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Dr. Ken season 2 broadcast
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21 min
John Fox, Ken Jeong, Jared Stern
Albert Tsai, Ken Jeong, Suzy Nakamura, Tisha Campbell-Martin
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Episode 22









Released Dr. Ken - 31.03.2017

Dr. Ken is an original multi-camera sitcom that has been broadcast on the ABC channel in the US since October 2015. The new situational comedy is a creative effort of Jared Stern (The Internship, The Watch), Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community, performing himself in Dr. Ken) and John Fox (Blacklist, Joy, The Player) and production studios Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment, Old Charlie Productions and ABC Studios.

The plot of Dr. Ken is based on the Ken Jeong’s life and his unpredictable way from a hospital, when he worked as a physician, to the stage, where he became a standup comedian. In the series, Ken juggles his professional and family life at the same time. ABC’s newest sitcom premiered with solid viewership number of 6.7 million, but the ratings slightly dropped after a sophomore episode, as it usually happens. Nonetheless, the freshman cycle of Dr. Ken did very well in the rating department, drawing in 4 million people.

So, Dr. Ken is of one the lucky programs to survive in the current cancelation bloodbath. In summer 2016 the ABC unveiled the premiere date for the biographical sitcom - September 23, 2016 at 8:30pm. And we hope to see of Ken Jeong more in the nearest future.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot2 Oct. 2015
2The Seminar9 Oct. 2015
3Ken Helps Pat16 Oct. 2015
4Kevin O'Connell23 Oct. 2015
5Halloween-Aversary30 Oct. 2015
6Ken Teaches Molly a Lesson6 Nov. 2015
7Dr. Wendi: Coming to LA!13 Nov. 2015
8Thanksgiving Culture Clash20 Nov. 2015
9Ken Cries Foul4 Dec. 2015
10The Master Scheduler11 Dec. 2015
11Delayed in Honolulu8 Jan. 2016
12Ken's Physical15 Jan. 2016
13D.K. And the Dishwasher29 Jan. 2016
14Dave's Valentine5 Feb. 2016
15The Wedding Sitter19 Feb. 2016
16Meeting Molly's Boyfriend26 Feb. 2016
17Ken at the Concert4 Mar. 2016
18Dicky Wexler's Last Show11 Mar. 2016
19Ken's an Expert Witness18 Mar. 2016
20Dave's Sex Talk8 Apr. 2016
21Korean Men's Club15 Apr. 2016
22Ken Tries Standup22 Apr. 2016

Season 2

1Allison's Career Move23 Sep. 2016
2Ken and Allison Share a Patient30 Sep. 2016
3Ken's Banquet Snub7 Oct. 2016
4Dr. Ken: Child of Divorce14 Oct. 2016
5D.K.'s Korean Ghost Story21 Oct. 2016
6Ken Learns Korean4 Nov. 2016
7Dave Goes on Shark Tank11 Nov. 2016
8Allison's Thanksgiving Meltdown18 Nov. 2016
9D.K's New Girlfriend2 Dec. 2016
10Ken's Apology9 Dec. 2016
11A Park Family Christmas16 Dec. 2016
12Ken's New Intern6 Jan. 2017
13Jae Meets the Parks13 Jan. 2017
14A Day in the Life20 Jan. 2017
15Ken and the Basketball Star27 Jan. 2017
16A Dr. Ken Valentine's Day3 Feb. 2017
17Pat's Rash17 Feb. 2017
18Allison Finds a Lump24 Feb. 2017
19Ken's Professor10 Mar. 2017
20Ken and the CEO17 Mar. 2017
21Clark's Big Surprise24 Mar. 2017
22Ken's Big Audition31 Mar. 2017

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