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Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show is to be renewed for season 15
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Released - 15.09.2006

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show is the veteran entertaining talk-show that is extremely popular in the USA. A winning combination of small talk, embarrassing tasks, funny games and pieces of music, the program has become a smash hit quickly after its debut episode came out. Season 1 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show premiered in September 8, 2003 and the program has already shown us more than 2300 episodes, and the irreplaceable hostess, Ellen, has become a guarantee of good brand humor.

It’s hardly possible to name a celebrity who never visited Ellen on the show. Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Simon Cowell, Sam Horowitz (whose bar mitzvah became a YouTube sensation), Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey, Pink and many and many others were seen sitting in front of Ellen or dancing or singing or what not doing.

For those who have seen the program, it comes as no surprise that The Ellen DeGeneres Show enjoys critical accolades and awards. For now, it has received more than 75 wins and almost 90 nominations, including several Daytime Emmy Awards in the category Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment (and other categories) and OFTA Television Awards in the category Best Host or Panelist in a Non-Fiction Program. On IMDB the talk-show is holding a good mark of 7.3/10, which is based on 11 thousand viewers.

Interesting Facts:

If you like to see Ellen DeGeneres in her younger years, find the sitcom called Ellen. The comedian plays a role of a bookshop owner, who overcomes app difficulties with the help of optimism and humor.

One of the episodes was broadcast from a hospital, and the quests, being an important part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, did not miss the episode and came to the hospital to join the host.

Starting the show with dancing is habitual for us already, but scaring the quests will hardly become habitual for them. On the show, Ellen sometimes pranks her quests with scary things.

Except for scaring people, Ellen plays with them classical games such as Never Have I ever, True or False, What's in the box?, Let's make a trade, Blindfolded musical chairs and others.



