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Being Mary Jane season 4 is to premiere in 2017
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Mara Brock Akil
Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal, Raven Goodwin, Margaret Avery
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Released Date Being Mary Jane season 4

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Released Being Mary Jane - 19.09.2017

Being Mary Jane is a long-running and highly acclaimed American romantic drama series, which has been broadcast on the BET network in America since January 2014.

The plot of Being Mary Jane centers on a young African American lady. Mary Jane Paul is an anchorperson and an entirely self-sufficient lady. She wants to do well at work and also seeks love of her live. The series following a beautiful woman with her hopes, daily mishaps and happy times raises some acute issues like work life balance, tolerance and health.

The latest third season of Being Mary Jane, which was released in fall 2015 and included ten one-hour episodes, suffered a slight rating decline after the debut series with its 2.9 million viewers in average. Currently, the drama series has enjoyed thirteen award nominations and has won two Black Reel Awards and Image Award for the program in the category “Outstanding Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special” in 2014.

Less than a month after Being Mary Jane installment 3 premiered, the BET network uncovered the renewal decision of the involving life show for another installment. The news was proclaimed during the network’s panel press tour in winter 2016. The work at the new episodes started in spring 2016 in Georgia. Now we are waiting to learn the release date for Being Mary Jane season 4.



The Men of ‘Being Mary Jane’ Talk Season 3

Episode Guide

Season 1

0Pilot2 Jul. 2013
1Storm Advisory7 Jan. 2014
2Girls Night In14 Jan. 2014
3The Huxtables Have Fallen21 Jan. 2014
4Mixed Messages4 Feb. 2014
5Exposed11 Feb. 2014
6Hindsight Is 20/4018 Feb. 2014
7Blindsided25 Feb. 2014
8Über Love25 Feb. 2014

Season 2

1People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Fish3 Feb. 2015
2Freedom10 Feb. 2015
3Mary Jane Knows Best17 Feb. 2015
4Sleepless in Atlanta24 Feb. 2015
5No Eggspectations3 Mar. 2015
6Pulling the Trigger10 Mar. 2015
7Let's Go Crazy17 Mar. 2015
8One Is the Loneliest Number24 Mar. 2015
9Line in the Sand31 Mar. 2015
10Primetime7 Apr. 2015
11Reading the Signs14 Apr. 2015
12Signing Off14 Apr. 2015

Season 3

1Facing Fears20 Oct. 2015
2Louie Louie20 Oct. 2015
3Sparrow27 Oct. 2015
4Being Kara3 Nov. 2015
5Hot Seat10 Nov. 2015
6Don't Call It a Comeback17 Nov. 2015
7If the Shoe Fits...24 Nov. 2015
8Wake Up Call1 Dec. 2015
9Purging and Cleansing8 Dec. 2015
10Some Things Are Black and White15 Dec. 2015

Season 4

1Getting Nekkid10 Jan. 2017
2Getting Naked17 Jan. 2017
3Getting Real31 Jan. 2017
4Getting Schooled7 Feb. 2017
5Getting Served14 Feb. 2017
6Getting Home21 Feb. 2017
7Getting Judged28 Feb. 2017
8Getting Risky7 Mar. 2017
9Getting Serious14 Mar. 2017
10Getting It21 Mar. 2017
11Feeling Raw18 Jul. 2017
12Feeling Conflicted25 Jul. 2017
13Feeling Exposed1 Aug. 2017
14Feeling Friendless8 Aug. 2017
15Feeling Hashtagged15 Aug. 2017
16Feeling Ambushed22 Aug. 2017
17Feeling Lost29 Aug. 2017
18Feeling Destined5 Sep. 2017
19Feeling Seen12 Sep. 2017
20Feeling Tested19 Sep. 2017

Season 5

1Episode #5.118 Jul. 2017
2Episode #5.22017
3Episode #5.32017
4Episode #5.42017
5Episode #5.52017
6Episode #5.62017
7Episode #5.72017
8Episode #5.82017
9Episode #5.92017
10Episode #5.1019 Sep. 2017

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