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Bates Motel is officially renewed for season 5
Total Seasons:
45 min
Anthony Cipriano, Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin
Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke
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Released Bates Motel - 24.04.2017

An American thriller series Bates Motel is a prequel to classic Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and shares its origins with the world-renowned movie and the book written by Robert Bloch that inspired American director to create the feature film. The horror has been airing on the A&E channel since 2013 and is now on its fourth season.

Norma and Norman Bates are weird mother and son, who purchase a motel and go to an out off the beaten track spot on the picturesque coast. Norma is shocked after her husband’s death and longs to keep her unstable teenage son to herself, loading Norman with her relentless love and strengthening his mental disorder. The storyline shows how and why people act, when they suffer from psychological illnesses or become victims of their close people’s distress. Thus, if you are keen on psychology, you can easily observe the transformation of a teenage boy into a bloodthirsty murderer.

The characters of Bates Motel are constantly developing, the actors do their best and the storyline is really involving, and it makes the thriller Psycho series popular among American viewers. The viewership numbers remain high, although the series is suffering a slow decrease from episode to episode.

After the third chapter of Bates Motel, it was picked up for two cycles at once, so the viewers were justified to see season 5 of the gripping series.



Bates Motel Season 4 Trailer #3 "Mother"

Episode Guide

Season 1

1First You Dream, Then You Die18 Mar. 2013
2Nice Town You Picked, Norma...25 Mar. 2013
3What's Wrong with Norman1 Apr. 2013
4Trust Me8 Apr. 2013
5Ocean View15 Apr. 2013
6The Truth22 Apr. 2013
7The Man in Number 929 Apr. 2013
8A Boy and His Dog6 May 2013
9Underwater13 May 2013
10Midnight20 May 2013

Season 2

1Gone But Not Forgotten3 Mar. 2014
2Shadow of a Doubt10 Mar. 2014
3Caleb17 Mar. 2014
4Check-Out24 Mar. 2014
5The Escape Artist31 Mar. 2014
6Plunge7 Apr. 2014
7Presumed Innocent14 Apr. 2014
8Meltdown21 Apr. 2014
9The Box28 Apr. 2014
10The Immutable Truth5 May 2014

Season 3

1A Death in the Family9 Mar. 2015
2The Arcanum Club16 Mar. 2015
3Persuasion23 Mar. 2015
4Unbreak-Able30 Mar. 2015
5The Deal6 Apr. 2015
6Norma Louise13 Apr. 2015
7The Last Supper20 Apr. 2015
8The Pit27 Apr. 2015
9Crazy4 May 2015
10Unconscious11 May 2015

Season 4

1A Danger to Himself and Others7 Mar. 2016
2Goodnight, Mother14 Mar. 2016
3Til Death Do You Part21 Mar. 2016
4Lights of Winter28 Mar. 2016
5Refraction11 Apr. 2016
6The Vault18 Apr. 2016
7There's No Place Like Home25 Apr. 2016
8Unfaithful2 May 2016
9Forever9 May 2016
10Norman16 May 2016

Season 5

1Dark Paradise20 Feb. 2017
2The Convergence of the Twain27 Feb. 2017
3Bad Blood6 Mar. 2017
4Hidden13 Mar. 2017
5Dreams Die First20 Mar. 2017
6Marion27 Mar. 2017
7Inseparable3 Apr. 2017
8The Body10 Apr. 2017
9Visiting Hours17 Apr. 2017
10The Cord24 Apr. 2017

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