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Arslan Senki is to be renewed for season 3
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Released Arslan Senki - 21.08.2016

Arslan Senki (another title – The Heroic Legend of Arslan) is an anime series based on the widely popular fantasy novel by Yoshiki Tanaka, which he started to write in far 1986 and still continues his work. The novel’s popularity was so huge that a manga series was released in 2013. The series we deal with now is a sort of the manga’s derivative product. Production studios Dentsu, FUNimation Entertainment and Kodansha stand behind the series. Arslan Senki has been available American FUNimation Entertainment network since April 5, 2015.

The storyline of Arslan Senki is set in the blooming realm of Pars. Ecbatana, the capital city of the kingdom, is ruled by the wise and powerful King Andragoras. His son, the heir of the throne Arslan, is a searching 14-year-old boy. Despite all Andragoras’ efforts, the heir doesn't seem to realize what a king needs to be a wise and competent ruler. Instead, Arslan goes to his first battle and loses it as the blood-soaked war mist makes him meet the demise of his once prosperous homage. Since it is Arslan's prospect to be a ruler it is he who must eventuate a journey to get his realm back.

Despite the fact that Arslan Senki is a remake, and remakes are typically unpopular, this series has done quite well in the ratings department and enjoyed viewers’ accolades. The storyline of Arslan Senki follows the process of the young man transforming from an immature boy into a more sensible and strong commander, which is rather exciting to follow. The graphics are also magnificent, and all in all, The Heroic Legend of Arslan makes the viewer like the anime series.



The Heroic Legend of Arslan - Season 1 Part 1 - English Trailer [HD]

Episode Guide

Season 1

1The Glory of Ecbatana5 Apr. 2015
2Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle12 Apr. 2015
3The Knight in Black19 Apr. 2015
4The World-Weary Strategist26 Apr. 2015
5The Royal Capital Burns, Part One3 May 2015
6The Royal Capital Burns, Part Two10 May 2015
7The Beauties and the Beasts17 May 2015
8The Treasonus Hero24 May 2015
9Beneath the Mask31 May 2015
10The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress7 Jun. 2015
11The Road to Peshawar14 Jun. 2015
12A Knight's Loyalty21 Jun. 2015
13Two Princes28 Jun. 2015
14The Foreign Prince28 Jun. 2015
15The Black Leopard of Sindhura19 Jul. 2015
16Elegy for the Setting Sun26 Jul. 2015
17The Duel Before the Gods2 Aug. 2015
18Cross the River Again9 Aug. 2015
19The End of Winter16 Aug. 2015
20The True Face of a Knight23 Aug. 2015
21A Song of Farewell30 Aug. 2015
22The Night Before the Attack6 Sep. 2015
23The Battle for the Keep of St Emmanuel13 Sep. 2015
24The Decisive Battle20 Sep. 2015
25The Highway of Blood and Sweat27 Sep. 2015

Season 2

1The Turanian Army Invades3 Jul. 2016
2The Monarch Versus the Conqueror10 Jul. 2016
3Journey Horse, Sad, and Solitary17 Jul. 2016
4A City of Land and a City of Water24 Jul. 2016
5Parting of Ways31 Jul. 2016
6Calamity of Kings7 Aug. 2016
7The Rainbow City14 Aug. 2016
8The Dance of Dust Clouds21 Aug. 2016

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