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Released A Place to Call Home - 24.12.2017

A Place to Call Home is a history-related drama TV series that used to be broadcast on Seven Network in Australia and is now shown on the Soho network.

The first chapter of the Australian period series premiered on Seven Network in April 2013.

The action of the series takes place in the South Wales after World War II and it tells the story of Sarah Adams. She returned to Australia in order to begin a new chapter in her life after being absent for almost twenty years.

Season 3 of the A PLace to Call Home debuted on the Soho network in September 2015. The involving period drama series has drawn in almost 1.5 million fans in its initial run and 1.15 million followers in season 2. A Place to Call Home has also faced rave criticism and nominations for several prestigious awards, including the Australian Cinematographers Society Award and the Equity Ensemble Awards in 2014.

The series have not been highly-rated and the Seven channel cancelled it, but Foxtel picked A Place to Call Home and also made a decision to continue the series for another season.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1The Prodigal Daughter1 Dec. 2014
2The Welcome Mat5 May 2013
3Truth Will Out12 May 2013
4The Mona Lisa Smile19 May 2013
5Day of Atonement26 May 2013
6That's Amore2 Jun. 2013
7Boom!9 Jun. 2013
8Worlds Apart16 Jun. 2013
9Cane Toad23 Jun. 2013
10Lest We Forget30 Jun. 2013
11True to Your Heart7 Jul. 2013
12New Beginning14 Jul. 2013
13Secret Love21 Jul. 2013

Season 2

1No Secrets, Ever11 May 2014
2I Believe18 May 2014
3A Kiss to Build a Dream On25 May 2014
4What Your Heart Says1 Jun. 2014
5The Ghosts of Christmas Past8 Jun. 2014
6Auld Lang Syne15 Jun. 2014
7No Other Love22 Jun. 2014
8Answer Me, My Love22 Jun. 2014
9I Do, I Do6 Jul. 2014
10Unforgettable13 Jul. 2014

Season 3

1The Things We Do for Love27 Sep. 2015
2L'chaim, to Life4 Oct. 2015
3Somewhere Beyond the Sea11 Oct. 2015
4Too Old to Dream18 Oct. 2015
5Living in the Shadow25 Oct. 2015
6In the Heat of the Night1 Nov. 2015
7Sins of the Father8 Nov. 2015
8Till Death Do Us Part15 Nov. 2015
9The Mourners' Kadish22 Nov. 2015
10The Love Undeniable29 Nov. 2015

Season 4

1A Nagging Doubt11 Sep. 2016
2Bad in a Good Way18 Sep. 2016
3When You're Smiling25 Sep. 2016
4Home to Roost2 Oct. 2016
5Happy Days Are Here Again9 Oct. 2016
6The Trouble with Harry16 Oct. 2016
7You're Just in Love23 Oct. 2016
8There'll Be Some Changes Made30 Oct. 2016
9Where Will the Baby's Dimple Be6 Nov. 2016
10And the Blind Shall See13 Nov. 2016
11Catch the Tiger20 Nov. 2016
12All Good Things27 Nov. 2016

Season 5

1Own Worst Enemy8 Oct. 2017
2Fallout15 Oct. 2017
3All That Glitters22 Oct. 2017
4The Edge of Reason29 Oct. 2017
5Do Not Go Gently5 Nov. 2017
6Demons of the Dark12 Nov. 2017
7The Anatomy of His Passing19 Nov. 2017
8Cloud Break26 Nov. 2017
9All That Lies Ahead3 Dec. 2017
10Death Comes As An End10 Dec. 2017
11Lie Deep17 Dec. 2017
12In Memoriam24 Dec. 2017

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