Dark Matter

Dark Matter is renewed for season 3
Total Seasons:
42 min
Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie
Melissa O'Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland
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Episode 13









Released Dark Matter - 25.08.2017

Dark Matter is a Canadian sci-fi thriller and space drama series created by Joseph Mallozzi (Student Bodies, SGU Stargate Universe) and Paul Mullie (SGU Stargate Universe, Transporter: The Series), who also stand behind Dark Matter as the executive producers. A product of Blue Penguin, Dark Matter was released in Canada on June 12, 2015.

The plot of Dark Matter is a mystifying story about the six-person crew of an undependable spaceship, who occasionally awaken from stagnation in somewhere in the space. They don’t remember anything about their personalities and have no idea of what they are doing on the board. The only clue to the answers is a cargo packed with armoires and a target: an isolated mining dwelling looking like a war area. The crew, who don’t even remember their names and acquire numbers instead, struggle to get at their mission on the enigmatic ship.

Season 1 debut episode of Dark Matter drew in about a million viewers, but the ratings dropped and season 2 premiere attracted 0.8 million viewers, which is a considerable 15% decline. As it typically happens, the series lost some of its regular viewers, but still, Dark Matter is doing well in the ratings department and remains a critics’ favorite. The space drama and thriller has enjoyed a handful of nominations for various awards.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot - Part 112 Jun. 2015
2Pilot - Part 219 Jun. 2015
3Episode #1.326 Jun. 2015
4Episode #1.43 Jul. 2015
5Episode #1.510 Jul. 2015
6Episode #1.617 Jul. 2015
7Episode #1.724 Jul. 2015
8Episode #1.831 Jul. 2015
9Episode #1.97 Aug. 2015
10Episode #1.1014 Aug. 2015
11Episode #1.1121 Aug. 2015
12Episode #1.1228 Aug. 2015
13Episode #1.1328 Aug. 2015

Season 2

1Welcome to Your New Home1 Jul. 2016
2Kill Them All8 Jul. 2016
3I've Seen the Other Side of You15 Jul. 2016
4We Were Family22 Jul. 2016
5We Voted Not to Space You29 Jul. 2016
6We Should Have Seen This Coming5 Aug. 2016
7She's One of Them Now12 Aug. 2016
8Stuff to Steal, People to Kill19 Aug. 2016
9Going Out Fighting26 Aug. 2016
10Take the Shot2 Sep. 2016
11Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance9 Sep. 2016
12Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose9 Sep. 2016
13But First, We Save the Galaxy16 Sep. 2016

Season 3

1Being Better Is So Much Harder9 Jun. 2017
2It Doesn't Have to Be Like This9 Jun. 2017
3Welcome to the Revolution16 Jun. 2017
4All the Time in the World23 Jun. 2017
5Give It Up, Princess30 Jun. 2017
6One Last Card to Play7 Jul. 2017
7Wish I Could Believe You14 Jul. 2017
8Hot Chocolate21 Jul. 2017
9Isn't That a Paradox?28 Jul. 2017
10Built, Not Born4 Aug. 2017
11The Dwarf Star Conspiracy11 Aug. 2017
12My Final Gift to You18 Aug. 2017
13Nowhere to Go25 Aug. 2017

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