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Fast N' Loud is officially renewed for season 9
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60 min
Christie Brimberry, Richard Rawlings, Aaron Kaufmann, K.C. Mathieu
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Released Date Fast N' Loud season 13

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Released Fast N' Loud - 20.11.2017

Fast N' Loud is a popular veteran reality and docu-series dedicated to autos, which has been broadcast on the Discovery channel in America since June 2012. A collaborate effort of Pilgrim Studios and Coolfire Originals, Fast N' Loud series is exec produced by Craig Piligian (Dirty Jobs, My Fair Wedding), Craig Coffman (Dr. G: Medical Examiner) and Eddie Rohwedder (Ripley's Believe It or Not!).

The plot of the reality series follows owners of Gas Monkey Garage, Aaron and Richard. They transform ruined autos into innovate constructions and after that make profit, selling them.

Chapter 8 of Fast N' Loud was released in winter 2016, in the premiere episode of which Richard is summoned by fans to compete in a drag race, for which he upgrades his '67 Dart. The charisma, dedication to his work and talent of Richard Rawlings involve the viewers into the show. A lot of fans consider him to be the coolest car expert in America, inspiring motorheads.

Fast N’ Loud has accounted for the mostly-watched and highly-acclaimed programs on Discovery Channel, so it was expected when the channel made an official renewal of the program. The producers ordered 20 episodes for the 2016-17 television season. The premiere date of Fast N Loud is yet to be scheduled.


Episode Guide

Season 1

1Model A Madness6 Jun. 2012
2Awesome Aussies and Olds13 Jun. 2012
3Monkey Business Dragster20 Jun. 2012
4Double Trouble Galaxie27 Jun. 2012
5Low Riding Lincoln11 Jul. 2012
6Amazing Impala3 Sep. 2012
7Frankensteined Ford18 Jul. 2012
8Ramshackle Rambler10 Sep. 2012
9'48 Chevy Fleetmaster17 Sep. 2012
10One of a Kind Woodhill24 Sep. 2012
11Fast & Furious Fairmount1 Oct. 2012
12Holy Grail Hot Rod8 Oct. 2012
13Apache/Road to Chopper Live3 Dec. 2012
14Apache/Road to Chopper Live: Part 210 Dec. 2012

Season 2

1Mashed Up Mustang18 Feb. 2013
2Bad Ass Bronco: Part 125 Feb. 2013
3Bad Ass Bronco: Part 24 Mar. 2013
4Far-Out Fairlane11 Mar. 2013
5Stung By a '67 Corvette Stingray18 Mar. 2013
6Trials of a T-Bird18 Mar. 2013
7Ferocious Ford and Fast Ferrari1 Apr. 2013

Season 3

1Ferrari Fix Part 1: Dead Head Bus10 Jun. 2013
2Ferrari Fix Part 2: 1917 REO17 Jun. 2013
3No Bull Bonneville24 Jun. 2013
4Dodge Hodge Podge Part 1, '65 Mustang1 Jul. 2013
5Dodge Hodge Podge Part 2/Oldsmobile Delta 888 Jul. 2013
6Ford Galaxie: Part 1/Bikini Contest15 Jul. 2013
7Ford Galaxie: Part 2/Nash Healey22 Jul. 2013
8Beards, Builds and Beers29 Jul. 2013

Season 4

1Dale Jr.'s Sick Nomad2 Sep. 2013
2Chopped Cabriolet and 'Vette Rescue9 Sep. 2013
3Cool Customline16 Sep. 2013
4Killer COPO Camaro14 Oct. 2013
5Caddy Rust Bucket/Bel-Air Beauty Part 121 Oct. 2013
6Caddy Rust Bucket/Bel-Air Beauty Part 228 Oct. 2013
7Flugtag Flyer/Wicked Wayfarer4 Nov. 2013
8'71 Cool Kingswood/Retro Replicar11 Nov. 2013
9Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto, Part 118 Nov. 2013
10Shelby Rent-A-Racer Resto, Part 215 Nov. 2013
11Fast N' Loud Meets the Bandit2 Dec. 2013
12Fast N' Loud Meets the Bandit: Part 29 Dec. 2013
13Troll's Choice Rolls-Royce27 Jan. 2014
14Aaron's Falcon Racecar24 Mar. 2014
15Mustang Mania24 Mar. 2014
16Jacked-up Jeep31 Mar. 2014
17Fleetline Superflip Frenzy7 Apr. 2014
18Demolition Theater14 Apr. 2014
19Holy Grail Firebirds - Part 121 Apr. 2014
20Holy Grail Firebirds: Part 228 Apr. 2014
21Fast Moving F-10012 May 2014

