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DreamWorks Dragons season 3 is to premiere
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America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, T.J. Miller, Zack Pearlman
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Released Dragons: Riders of Berk - 05.03.2014

DreamWorks Dragons is an American cartoon series that is inspired by the hit CGI animated action-fantasy film How to Train Your Dragon. The program is a creative effort of Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois. Linda Teverbaugh and Mike Teverbaugh stand behind the series as executive producers. DreamWorks Dragons was released on Cartoon Network on September 4, 2012 and its first cycle was subtitled ‘Riders of Berk’.

Chronologically, the action of DreamWorks Dragons takes place at the period between the first and the second parts of How to Train Your Dragon and takes a look at Hiccup and his friends as they attempt to keep balance living with Dragons and Vikings and keep up with the Dragon Training Academy.

Such young and famous celebrities as Jay Baruchel (Man Seeking Woman, Knocked Up) America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, Superstore), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Neighbours, Kick-Ass), Zack Pearlman (Why him?, The Intern) and TJ Millel (Office Christmas Party, Deadpool) voice the major characters of DreamWorks Dragons.

In one of the interviews Cindy Holland, Netflix Vice President, said: “We are happy to be adding ‘Dragons’ to our growing slate of original series for kids". She also added that this was one of the company’s most loved group of personages and they knew that kids and families would definitely love them.” Hopefully, DreamWorks Dragons will please its large fan club for a lot of further installments.



DreamWorks' Dragons: Riders of Berk - The Official Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1How to Start a Dragon Academy7 Aug. 2012
2Viking for Hire7 Aug. 2012
3Animal House4 Sep. 2012
4The Terrible Twos11 Sep. 2012
5In Dragons We Trust18 Sep. 2012
6Alvin and the Outcasts25 Sep. 2012
7How to Pick Your Dragon3 Oct. 2012
8Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man10 Oct. 2012
9Dragon Flower17 Oct. 2012
10Heather Report Part 114 Nov. 2012
11Heather Report, Part II21 Nov. 2012
12Thawfest28 Nov. 2012
13When Lightning Strikes5 Dec. 2012
14What Flies Beneath6 Feb. 2013
15Twinsanity13 Feb. 2013
16Defiant One20 Feb. 2013
17Breackneck Bog27 Feb. 2013
18Gem of a Different Color6 Mar. 2013
19We Are Family: Part 113 Mar. 2013
20We Are Family: Part 220 Mar. 2013

Season 2

1Live and Let Fly19 Sep. 2013
2The Iron Gronckle26 Sep. 2013
3The Night and the Fury3 Oct. 2013
4Tunnel Vision10 Oct. 2013
5Race to Fireworm Island17 Oct. 2013
6Fright of Passage24 Oct. 2013
7Worst in Show3 Nov. 2013
8Appetite for Destruction14 Nov. 2013
9Zippleback Down21 Nov. 2013
10A View to a Skrill: Part 15 Dec. 2013
11A View to a Skrill Part 25 Dec. 2013
12The Flight Stuff8 Jan. 2014
13Free Scauldy15 Jan. 2014
14Frozen22 Jan. 2014
15A Tale of Two Dragons29 Jan. 2014
16The Eel Effect5 Feb. 2014
17Smoke Gets in Your Eyes12 Feb. 2014
18Bing! Bam! Boom!19 Feb. 2014
19Cast Out, Part I26 Feb. 2014
20Cast Out: Part II5 Mar. 2014

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