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Forged in Fire season 3
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Wil Willis, J. Neilson, David Baker, Doug Marcaida
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Released Forged in Fire - 24.10.2017

Forged in Fire is a smash American hit show currently airing on the History channel. The novel real-life series comes from a creative effort of production studio Outpost Entertainment and Leftfield Entertainment Company. The host of the program is a prominent weapon expert Wil Willis. The premiere season of Forged in Fire debuted on History on June 21, 2015.

Forged in Fire is a critically acclaimed show that challenges the skills of the most aspiring smiths and armourers in the world. In each episode, 4 gifted blademakers put their reputations on the line, trying to re-create original pieces of classic weapons of the past.

The second run of Forged in Fire debuted on the History channel in the US in February 2016 and contained ten episodes. Ever since the installment, the fascinating new show has garnered praising reviews from the audiences and critics and the highest rating counts among all the channel’s shows in summer 2015.

Season 2 has featured gifted and skilled armourers, blademakers and blacksmiths from around the USA. The originality of the subject delivers fans and the History channel has renewed the contest for the third round, which was set to start on August 23, 2016. Because of the exceptional ratings of Forged in Fire, the channel has increased the episode number for the ongoing round from 10 to 16.



Forged In Fire: Season 3 Trailer: 'Challenge of Champions' | History

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Japanese Katana22 Jun. 2015
2Chakram29 Jun. 2015
3Viking Battle Axe6 Jul. 2015
4Katar13 Jul. 2015
5Crusader Sword20 Jul. 2015
6Rapier27 Jul. 2015
7The Roman Gladius3 Aug. 2015
8The Moro Kris10 Aug. 2015

Season 2

1The War Hammer16 Feb. 2016
2Khopesh23 Feb. 2016
3The Scottish Claymore1 Mar. 2016
4Spiked Shield8 Mar. 2016
5Viking Sword15 Mar. 2016
6Nepalese Kukri22 Mar. 2016
7The Shotel29 Mar. 2016
8The Cutlass5 Apr. 2016
9The Khanda12 Apr. 2016
10The Tabar19 Apr. 2016

Season 3

1Champions Edition - Scottish Claymore23 Aug. 2016
2Fan Favorites31 Aug. 2016
3Butterfly Swords7 Sep. 2016
4The Falcata13 Sep. 2016
5Kora Sword21 Sep. 2016
6Hunga Munga9 Sep. 2016
7The Boar Spear5 Oct. 2016
8Xiphos Sword11 Oct. 2016
9The Pandat18 Oct. 2016
10Zulu Iklwa26 Oct. 2016
11The Pata10 Jan. 2017
12The Zweihander17 Jan. 2017
13Cavalry Saber24 Jan. 2017
14The Naginata31 Jan. 2017
15The Haladie7 Feb. 2017
16Redemption14 Feb. 2017

Season 4

1Judges Pick11 Apr. 2017
2Deer Horn Knives11 Apr. 2017
3The Katzbalger18 Apr. 2017
4Makraka25 Apr. 2017
5Fan's Choice2 May 2017
6Akrafena10 May 2017
7Talwar16 May 2017
8The Cinquedea23 May 2017
9The Charay6 Jun. 2017
10Sword Breaker Redemption13 Jun. 2017
11Master & Apprentice11 Jul. 2017
12Ngombe Ngulu18 Jul. 2017
13The Shamshir25 Jul. 2017
14The Kachin Dao4 Aug. 2017
15The Gladiators' Scissor8 Aug. 2017
16The Kampilan22 Aug. 2017
17The Kpinga29 Aug. 2017
18The Yatagan12 Sep. 2017
19International Championship3 Oct. 2017
20Tabar-Shishpar10 Oct. 2017
21Ultimate Champions Edition17 Oct. 2017
22Knights Templar24 Oct. 2017

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