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Descendants Wicked World
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Released - 24.02.2017

Descendants Wicked World (or shorter “Wicked World”) is a 2015 fantasy animated series for teenagers that is broadcast on the Disney Channel. The series is loosely based on Disney’s feature film Descendants, which got its release in July 2017. As for the derivative series, Wicked World, written by award-winning Ben Joseph (My Big, Big friend, Martin Mystery, Tales from the Cryptkeeper), came out on September 18, 2015.

The new Disney series continues telling a story about children of good and evil characters featured in the film. This rime, the evil infants, Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay, were given an opportunity to discredit all prejudice concerned with them and peacefully neighbor with the good kids while their envy parents roam the Isle Of The Lost. With their friends Jane, Ally, Audrey, Lonnie, Freddie and Jordan they will find adventures wherever they go.

The premiere of Descendants Wicked World did very well in the ratings department and attracted more than 2.2 million viewers. The critical feedback has also been positive, and in 2016 the series was nominated for the Teen Choice Award in the category Choice TV Animated Show. Disney, the animation giant, has produced another classy series, and we hope Descendants Wicked World will get renewed for season 3 soon!



Disney’s Descendants - Wicked World - I'm Evil Music Video - Disney Channel Animated Show

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Evie's Explosion of Taste18 Sep. 2015
2Mal's Digi-Image Problem25 Sep. 2015
3Audrey's New Do? New Don't!2 Oct. 2015
4Careful What You Wish For9 Oct. 2015
5Voodoo? You Do16 Oct. 2015
6Lamp Sweet Lamp23 Oct. 2015
7Genie Chic6 Nov. 2015
8Puffed Deliciousness13 Nov. 2015
9Good Is the New Bad20 Nov. 2015
10Spirit Day4 Dec. 2015
11I'm Your Girl11 Dec. 2015
12Mash It Up13 Dec. 2015
13All Hail the New Q.N.L.B.5 Jul. 2016
14Mad for Tea6 Jul. 2016
15Carpet Jacked7 Jul. 2016
16The Night Is Young14 Jul. 2016
17Neon Lights Out15 Jul. 2016
18Hooked on Ben15 Jul. 2016
19Wish Granted13 Dec. 2015
20Neon Lights Ball15 Jul. 2016

Season 2

1Slumber Party21 Oct. 2016
2Odd Mal Out28 Oct. 2016
3Pair of Sneakers4 Nov. 2016
4Wild Rehearsal11 Nov. 2016
5Chemical Reaction18 Nov. 2016
6Talking Heads2 Dec. 2016
7Steal Away9 Dec. 2016
8Evil Among Us6 Jan. 2017
9Options Are Shrinking13 Jan. 2017
10Party Crasher20 Jan. 2017
11Mal-lone27 Jan. 2017
12Trapped3 Feb. 2017
13Face to Face10 Feb. 2017
14United We Stand17 Feb. 2017
15Jewel-bilee24 Feb. 2017