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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is officially renewed for season 2
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Released Rabbids Invasion - 27.10.2016

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is a widely-popular and award-winning family and fantasy CGI series. The entertaining and amusing series has been broadcast on the Nick Jr. network in the United States since spring 2009. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom was co-written and developed by Mark Baker and Neville Astley who also served as the show’s directors in collaboration with Phillip Hall and Joris van Hulzen. The TV show comes from production of Astley Baker Davies (Crapston Villas, Peppa Pig). Targeting mainly at preschooler audience, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom has been available in more than one hundred twenty countries all over the world. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom has acquired two cycles with the fifty-two episodes in total.

The plot of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom revolves around the fantastical happenings of Holly, a young fairy throne-heiress and her best friend Ben, who is an elf. Holly is not a usual princess, but with magical powers, but the magic doesn’t often go as supposed. Holly and Ben are inhabitants of the Little Kingdom, a miraculous place where flowers and green grow higher than the tallest houses. In each new series of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom the friends take up new unbelievable adventures with their friends and together try to fix magical misshapes.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Omelet Party/Rabbid Mollusk/Rabbid, Are You There?3 Aug. 2013
2Stop! No More!/Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner/Runway RabbidsAug. 2013
3Rabbids Say Cheese/Raving Lifeguard/Rabbid MarketAug. 2013
4Elevatorus Rabbidinus/Until Rabbids Do You Part/Rabbid RadarAug. 2013
5Fast Food Rabbid / Rabbids Against the Machine / Ring! Bwaah!Sep. 2013
6Rabbid Playa/Radio Rabbid/Escalator Rabbid21 Sep. 2013
7Scout Rabbids/Jurassic Rabbid/Moo RabbidsSep. 2013
8Keypad Rabbids/Special Agent Rabbids/Schnoz RabbidOct. 2013
9Museum Rabbids/Kite Rabbids/Never Refreeze a RabbidNov. 2013
10Music Rabbid/Wake Up, Rabbids!/Get in Line, Rabbids!Nov. 2013
11R.C. Rabbid/Sticky Rabbid/Rabbid Test °98002-c: The PlatformNov. 2013
12Rabbidocchio/Rabbid Test N°98003-c: The Cube/Rabbids with Fleas2013
13Rabbid Elevation/Surprise Rabbid/Rabbid Test N°98001-c: the Mirror2013

Season 2

2Flight of the Rabbids/The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth/Holy Rabbid-Cow!Jan. 2014
3Pecking Rabbid/Rabbidmobile/Prisoner RabbidJan. 2014
4Rabbid Dreams/Snoring Rabbid/Hypno RabbidJan. 2014
5Super Rabbid/Dueling Rabbids/Rabbid Test N°98004-c: the Animals4 Jan. 2014
6Rabbid Doggies/Rabbid Test N98006-c: The Chair/Raving Thirst8 Feb. 2014
7Raving Alien/Rabbid Like Me/Rabbid MozartFeb. 2014
8The Moon Rabbid/Dreaming Rabbid/Rabbids Secrets6 Jun. 2014
9Love Rabbid; Super Inventive Rabbids; Welcome to Rabbidland13 Jun. 2015
10Run, Rabbid, Run!; Mafia Rabbids; Wild West Rabbid20 Jun. 2015
11Dressed Up Rabbid/Self-Conscious Rabbid/Rabbid Associates27 Jun. 2015

Season 3

1Rabbid on Film/Bubble-Wrap Rabbid/Rabbid Theory21 Jun. 2016
2Odd Rabbid Out/Rabbid on Repeat/Rabbid Real Estate Rampage28 Jun. 2016
3Checkpoint Rabbid/Lost Ball Rabbids/Rabbidus Carnivorous5 Jul. 2016
4Rabbid Tribe/Rabbid Mate/Gorilla Rabbid12 Jul. 2016
5Rabbid on Trial/Biker Rabbids/Rabbid Twin19 Jul. 2016
6Rabbid Knights/Rabbid Assistants/Rabbid Soundtrack26 Jul. 2016
7Flying Rabbids/Voodoo Rabbid/Animal Rabbid2 Aug. 2016
8Rabbid Re-Freeze/Rabbid Nightmare/Being Rabbid - Part 39 Aug. 2016
9Rabbid Quiz/Mona Rabbida/Team Rabbid16 Aug. 2016
10Radioactive Rabbid/Rabbid Handcuffs/Rabbidzzzzzz23 Aug. 2016
11Rabbidbowl - Part 1/Rabbidbowl - Part 2/An Alien Amongst the Rabbids25 Sep. 2016
22Helpful Rabbid/Time Travel Rabbid/Excalirabbid2 Oct. 2016

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