'Strange Doctor' Starring Ellen and Justin Timberlake

Episode Guide

Season 1

126Episode #3.12621 Mar. 2006
139Episode #3.13914 Apr. 2006

Season 2

1Ellen's Season 14 Premiere Show6 Sep. 2016
2Ellen's Season 14 Premiere Week: Day 27 Sep. 2016
3Ellen's Season 14 Premiere Week: Day 38 Sep. 2016
4Ellen's Season 14 Premiere Week: Day 49 Sep. 2016
5Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke/Celine Dion12 Sep. 2016
6Co-Hostess Michelle Obama/Stephen Curry/Bradley Cooper/Usher/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss13 Sep. 2016
7Ariana Grande/Katie Ledecky14 Sep. 2016
8Jimmy Kimmel/Scott Eastwood/Grant McCarney/Chance the Rapper, Lil' Wayne & 2 Chainz15 Sep. 2016
9Seth Rogen/Carrie Underwood/Guest DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss16 Sep. 2016
10Viola Davis/Damon Wayans19 Sep. 2016
11Guest Co-Hostess Kristen Bell/Michael Phelps/John OliverCachel Raynor20 Sep. 2016
12Lupita Nyong'o/Sen. Tim Kaine/Grace VanderWaal/Tyler Oakley/The Head and the Heart21 Sep. 2016
13Kate Hudson/Tyler Henry/Portia De Rossi22 Sep. 2016
14Gwen Stefani/Tig Notaro/Callum Scott23 Sep. 2016
15Bill O'Reilly/Lea Michele/X Ambassadors26 Sep. 2016
16Allison Janney/Kellie Pickler/Usain Bolt/Shawn Mendes27 Sep. 2016
17Luke Bryan/Kylie Bunbury28 Sep. 2016
18Guest Hostess Miley Cyrus/Sarah Jessica Parker/Idina Menzel29 Sep. 2016
19LL Cool J/Sofie Dossi30 Sep. 2016
20Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs/Milo Ventimiglia/Stevie Nicks3 Oct. 2016
21Kelly Clarkson/Chrissy Teigen4 Oct. 2016
22Taylor Lautner/Tatyana McFadden/Bon Jovi5 Oct. 2016
23Christian Slater/The Clairvoyants6 Oct. 2016
24Kat Dennings/Morris Chestnut/OneRepublic/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss7 Oct. 2016
25Hilary Duff/Laurie Hernandez & Val Chmerkovskiy/Anderson Paak10 Oct. 2016
26Guest Co-Host Kevin Hart/Khloe Kardashian11 Oct. 2016
27Taye Diggs/Sarah Hyland/Bastille/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss12 Oct. 2016
28Colin Farrell/Laverne Cox/John Legend13 Oct. 2016
29Hillary Clinton/Bryan Cranston/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss14 Oct. 2016
30Wanda Sykes/Steve Spangler/The Band Perry17 Oct. 2016
31Shia LaBeouf/Jesse Williams/Jon Dorenbos/Troye Sivan18 Oct. 2016
32Tyler Perry/Lewis Hamilton/Maren Morris19 Oct. 2016
33Rachel McAdams/Kym Douglas20 Oct. 2016
34Garth Brooks/Robin Roberts21 Oct. 2016
35Zooey Deschanel/James Hinchcliffe & Sharna Burgess/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss24 Oct. 2016
36Vince Vaughn/Priyanka Chopra/Joseph25 Oct. 2016
37Anna Kendrick/Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg/Donald Glover/Niall Horan/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss26 Oct. 2016
38Miley Cyrus/Lyric & Melody Hurd/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss27 Oct. 2016
39Ricky Gervais/Kenny Chesney/Macey Hensley/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss28 Oct. 2016
40Ellen's Halloween Show31 Oct. 2016
41Jake Gyllenhaal/Ronda Rousey/Franco Noriega1 Nov. 2016
42Eddie Redmayne/James More2 Nov. 2016
43Adam Levine/Julianne Moore/Maroon 53 Nov. 2016
44Justin Timberlake/Gabrielle Union/Leonardo DiCaprio4 Nov. 2016
45Jessica Alba/Sen. Elizabeth Warren/Brielle Milla7 Nov. 2016
46Warren Beatty/Mandy Moore/Kris Bryant & David Ross/Guest DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss8 Nov. 2016
47Julie Bowen/Eben Nettles & Umar Abrams/Guest DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss9 Nov. 2016
48Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt/Guest DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss10 Nov. 2016
49Kristen Stewart/Lin-Manuel Miranda/Brad Paisley11 Nov. 2016
50Diane Keaton/David Blaine/James Charles14 Nov. 2016
51Dwayne Johnson/Michelle Williams/Jon Dorenbos15 Nov. 2016
52Kendall Jenner/Ricky Martin16 Nov. 2016
53Rob Lowe/Guest DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss17 Nov. 2016
54Serena Williams18 Nov. 2016
55Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways21 Nov. 2016
56Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 222 Nov. 2016
57Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 323 Nov. 2016
58Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 428 Nov. 2016
59Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 529 Nov. 2016
60Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 630 Nov. 2016
61Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 71 Dec. 2016
62Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 82 Dec. 2016
63Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 95 Dec. 2016
64Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 106 Dec. 2016
65Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 117 Dec. 2016
66Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 128 Dec. 2016
67Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways - Day 139 Dec. 2016
68Matthew Perry/Amy Schumer12 Dec. 2016
69Reese Witherspoon/Joshua Jackson/Green Day13 Dec. 2016
70Matthew McConaughey/Kings of Leon14 Dec. 2016
71Rosemarie DeWitt/Alicia Keys15 Dec. 2016
72Jim Parsons/Sabre Norris/Cass McCombs16 Dec. 2016
73Ted Danson/Kaitlin Olson/Shawn Mendes/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss3 Jan. 2017
74Jamie Foxx/Connie Britton/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss4 Jan. 2017
75Jimmy Fallon/Janelle Monae/Pharrell Williams/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss5 Jan. 2017
76Mark Wahlberg/Dev Patel/Lukas Graham/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss6 Jan. 2017
77Jessica Biel/Millie Bobby Brown9 Jan. 2017
78Ben Affleck/Oscar the Grouch/Ruby Rose/Shaping Sound Dance Company/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss10 Jan. 2017
79Octavia Spencer/Billy Eichner/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss11 Jan. 2017
80Howie Mandel/Laurie Hernandez/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss12 Jan. 2017
81Adam DeVine/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss13 Jan. 2017
82Nick Cannon/Rae Sremmurd/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss16 Jan. 2017
83Kerry Washington/Corey Hawkins/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss17 Jan. 2017
84Matt LeBlanc/Deepika Padukone/Old Dominion/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss18 Jan. 2017
85Tony Goldwyn/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss19 Jan. 2017
86Annette Bening/Ken Jeong/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss20 Jan. 2017
87Dennis Quaid/Katie Couric/James TW/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss23 Jan. 2017
