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Building Alaska is officially renewed for season 6
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Chuck Gerwig, Lee Raymond, Jim Wagner, Bob May
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Released Building Alaska - 07.01.2018

Building Alaska is an original American unscripted docu-series about home reconstructing. The program comes from the production studio Orson Entertainment, and is available on the DIY network in the US. Exec produced by Lisa Crowell and Chris Dorsey, Building Alaska debuted in the US on November 11, 2012.

The cutting-edge documentary is set in the state of Alaska and follows three competing groups of professional builders competing in these severe conditions to construct three cabins located off the grid in Alaskan desert. Lacking infrastructure and experiencing all kinds of obstacles in getting the necessary supplies, the workers will have to work out original designs and put them into execution in order to complete their missions successfully.

From the very premiere the show has been holding rather average reviews, but still has been able to maintain its loyal fan club. As Building Alaska has a victorious mix of the two very popular recent TV trends – home improvement programs and reality shows concerning living in the remote regions of the world. Being only in its fifth cycle, the series has become one of the top series for the network and in 2014 it has brought the best ratings for it. Though Building Alaska hasn’t enjoyed any awards yet, it is worth watching, especially for those, who is keen on home design and building art.



Great Projects: Building Alaska (TV Trailer)

Episode Guide

Season 1

1A Demolition the Bob May Way11 Nov. 2012
2Framing Is a Bear18 Nov. 2012
3Roughing It on the Island25 Nov. 2012
4Getting Squirrelly2 Dec. 2012
5Self-Sufficient Building9 Dec. 2012
6Cast Away16 Dec. 2012

Season 2

1The Race Is On: The Builders Set Their Course1 Nov. 2013
2Grip It and Rip It2 Nov. 2013
3Chicken or Bust3 Nov. 2013
4Ryan's Song4 Nov. 2013
5A Long Hard Slog5 Nov. 2013
6Tempers Flare6 Nov. 2013
7Downward Slide7 Nov. 2013
8The End Game7 Nov. 2013

Season 3

1Builders Begin Construction on a Fishing Retreat, a Ski Hut and a Getaway Cabin in Remote Alaska4 Jan. 2015
2A Helicopter Drop, the Art of Scribing, and a Thousand-Dollar Mistake11 Jan. 2015
3Destructive Forces18 Jan. 2015
4Dangerous Delays25 Jan. 2015
5Ninja Framer8 Feb. 2015
6Balancing Act15 Feb. 2015
7The Missing Helicopter22 Feb. 2015
8Panic Button1 Mar. 2015
9Game Day8 Mar. 2015
10Heads Up15 Mar. 2015
11The Finest Moment22 Mar. 2015
12The Final Push29 Mar. 2015

Season 4

1We're Back6 Oct. 2015
2The Beast Is Dead13 Oct. 2015
3Rock Around the Build20 Oct. 2015
4Bear Attack27 Oct. 2015
5Plan B3 Nov. 2015
6Independence Day10 Nov. 2015
7Don't Try This at Home17 Nov. 2015
8It's Getting Awkward24 Nov. 2015
9Muscle Power1 Dec. 2015
10No Quit8 Dec. 2015
11Sparks Fly15 Dec. 2015
12Crunch Time22 Dec. 2015

Season 5

1Family Legacies5 Jan. 2016
2Alaska's Frozen Highway12 Jan. 2016
3Bumps Outs and Burls19 Jan. 2016
4Hello Hoonah26 Jan. 2016
5Location, Location, Location2 Feb. 2016
6Whackin' and Stackin'23 Feb. 2016
7Plywood Don't Lie1 Mar. 2016
8Cody Save the Day23 Feb. 2016
9Lofty Goals1 Mar. 2016
10Alaskan Mobile Home8 Mar. 2016
11The Big Lift15 Mar. 2016
12Lost in Logs22 Mar. 2016
13Alaska Bush Approved29 Mar. 2016

Season 6

1Game On26 Feb. 2017
2From Here to There26 Feb. 2017
3Piece of Pie5 Mar. 2017
4The Wrong Stuff5 Mar. 2017
5Into the Wild12 Mar. 2017
6Stormy Weather12 Mar. 2017
7Seasonal Squeeze19 Mar. 2017
8Make Do19 Mar. 2017

Season 7

1The New Generation26 Feb. 2017
2Hard Work Beats Talent26 Feb. 2017
3Noah's Barge20 Oct. 2017
4Stuck in Shelikof5 Mar. 2017
5Rain, Rain, Go Away12 Mar. 2017
6Honey Bucket12 Mar. 2017
7Home Stretch19 Mar. 2017
8Grand Finale19 Mar. 2017

Season 8

1Keeping Morale Up7 Jan. 2018
2Progress Is Messy7 Jan. 2018

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