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Glitter Force season 2 is to premiere
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Misato Fukuen, Marina Inoue, Hisako Kanemoto, Chinami Nishimura
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Released Date Smile PreCure! season 1

Episode 48









Released Smile PreCure! - 27.01.2013

Glitter Force, the fresh computer generated animation series, is currently broadcast on the on-line streaming service Netflix. It is based on the original Japanese anime Smile PreCure! and was distributed outside the country under a new name. Initially, season 1 of the series consisted of 48 parts, but American network Netflix decided to cut it short to twenty 22-minute parts. The considerably shortened first chapter of Glitter Force premiered to the Netflix subscribers in December 2015.

The action of the CGI-animated adventure series takes place in a fantastic kingdom of Jubiland. When a peaceful and wonderful place needs to be protected from a villain, five local girls who have unique magical power to transform from regular teenage girls into superheroes, come to the rescue. They get together to constitute a super-human team, Glitter Force.

It should be noted that the graphics of the computer generated animation series is beautiful, bright and the accents are masterfully set. The Japanese franchise has been a smash hit in the country and extremely popular around the world as well. Thus, it is quite probable that this addition to the Netflix programs will find a considerable fan club in America with its second chapter.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Birth! Perfect Smile Cure Happy!!5 Feb. 2012
2Burn! It's Fervorous Cure Sunny!!Feb. 2012
3Rock Paper Scissors Cure Peace!!Feb. 2012
4Fair Fight! Cure March of the Wind!!Feb. 2012
5Birth! Perfect Smile Cure Happy!!4 Mar. 2012
6Burn! It's Fervorous Cure Sunny!!11 Mar. 2012
7Where Is It? Our Secret Base!?18 Mar. 2012
8Miyuki and Candy Switch Places~!?25 Mar. 2012
9Lie~! Yayoi is Transferred!?1 Apr. 2012
10Hot-blooded! Akane's Okonomiyaki Life!!8 Apr. 2012
11The PreCures Become Tiny~!?15 Apr. 2012
12Awakening Power! Rainbow Healing!!22 Apr. 2012
13School Excursion! Miyuki, Happy Depths of Kyoto!?29 Apr. 2012
14School Trip! Getting Lost in Osaka!?6 May 2012
15Dotabata! Miyuki's Big Strategy for Mother's Day!!13 May 2012
16Reika's Problem! Why Should I Study!?20 May 2012
17Hot-blooded! Akane's Comedy Life!!27 May 2012
18Nao's Feelings! Everyone's Bond Connected by a Baton!!3 Jun. 2012
19Papa, Thanks! Yayoi's Treasure!!10 Jun. 2012
20Invisible Men? Miyuki and Akane Can't Be Seen~!?24 Jun. 2012
21Wish Upon a Star! Everyone Together Forever~!!1 Jul. 2012
22What's, the Most Important Thing?8 Jul. 2012
23Pierrot Revived! PreCure Desprate Situation!!15 Jul. 2012
24PreCure Become Fairies, Miyu~!?22 Jul. 2012
25It's Summer! It's the Sea! Akane and Nao's Obstinate Showdown!!5 Aug. 2012
26Summer Festival! The Giant Flower Blossoming in the Night Sky!12 Aug. 2012
27Summer Mystery!? Grandma's Treasure19 Aug. 2012
28Lie? Truth? I am Not Scared of Ghosts!26 Aug. 2012
29PreCure Are Sucked Into Games~!?2 Sep. 2012
30Take a Trip Around the World with the Door of Books!!9 Sep. 2012
31Royal Clock and Candy's Secret!!16 Sep. 2012
32Hearts as One! PreCure's Newly Gained Power!!23 Sep. 2012
33A Period Drama at the Studio Park!? Chapter!30 Sep. 2012
34United as One! Miracle Fashion Show at the Culture Festival!!7 Oct. 2012
35Yayoi, Protect the Earth! PreCure Becomes a Robo~!?14 Oct. 2012
36Hot-blooded!? Akane's First Love Life!!21 Oct. 2012
37Reika's Worries! A Noble Heart and a Noble Vote!!28 Oct. 2012
38Hustle Nao! PreCure Becomes Children~!?11 Nov. 2012
39What's Happening!? Miyuki18 Nov. 2012
40Hot-blooded! Akane's Treasure Hunting Life!!25 Nov. 2012
41I am a Comic Artist!? Yayoi has Illustrated Future Dreams!!2 Dec. 2012
42Protect It! Nao and Her Family's Precious Bonds!!9 Dec. 2012
43Reika's Path! I, Will Study Abroad!!16 Dec. 2012
44Smile Secret! Miyuki and the True Ultra Happy!!23 Dec. 2012
45Beginning of the End! PreCure vs the Three Subordinates!!6 Jan. 2013
46Worst Ending!? Bad End PreCure!!13 Jan. 2013
47Pierrot's Strongest Advent! Unrelinquishing Power and the Light of Hope!!20 Jan. 2013
48The Lights Shining to the Future! Deliver! The Greatest Smile!!27 Jan. 2013

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