Season 5

1Chopped and Dropped Model A, Part I19 Aug. 2014
2Chopped and Dropped Model A, Part II25 Aug. 2014
4Super Sonic Camaro, Part II9 Sep. 2014
5Pike's Peak Pace Truck Part II22 Sep. 2014
6Pikes Peak or Bust, Part I15 Sep. 2014
7The Shorty Short VW Bus; Fired Up About a '67 Chevelle13 Oct. 2014
10One Cool Impala, Fired Up About a Chevelle Part II20 Oct. 2014
11Big, Bad C-10 Build, Part I27 Oct. 2014
12Big, Bad C-10 Build, Part II3 Nov. 2014
13NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy Part I10 Nov. 2014
14NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy Part II17 Nov. 2014
16Don't Hassle the Hoff: Pontiac Trans Am Part I8 Dec. 2014
17Don't Hassle the Hoff: Pontiac Trans Am Part II8 Dec. 2014
21Outlaws All Over29 Dec. 2014

Season 6

1Scat Pack Challenger Part 123 Mar. 2015
2Scat Pack Challenger Part 230 Mar. 2015
3Back to the 80's in a '68 Coronet6 Apr. 2015
4Road to Barrett Jackson Part I13 Apr. 2015
5Road to Barrett Jackson Part 2/NHRA20 Apr. 2015
6Rocking '76 G10 Van27 Apr. 2015

Season 7

1Year of the Monkey31 Aug. 2015
2Cutlass Lowrider, Part 17 Sep. 2015
3Cutlass Lowrider, Part 214 Sep. 2015
4Big Red Caddy, Part 121 Sep. 2015
5Big Red Caddy, Part 228 Sep. 2015
6Supping Up a Super Ford GT, Part 15 Oct. 2015
7Supping Up a Super Ford GT, Part 212 Oct. 2015
8Racing a '67 Dodge Dart, Part 14 Jan. 2016
9Racing a '67 Dodge Dart, Part 211 Jan. 2016
10Frustrated with a '32 Ford; Return to Pike's Peak, Part 118 Jan. 2016
11Frustrated with a '32 Ford; Return to Pike's Peak, Part 225 Jan. 2016
12Motorcycle Mayhem/Packing a Packard for Pebble, Part 11 Feb. 2016
13Motorcycle Mayhem/Packing a Packard for Pebble, Part 28 Feb. 2016

Season 8

1Parked in the Keys29 Aug. 2016
2Harley and Me5 Sep. 2016
3Hot Off the Pantera12 Sep. 2016
4Pan-tera's Labyrinth19 Sep. 2016
8Porsche 996Mar. 2016

Season 9

1Harley and Me5 Sep. 2016
2Hot Off the Pantera12 Sep. 2016
3Pan-tera's Labyrinth19 Sep. 2016
4The Pickup Artist3 Oct. 2016
5Pickup the Pieces10 Oct. 2016
6Camaro Rising17 Oct. 2016
7Porsche 9-1-124 Oct. 2016
8Escaping the Zoo27 Oct. 2016
9"Hot" Wheels of Fortune8 Dec. 2016

Season 10

2Opening Bid23 Jan. 2017

Season 11

1Million Dollar Monkey16 Jan. 2017

Season 12

1Step Vanning Into a New Era16 Oct. 2017
2Crusin' for a Bruisin23 Oct. 2017

Season 13

1Step Vanning Into a New Era16 Oct. 2017
2Crusin' for a Bruisin23 Oct. 2017
3All About the Bass30 Oct. 2017
4Bad Bass6 Nov. 2017
5All About the Bad Bass9 Nov. 2017
6Busch vs. Logano13 Nov. 2017
7The Race: Busch vs. Logano20 Nov. 2017

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