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Daniel J. Goor, Michael Schur
Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti
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Released Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 26.09.2017

A highly acclaimed action and police comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been successfully airing on the FOX channel since September 17, 2013.

The plot of the series centers on a team of different by character, but incredibly charismatic officers of the 99th Precinct of Brooklyn Police Department in the Big Apple.

The renewal for a third season that came out in fall 2015 was not a surprise, because the sophomore cycle has attracted above 3.5 million fans. Brooklyn Nine-Nine have also garnered praising reviews from critics: the series enjoyed several nominations and awards since its premiere day. 2014 Golden Globe Award as Best Television Series, Andy Samberg’s Golden Globe as Best Actor in 2014 go to prove the rave critical reviews. The initial chapter of the action packed comedy series was seen by 5.5 million viewers, though season 3 was delivering more than 3 million followers for the channel, which is still a good result.

The early renewal decision while the third chapter was still on the screen is no wondering, as the show has received critical accolades for both solid acting and plausible and hilarious writing. Season 4 was scheduled to launch another round on September 20, 2016 at 8pm.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot17 Sep. 2013
2The Tagger24 Sep. 2013
3The Slump1 Oct. 2013
4M.E. Time8 Oct. 2013
5The Vulture15 Oct. 2013
6Halloween22 Oct. 2013
748 Hours5 Nov. 2013
8Old School12 Nov. 2013
9Sal's Pizza19 Nov. 2013
10Thanksgiving26 Nov. 2013
11Christmas3 Dec. 2013
12Pontiac Bandit7 Jan. 2014
13The Bet14 Jan. 2014
14The Ebony Falcon21 Jan. 2014
15Operation: Broken Feather2 Feb. 2014
16The Party4 Feb. 2014
17Full Boyle11 Feb. 2014
18The Apartment25 Feb. 2014
19Tactical Village4 Mar. 2014
20Fancy Brudgom11 Mar. 2014
21Unsolvable18 Mar. 2014
22Charges and Specs25 Mar. 2014

Season 2

1Undercover28 Sep. 2014
2Chocolate Milk5 Oct. 2014
3The Jimmy Jab Games12 Oct. 2014
4Halloween II19 Oct. 2014
5The Mole2 Nov. 2014
6Jake and Sophia9 Nov. 2014
7Lockdown16 Nov. 2014
8USPIS23 Nov. 2014
9The Road Trip30 Nov. 2014
10The Pontiac Bandit Returns7 Dec. 2014
11Stakeout14 Dec. 2014
12Beach House4 Jan. 2015
13Payback11 Jan. 2015
14Defense Rests25 Jan. 2015
15Windbreaker City8 Feb. 2015
16The Wednesday Incident15 Feb. 2015
17Boyle-Linetti Wedding1 Mar. 2015
18Captain Peralta8 Mar. 2015
19Sabotage15 Mar. 2015
20AC/DC26 Apr. 2015
21Det. Dave Majors3 May 2015
22The Chopper10 May 2015
23Johnny and Dora17 May 2015

Season 3

1New Captain27 Sep. 2015
2The Funeral4 Oct. 2015
3Boyle's Hunch11 Oct. 2015
4The Oolong Slayer18 Oct. 2015
5Halloween III25 Oct. 2015
6Into the Woods8 Nov. 2015
7The Mattress15 Nov. 2015
8Ava22 Nov. 2015
9The Swedes6 Dec. 2015
10Yippie Kayak13 Dec. 2015
11Hostage Situation5 Jan. 2016
129 Days19 Jan. 2016
13The Cruise26 Jan. 2016
14Karen Peralta2 Feb. 2016
15The 9-89 Feb. 2016
16House Mouses16 Feb. 2016
17Adrian Pimento23 Feb. 2016
18Cheddar1 Mar. 2016
19Terry Kitties15 Mar. 2016
20Paranoia29 Mar. 2016
21Maximum Security5 Apr. 2016
22Bureau12 Apr. 2016
23Greg and Larry19 Apr. 2016

Season 4

1Coral Palms, Part 120 Sep. 2016
2Coral Palms, Part 227 Sep. 2016
3Coral Palms, Part 34 Oct. 2016
4The Night Shift11 Oct. 2016
5Halloween IV18 Oct. 2016
6Monster in the Closet15 Nov. 2016
7Mr. Santiago22 Nov. 2016
8Skyfire Cycle29 Nov. 2016
9The Overmining6 Dec. 2016
10Captain Latvia13 Dec. 2016
11The Fugitive Pt. 11 Jan. 2017
12The Fugitive Pt. 21 Jan. 2017
13The Audit11 Apr. 2017
14Serve & Protect18 Apr. 2017
15The Last Ride25 Apr. 2017
16Moo Moo2 May 2017
17Cop-Con9 May 2017
18Chasing Amy9 May 2017
19Your Honor16 May 2017
20The Slaughterhouse16 May 2017
21The Bank Job23 May 2017
22Crime & Punishment23 May 2017

Season 5

1Episode #5.126 Sep. 2017

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