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90 Day Fiance is to be renewed for season 5
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Released 90 Day Fiance - 10.12.2017

90 Day Fiancé is a reality series dedicated to love, romance and relationships that has been immensely popular since its premiere on the TLC channel in January 2014. The unique love series is a creative effort of Sharp Entertainment studio production.

The reality show gives a look at international marriages and tells the stories of citizens who arrived in America on a K-1 visa to face their lovers from the Internet. The couples have only 3 months to make up their mind regarding their future.

11 episodes of season 3 started to come out in October, 2015 and focused on 6 engaged couples: Fernando, 39 (Miami) and Carolina, 22; Josh, 23 and Aleksandra, 22 (Russia); Kyle, 29 and Noon, 26 (Thailand); Loren, 28 and Alexei, 28(Israel); Mark, 59 and Nikki, 20(the Philippines); Melanie, 34 and Devar, 29 (Jamaica). Each couple will have an opportunity to bring their fiancé to their motherland on a basis of visa, giving 90 days to decide if they will marry. If a couple doesn’t, one of them will have to come back home.

Despite mixed reviews, 90 Day Fiancé has been a ratings hit for TLC, so the renewal news came to the series viewers as no surprise. A new installment of the highly anticipated series all over the world came out on September 11, 2016. This chapter tells involving stories of romance, fate, heartbreak and long-distance love as new couples will attempt to build their happy future on the US fertile soil. To the fans’ delight, the series is going to be supported by the new spinoff series “After the 90 Days”, focusing on the couples from the previous chapters and show if their marriages are working out or not.



90 Day Fiancé New Season Sneak Peek Day Fiancé New Season Sneak Peek

Episode Guide

Season 1

1I Got My Visa!12 Jan. 2014
2Culture Shock19 Jan. 2014
3Enough Is Enough26 Jan. 2014
490 Days Isn't Enough9 Feb. 2014
5Didn't Expect This...16 Feb. 2014
6Time's Up23 Feb. 2014

Season 2

1Where Are They Now?19 Oct. 2014
2New Couples, New Journeys19 Oct. 2014
3I'm Home, America!26 Oct. 2014
4Watch You Like a Hawk2 Oct. 2014
5Touchdown10 Oct. 2014
6Mo' Money, Mo' Problems17 Oct. 2014
7Fears, Family, Future23 Nov. 2014
8I Have to Tell You Something30 Nov. 2014
9Going Once, Going Twice... Gone?7 Dec. 2014
10Red Flags14 Dec. 2014
11I'm Gonna Go Home21 Dec. 2014
12The Couples Tell All28 Dec. 2014

Season 3

1Departures and Arrivals11 Oct. 2015
2Welcome to the Family18 Oct. 2015
3Questions & Answers25 Oct. 2015
4Full of Surprises1 Nov. 2015
5Missing Home8 Nov. 2015
6Lights, Camera, Drama15 Nov. 2015
7Don't Push Me22 Nov. 2015
8What Do You Know About Love?29 Nov. 2015
9This Is It6 Dec. 2015
10Tell All6 Dec. 2015

Season 4

1For Your Eyes Only22 Aug. 2016
2You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello11 Sep. 2016
3Meet the Family18 Sep. 2016
4Life's a Beach25 Sep. 2016
5Testing the Waters2 Oct. 2016
6I Can See the Cracks9 Oct. 2016
7Time to Tell the Truth16 Oct. 2016
8This Is What You Came For23 Oct. 2016
9You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone30 Oct. 2016
10Confessions of a Foreign Fiance6 Nov. 2016
11Are You Ready for This13 Nov. 2016
12Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace20 Nov. 2016

Season 5

1Waiting is the Hardest Part8 Oct. 2017
2Parental Approval15 Oct. 2017
3Bring on the 90 Days22 Oct. 2017
4Good Morning America29 Oct. 2017
5Family First5 Nov. 2017
6Crossing the Line12 Nov. 2017
7Welcome to Real Life19 Nov. 2017
8Out of Nowhere26 Nov. 2017
9Wake Up Call3 Dec. 2017
10Breaking Point10 Dec. 2017
11I Now Pronounce You18 Nov. 2017

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