Fameless is officially renewed for season 3
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David Storrs, Cathy Shim, Mary Gallagher, Jeff Lewis
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Released Fameless - 06.02.2017

Fameless is an original TruTV entertainment show that is airing in the United States. This comedy, half prank and half sketch program is a product of companies Electus and Entertainment One. Fameless is a creative effort of actor and comedian David Spade (Real Rob, The Kicker, Grown Ups). The rough-hilarious series was released in July 2015.

The cutting-edge entertaining series is a winning blend of a real-life and a joke show. People want their 15 minutes of "Fame", but instead they get joked and become "Fameless". Every episode shows a new group of improvisators as they are given new roles– from hosting a contest to taking part in a building challenge. The thing is that all of the participants are sure they are elements of the reality show, while as a matter of fact, only one part of the group is a real contestant.

Unfortunately, the program hasn’t become a smash hit among lots of other reality-series. The reviews on Fameless have been rather mixed, both from the audience and the critics. Some people claim the series is implausible and scripted, others, on the contrary, appreciate its originality and unpredictability. Fameless demonstrate, how far can people go in order to get famous. So it can be approached as a social experiment, but rather fun and entertaining.



Fameless - Season 2 Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Naked and Annoyed29 Jul. 2015
2Say Goodbye to Hollywood5 Aug. 2015
3To Catfish a Predator12 Aug. 2015
4Revenge Ink20 Aug. 2015
5Speed Trap27 Aug. 2015
6Funky Monk10 Sep. 2015
7Match Maid in Heaven17 Sep. 2015
8Wheels of Misfortune24 Sep. 2015
9The Jumper18 Jan. 2016
10Unfinished Business18 Jan. 2016
11Road Rage25 Jan. 2016
12Issues Don't Need Tissues25 Jan. 2016
13The Hammer1 Feb. 2016
14Half Baked1 Feb. 2016
15Close Encounters8 Feb. 2016
16Mayan Ruined15 Feb. 2016
17Dead Wrong22 Feb. 2016
18Faceless22 Feb. 2016

Season 2

1The Invasion1 Aug. 2016
2The ShawPrank Redemption1 Aug. 2016
3Zings and Zonks8 Aug. 2016
4Raiders of the Lost Art15 Aug. 2016
5High Speed Chase22 Aug. 2016
6The Home Wrecker29 Aug. 2016
7Hypnosis Therapy for Losers5 Sep. 2016
8Rage of Enlightnment12 Sep. 2016
9The Vanishing19 Sep. 2016
10Flash of Brillance26 Sep. 2016
11Home Is Where the Haunt Is3 Oct. 2016
12The Joy of Hex10 Oct. 2016
13I Robot?28 Nov. 2016
14One Bad Egg28 Nov. 2016
15Locked in Time5 Dec. 2016
16Through the Cooking Glass12 Dec. 2016
17Fameless Holiday Special19 Dec. 2016
18Ear Factor26 Dec. 2016
19Host Busters2 Jan. 2017
20No Brain No Gain9 Jan. 2017
21Gorilla Warfare16 Jan. 2017
22The Trashed and the Furious23 Jan. 2017
23Spa-mageddon30 Jan. 2017
24Tornado Alley6 Feb. 2017

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