88Aaron Paul/Lady Antebellum/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss24 Jan. 2017
89Ed O'Neill/Maura Tierney/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss25 Jan. 2017
90Ellen's Birthday/Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard/Tig Notaro/Anderson.Paak/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss26 Jan. 2017
91Beth Behrs/The Growlers/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss27 Jan. 2017
92Timothy Olyphant/Mario Lopez/Camila Cabello & Machine Gun Kelly/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss30 Jan. 2017
93Jamie Dornan/Drew Brees/Big Sean/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss31 Jan. 2017
94Wanda Sykes/Corinne Olympios/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss1 Feb. 2017
95Drew Barrymore/Claire Crosby/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss2 Feb. 2017
96Ice Cube/Sabre Norris/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss3 Feb. 2017
97Sofia Vergara/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss6 Feb. 2017
98Tracy Morgan/Vanessa Hudgens/Zara Larsson & Ty Dolla Sign/7 Feb. 2017
99Jesse Tyler Ferguson/James Corden/Panic! At the Disco8 Feb. 2017
100Nicole Kidman/Brielle Milla/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss9 Feb. 2017
101Tim McGraw & Faith Hill/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss10 Feb. 2017
102Paying Off Your Debt13 Feb. 2017
103Paying Off Your Debt - Day 214 Feb. 2017
104Paying Off Your Debt - Day 315 Feb. 2017
105Paying Off Your Debt: Day 416 Feb. 2017
106Paying Off Your Debt: Day 517 Feb. 2017
107Kris Jenner/Migos/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss20 Feb. 2017
108Jennifer Lopez/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss21 Feb. 2017
109Demi Lovato/Young Dylan Gilmer/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss22 Feb. 2017
110Jimmy Kimmel/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss23 Feb. 2017
111Ryan Seacrest/John Mayer/Rachel Lindsay/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss24 Feb. 2017
112Samuel L. Jackson/Alfie Sheard/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss27 Feb. 2017
113David Spade/Claire Crosby/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss28 Feb. 2017
114Scott Foley/Little Big Town1 Mar. 2017
115President George W. Bush/Lily Collins/Future2 Mar. 2017
116Emma Watson/Rascal Flatts/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss3 Mar. 2017
117Minnie Driver/Luke Evans/Noah Cyrus & Labrinth/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss13 Mar. 2017
118Dax Shepard/Ryan Leaf/Rag 'n' Bone Man/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss14 Mar. 2017
119Mindy Kaling/Michael Pena/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss15 Mar. 2017
120Felicity Huffman/Lea Michele/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss16 Mar. 2017
121Kristen Bell/Dan Bucatinsky/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss17 Mar. 2017
122Jane Fonda/Asia Kate Dillon/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss20 Mar. 2017
123Claire Danes/Andy Puddicombe/Alison Krauss/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss21 Mar. 2017
124Lena Dunham/Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss22 Mar. 2017
125Ellen Pompeo/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss23 Mar. 2017
126Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson & Larry Dorf/RaeLynn/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss24 Mar. 2017
127Chris Evans & Mckenna Grace/Drew Barrymore/Lewis Howes/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss3 Apr. 2017
128Eric Stonestreet & Noah Ritter/Khalid/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss4 Apr. 2017
129Zach Braff/Demi Lovato/Ed Sheeran/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss5 Apr. 2017
130Anne Hathaway & Jason Sudeikis/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss6 Apr. 2017
131Adam Sandler/Meghan Trainor/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss7 Apr. 2017
132Justin Theroux/Erika Jayne & Gleb Savchenko/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss10 Apr. 2017
133Chelsea Handler/Ludacris/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss11 Apr. 2017
134Charlize Theron/Jeff Garlin/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss12 Apr. 2017
135Chris Hardwick/Kunal Nayyar/Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, Shay Mitchell & Troian Bellisario/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss13 Apr. 2017
136Rob Lowe, Edward Matthew Lowe & John Owen Lowe/Maddie Ziegler/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss14 Apr. 2017
137Simone Biles & Sasha Farber/Reuben de Maid/John Mayer17 Apr. 2017
138Carson Daly/Rob Delaney/Spoon18 Apr. 2017
139Magic Johnson/Nicole Richie/Travis Scott19 Apr. 2017
140Tracee Ellis Ross/David Ross & Lindsay Arnold/Warpaint20 Apr. 2017
141Jessica Lange/Channing Tatum/Gina Rodriguez21 Apr. 2017
142Jennifer Lopez/Sheryl Sandberg/Warpaint24 Apr. 2017
143Vin Diesel/Jenna Dewan Tatum/Mary J. Blige25 Apr. 2017
144Salma Hayek/Jennifer Hudson26 Apr. 2017
145Ellen Flies Her Biggest New York Fans to Los Angeles for a Trip of a Lifetime!27 Apr. 2017
146Ellen Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Iconic Puppy Episode on Her Sitcom, Ellen28 Apr. 2017
147Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Langford & Dylan Minnette/Nate Seltzer1 May 2017
148Wanda Sykes/Demarjay Smith2 May 2017
149Alec Baldwin/Taylor Schilling3 May 2017
150Matt Lauer/Macey Hensley4 May 2017
151Bradley Cooper/Kym Douglas5 May 2017
152Colin Farrell/Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy/Demarjay Smith8 May 2017
153Nicole Kidman/Giada De Laurentiis9 May 2017
154Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Tom Holland/Brielle Milla10 May 2017
155Amy Schumer & Goldie Hawn11 May 2017
156Chris Pratt12 May 2017
157Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler/Mariska Hargitay15 May 2017
158Katy Perry16 May 2017
159Reese Witherspoon17 May 2017
160Johnny Depp/Niall Horan18 May 2017
161Julia Roberts & Richard Curtis19 May 2017
162Jessica Simpson22 May 2017
163Nicki Minaj/Robin Wright23 May 2017
164Michael Keaton/Andy Cohen24 May 2017
165Howie Mandel/Laurent & Larry Nicolas Bourgeous25 May 2017
166Funniest Moments of Season 1426 May 2017
167Two for Tuesday30 May 2017
168Favorite Kids of Season 1431 May 2017
169Biggest Stars of Season 141 Jun. 2017
170Inspiring Stories from Season 142 Jun. 2017

Season 3

126Episode #3.12621 Mar. 2006
139Episode #3.13914 Apr. 2006

Season 4

10Episode #4.1015 Sep. 2006
11Episode #4.11-
17Episode #4.17-