smoove as Ice31 Jul. 2015
4The Disappearing Act/The Sting of Injustice31 Jul. 2015
5The Treasure of Sierra Marty/Big Baby31 Jul. 2015
6Turboldly Go31 Jul. 2015
7Crow Pox/Faking Amends31 Jul. 2015
8Deuce Is Wild/To Fire a Squire31 Jul. 2015
9Maggotron/Love Hurts31 Jul. 2015
10Ransom of White Shadow/Kicked Off31 Jul. 2015
11The Day Mel Fell/Burn's Ex-Boo31 Jul. 2015
12Tough as Snails/Conspiracy31 Jul. 2015
13Groundhog, Stay!/Gone Guys Gone31 Jul. 2015

Season 3

1Party Poopers/The League5 Feb. 2016
2How to Train Your Titmouse/The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly5 Feb. 2016
3Shell on Wheels/Keep on Truckin'5 Feb. 2016
4Desserted Island/The Dry Spell5 Feb. 2016
5He Got Game Night/73*5 Feb. 2016
6Crew Detective/The Whiplash Effect5 Feb. 2016
7Dial M for Mystery/Turbo REAL5 Feb. 2016
8Best Frenemies/The Jamaican Jerk Chickens5 Feb. 2016
9The Ants and the Grasshoppers/Don't Feed the Troll5 Feb. 2016
10Worst in Show/Belle of the Gumball5 Feb. 2016
11Hawaii Five No/The Story of J.J.E.F.F.5 Feb. 2016
12Turbo Does Laundry: Part 1 & 25 Feb. 2016
13137 Hours/Stalks on a Plane5 Feb. 2016

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