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DCI Banks is officially renewed for series 6 to air in 2016
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Stephen Tompkinson, Jack Deam, Andrea Lowe, Caroline Catz
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Released DCI Banks - 05.10.2016

DCI Banks is a British police procedural drama television program that is currently broadcast on the ITV1 network in the UK. The crime and thriller series is a creative effort of Left Bank Pictures. The executive producers of the series are Andy Harries, Robert Murphy, Francis Hopkinson, Charles Elton, Gabriel Silver and Radford Neville. DCI Banks is inspired by the book series “Alan Banks”, written by Peter Robinson and named after the protagonist of the story. DCI Banks was released in fall 2010.

The series is a gripping thriller following a gifted police detective Alan Banks and his up-and-coming young assistant, DS Annie Cabbot. The plot starts when police are called to a house to investigate a case of domestic disturbance. When they reach the crime scene, they find an incomparably more horrible portrayal in the house. As Alan eventually unveils the name of the serial killer, he is appalled, but hooking the maniac is just a beginning of their adventures.

Season 5 of the popular series premiered on the ITV1 network in Great Britain in spring 2015 and included 6 one-hour parts. Unfortunately, DCI Banks was met by demanding critics without accolades. Some of the critics claimed that the TV adaptation was far from the original, while others, on the contrary, upbraided creators for a too adapted series. Later the reviews became much better and the series has even met a handful of awards.



DCI Banks Series 5 Coming soon

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Aftermath: Part 127 Sep. 2010
2Aftermath: Part 24 Oct. 2010
3Playing with Fire: Part 116 Sep. 2011
4Playing with Fire: Part 223 Sep. 2011
5Friend of the Devil: Part 130 Sep. 2011
6Friend of the Devil: Part 27 Oct. 2011
7Cold Is the Grave: Part 114 Oct. 2011
8Cold Is the Grave: Part 221 Oct. 2011

Season 2

1Strange Affair: Part 110 Oct. 2012
2Strange Affair: Part 217 Oct. 2012
3Dry Bones That Dream: Part 124 Oct. 2012
4Dry Bones That Dream: Part 231 Oct. 2012
5Innocent Graves: Part 17 Nov. 2012
6Innocent Graves: Part 28 Nov. 2012

Season 3

1Wednesday's Child: Part 13 Feb. 2014
2Wednesday's Child: Part 210 Feb. 2014
3Piece of My Heart: Part 117 Feb. 2014
4Piece of My Heart: Part 224 Feb. 2014
5Bad Boy: Part 13 Mar. 2014
6Bad Boy: Part 210 Mar. 2014

Season 4

1What Will Survive: Part 14 Mar. 2015
2What Will Survive: Part 211 Mar. 2015
3Buried: Part 118 Mar. 2015
4Buried: Part 225 Mar. 2015
5Ghosts: Part 11 Apr. 2015
6Ghosts: Part 28 Apr. 2015

Season 5

1To Burn in Every Drop of Blood: Part 131 Aug. 2016
2To Burn in Every Drop of Blood: Part 27 Sep. 2016
3A Little Bit of Heart: Part 114 Sep. 2016
4A Little Bit of Heart: Part 221 Sep. 2016
5Undertow: Part 128 Sep. 2016
6Undertow: Part 25 Oct. 2016

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