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Adam Ruins Everything season 1 broadcast
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Adam Conover, Adam Lustick, Emily Axford
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Released Adam Ruins Everything - 24.10.2017

An original US science and sketch comedy program Adam Ruins Everything is broadcast on the truTV network. This new educational show comes from studio Big Breakfast and executive producer Sam Reich. The series has been presented by a charismatic comedian Adam Conover since its very debut on the small screen in fall 2015.

The hit educating series Adam Ruins Everything is a witty combination of science, fun and investigation. Each 30-minute part is created to explore viewers’ outlook and dispel typical myths about things we commonly take for granted. For instance, in the initial 11 episodes Adam unveils an awful truth about things we consider familiar, let it be a balloon, an engagements ring or Listerine. With Adam you can get to know the ins-and-outs of the restaurant and auto industries, explore the notion of security and the modern forensic science and many others.

To the delight of those who is striving to learn more about how modern environment works, season 2 of involving and knowledge packed educational program Adam Ruins Everything came out in the end of summer 2016. The sophomore round consists of 14 episodes, which were scheduled to start in the US on Tuesday, August 23.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Adam Ruins Giving29 Sep. 2015
2Adam Ruins Security6 Oct. 2015
3Adam Ruins Cars13 Oct. 2015
4Adam Ruins Forensic Science20 Oct. 2015
5Adam Ruins Restaurants27 Oct. 2015
6Adam Ruins Hygiene3 Nov. 2015
7Adam Ruins Voting10 Nov. 2015
8Adam Ruins Work17 Nov. 2015
9Adam Ruins Summer Fun1 Dec. 2015
10Adam Ruins Sex8 Dec. 2015
11Adam Ruins Nutrition15 Dec. 2015
12Adam Ruins Death22 Dec. 2015
13Adam Ruins Hollywood23 Aug. 2016
14Adam Ruins Football30 Aug. 2016
15Adam Ruins Weddings6 Sep. 2016
16Adam Ruins Shopping Malls13 Sep. 2016
17Adam Ruins Animals20 Sep. 2016
18Adam Ruins Immigration27 Sep. 2016
19Adam Ruins Housing4 Oct. 2016
20Adam Ruins Drugs15 Nov. 2016
21Adam Ruins Prisons22 Nov. 2016
22Adam Ruins the Wild West6 Dec. 2016
23Adam Ruins the Internet4 Dec. 2016
24Adam Ruins Justice13 Dec. 2016
25Adam Ruins Christmas20 Dec. 2016
26Adam Ruins Going Green27 Dec. 2016
27Why the 2016 Election Is Just a Big Rerun Special25 Oct. 2016

Season 2

2Episode #2.218 Jul. 2017
3Adam Ruins 20325 Jul. 2017
4Adam Ruins 2041 Aug. 2017
5Adam Ruins 2058 Aug. 2017
6Adam Ruins 20615 Aug. 2017
7Adam Ruins 20722 Aug. 2017
8Adam Ruins 20829 Aug. 2017
9Adam Ruins 2095 Sep. 2017
10Adam Ruins 21026 Sep. 2017
11Adam Ruins 2113 Oct. 2017
12Adam Ruins 21210 Oct. 2017
13Adam Ruins 21317 Oct. 2017
14Adam Ruins 21424 Oct. 2017
15Adam Ruins 21531 Oct. 2017
16Adam Ruins 2167 Nov. 2017

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