Arrow season 5 broadcast
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42 min
Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg
Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne
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Released Arrow - 18.01.2018

Arrow is a widely-popular and critically-acclaimed US superhero, mystery and sci-fi drama scripted show, which is now available on The CW channel in America. The hit action series is inspired by personages of the DC Comics universe. Arrow is penned and developed by Marc Guggenheim (Daredevil, Legends of Tomorrow), Greg Berlanti (Flash, Green Lantern,Wrath of the Titans) and Andrew Kreisberg (Flash, Supergirl). So, it is natural that such an experienced team has created a smash hit. Arrow is produced for The CW by Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. The series first appeared on the small screens in fall 2012.

The action-packed plot follows a spoiled well-off Oliver Queen who is considered dead after a shipwreck. He spends 5 years on an island and eventually returns to his native Starling City a completely changed man. Now Oliver is determined to combat injustice and with the course of time gets a team of supporters.

Alongside 34 nominations and 7 awards, Arrow has received praising critical reviews and a solid mark of 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 312 thousand votes, which goes to show the high popularity of the series. It was seen from a mile away that Arrow would be continued for the fifth run, which came out in October 2016. If the series keeps delivering above 4.5 million fans per episode, Arrow is very likely to be picked up for other would-be seasons.



ARROW Season 5 Comic Con Trailer (2016) CW Series

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot10 Oct. 2012
2Honor Thy Father17 Oct. 2012
3Lone Gunmen24 Oct. 2012
4An Innocent Man31 Oct. 2012
5Damaged7 Nov. 2012
6Legacies14 Nov. 2012
7Muse of Fire28 Nov. 2012
8Vendetta5 Dec. 2012
9Year's End12 Dec. 2012
10Burned16 Jan. 2013
11Trust But Verify23 Jan. 2013
12Vertigo30 Jan. 2013
13Betrayal6 Feb. 2013
14The Odyssey13 Feb. 2013
15Dodger20 Feb. 2013
16Dead to Rights27 Feb. 2013
17The Huntress Returns20 Mar. 2013
18Salvation27 Mar. 2013
19Unfinished Business3 Apr. 2013
20Home Invasion24 Apr. 2013
21The Undertaking1 May 2013
22Darkness on the Edge of Town8 May 2013
23Sacrifice15 May 2013

Season 2

1City of Heroes9 Oct. 2013
2Identity16 Oct. 2013
3Broken Dolls23 Oct. 2013
4Crucible30 Oct. 2013
5League of Assassins6 Nov. 2013
6Keep Your Enemies Closer13 Nov. 2013
7State vs Queen20 Nov. 2013
8The Scientist4 Dec. 2013
9Three Ghosts11 Dec. 2013
10Blast Radius15 Jan. 2014
11Blind Spot22 Jan. 2014
12Tremors29 Jan. 2014
13Heir to the Demon5 Feb. 2014
14Time of Death26 Feb. 2014
15The Promise5 Mar. 2014
16Suicide Squad19 Mar. 2014
17Birds of Prey26 Mar. 2014
18Deathstroke2 Apr. 2014
19The Man Under the Hood16 Apr. 2014
20Seeing Red23 Apr. 2014
21City of Blood30 Apr. 2014
22Streets of Fire7 May 2014
23Unthinkable14 May 2014

Season 3

1The Calm8 Oct. 2014
2Sara15 Oct. 2014
3Corto Maltese22 Oct. 2014
4The Magician29 Oct. 2014
5The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak5 Nov. 2014
6Guilty12 Nov. 2014
7Draw Back Your Bow19 Nov. 2014
8The Brave and the Bold3 Dec. 2014
9The Climb10 Dec. 2014
10Left Behind21 Jan. 2015
11Midnight City28 Jan. 2015
12Uprising4 Feb. 2015
13Canaries11 Feb. 2015
14The Return18 Feb. 2015
15Nanda Parbat25 Feb. 2015
16The Offer18 Mar. 2015
17Suicidal Tendencies25 Mar. 2015
18Public Enemy1 Apr. 2015
19Broken Arrow15 Apr. 2015
20The Fallen22 Apr. 2015
21Al Sah-Him29 Apr. 2015
22This Is Your Sword6 May 2015
23My Name Is Oliver Queen13 May 2015

Season 4

1Green Arrow7 Oct. 2015
2The Candidate14 Oct. 2015
3Restoration21 Oct. 2015
4Beyond Redemption28 Oct. 2015
5Haunted4 Nov. 2015
6Lost Souls11 Nov. 2015
7Brotherhood18 Nov. 2015
8Legends of Yesterday2 Dec. 2015
9Dark Waters9 Dec. 2015
10Blood Debts20 Jan. 2016
11A.W.O.L.27 Jan. 2016
12Unchained3 Feb. 2016
13Sins of the Father10 Feb. 2016
14Code of Silence17 Feb. 2016
15Taken24 Feb. 2016
16Broken Hearts23 Mar. 2016
17Beacon of Hope30 Mar. 2016
18Eleven-Fifty-Nine6 Apr. 2016
19Canary Cry27 Apr. 2016
20Genesis4 May 2016
21Monument Point11 May 2016
22Lost in the Flood18 May 2016
23Schism25 May 2016

Season 5

1Legacy5 Oct. 2016
2The Recruits12 Oct. 2016
3A Matter of Trust19 Oct. 2016
4Penance26 Oct. 2016
5Human Target2 Nov. 2016
6So It Begins9 Nov. 2016
7Vigilante16 Nov. 2016
8Invasion!30 Nov. 2016
9What We Leave Behind7 Dec. 2016
10Who Are You?25 Jan. 2017
11Second Chances1 Feb. 2017
12Bratva8 Feb. 2017
13Spectre of the Gun15 Feb. 2017
14The Sin-Eater22 Feb. 2017
15Fighting Fire with Fire1 Mar. 2017
16Checkmate15 Mar. 2017
17Kapiushon22 Mar. 2017
18Disbanded29 Mar. 2017
19Dangerous Liaisons26 Apr. 2017
20Underneath3 May 2017
21Honor Thy Fathers10 May 2017
22Missing17 May 2017
23Lian Yu24 May 2017

Season 6

1Fallout12 Oct. 2017
2Tribute19 Oct. 2017
3Next of Kin26 Oct. 2017
4Reversal2 Nov. 2017
5Deathstroke Returns9 Nov. 2017
6Promises Kept16 Nov. 2017
7Thanksgiving23 Nov. 2017
8Crisis on Earth-X, Part 227 Nov. 2017
9Irreconcilable Differences7 Dec. 2017
10Divided18 Jan. 2018
11Episode #6.112018
12Episode #6.122018
13Episode #6.132018
14Episode #6.142018
15Episode #6.152018
16Episode #6.162018
17Episode #6.172018
18Episode #6.182018
19Episode #6.192018
20Episode #6.202018
21Episode #6.212018
22Episode #6.222018
23Episode #6.232018

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