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Gold Rush season 7 broadcast
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Paul Christie, Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Dave Turin
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Released Date Gold Rush: Alaska season 8

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Released Gold Rush: Alaska - 19.01.2018

Gold Rush is a long-running adventure real-life show, which has been available for the subscribers of Discovery Channel in America since December 2010. It is exec produced by Dimitri Doganis (Imposter, Breakout), Christo Doyle (Jungle Gold, Dual Survival) and James Bates (Megastructures) and produced by Raw Television. The initial title of the show is Gold Rush: Alaska.

The reality series takes place in Yukon, the gold mining region in Canada and features aspiring teams of miners. They hope to reach legendary American Dream through investing all their savings in gold claims.

Chapter 6 of Gold Rush was released on Discovery Channel in the America in October 2015 and, as usual, got nothing but positive reviews from the audience being the #1 rated program of the network. The beginning of the season coincided with the start of the mining season and we followed Todd setting almost impossible aims for his crew and Parker having a bad start and losing some members of his team.

Gold Rush is currently the most-watched Discovery’s series, so no wonder that the channel made a renewal announcement of the program in early 2016. The veteran series is scheduled to come out again in America during the 2016-2017 TV season. The exact date of Gold Rush cycle 7 release is yet to be set.



Gold Rush Season 7 Sneak Peek

Episode Guide

Season 1

1No Guts, No Glory3 Dec. 2010
2Gold, Guns and Bears10 Dec. 2010
3Running Dirt17 Dec. 2010
4The Ultimate Price7 Jan. 2011
5The Pain Barrier14 Jan. 2011
6Gold Fever21 Jan. 2011
7Going for Broke28 Jan. 2011
8Bad Blood4 Feb. 2011
9Bedrock or Bust11 Feb. 2011
10Never Say Die18 Feb. 2011
11Full Disclosure25 Feb. 2011

Season 2

0The Off-Season28 Oct. 2011
1Twist of Fate28 Oct. 2011
2Virgin Ground4 Nov. 2011
3Family Feud11 Nov. 2011
4Slippery Slope18 Nov. 2011
5Drill or Die25 Nov. 2011
6Lovestruck2 Dec. 2011
7Gold at Last9 Dec. 2011
8On the Gold16 Dec. 2011
9Behind the Scenes23 Dec. 2011
10Gold Rush Aftershow Special30 Dec. 2011
11Dead in the Water6 Jan. 2012
12Twenty Four Seven13 Jan. 2012
13Rock Bottom20 Jan. 2012
14Bedrock Gold27 Jan. 2012
15Man Down3 Feb. 2012
16In the Black10 Feb. 2012
17Frozen Out17 Feb. 2012
18Judgment Day24 Feb. 2012
19Revelations2 Mar. 2012
20Aftershow: Digging Deeper9 Mar. 2012
21Aftershow: The Last Word23 Mar. 2012

Season 3

0Do or Die26 Oct. 2012
1Million Dollar Season26 Oct. 2012
2The Wrong Claim2 Nov. 2012
3Secret Weapons9 Nov. 2012
4Battle of the Bridge16 Nov. 2012
5The Ultimatum23 Nov. 2012
6Game Changer30 Nov. 2012
7Road to Gold7 Dec. 2012
8Up Smith Creek14 Dec. 2012
9Behind the Scenes21 Dec. 2012
10Leprechaun Gold4 Jan. 2013
11Dozer Wars11 Jan. 2013
12Pink Slip18 Jan. 2013
13The Merger25 Jan. 2013
14The Night Shift1 Feb. 2013
15Bedrock Blowout8 Feb. 2013
16Redemption Road15 Feb. 2013
17Gold Rush Live22 Feb. 2013
18The Motherlode23 Feb. 2013
19Making of the Motherlode1 Mar. 2013

Season 4

1Queen of Diamonds25 Oct. 2013
2Learning Curve1 Nov. 2013
3In Too Deep8 Nov. 2013
4Road from Hell15 Nov. 2013
5Garnets or Gold22 Nov. 2013
6Mutiny29 Nov. 2013
7Paid in Full6 Dec. 2013
8Jungle Boogie13 Dec. 2013
9Ready to Roll20 Dec. 2013
10Hope Creek3 Jan. 2014
11Blowout10 Jan. 2014
12Death of a Dream17 Jan. 2014
13The Resurrection20 Jan. 2014
14Fantasy Land24 Jan. 2014
15Medevac31 Jan. 2014
16Man on Wire14 Feb. 2014
17Day of Reckoning21 Feb. 2014
18Go Big or Go Home28 Feb. 2014
19Grandpa's Last Wish7 Mar. 2014
20Unearthed14 Mar. 2014

Season 5

1New Blood17 Oct. 2014
2From the Ashes24 Oct. 2014
3Golden Boy31 Oct. 2014
4Viking Ship7 Nov. 2014
5Hard Bargain14 Nov. 2014
6Cursed Cut21 Nov. 2014
7Goldzilla28 Nov. 2014
8Gold Blooded5 Dec. 2014
9Colossal Clean Up12 Dec. 2014
11Parker's Accident2 Jan. 2015
12Ship of Fools9 Jan. 2015
13Piles of Gold16 Jan. 2015
14Gold Road23 Jan. 2015
15Rogue Miner30 Jan. 2015
16The Monster Lives6 Feb. 2015
17Rivers of Gold13 Feb. 2015
18Frozen Gold20 Feb. 2015
19Hundreds of Ounces27 Feb. 2015
20Millions in Gold6 Mar. 2015
21The Whole Truth13 Mar. 2015

Season 6

1Blood, Sweat and Gold16 Oct. 2015
2Gold Ship23 Oct. 2015
3Moving the Monster30 Oct. 2015
4Grandpa's Golden Advice6 Nov. 2015
5Jack's Gold Shack13 Nov. 2015
6Treasure Island20 Nov. 2015
7ElDorado Dream27 Nov. 2015
8Mammoth Channel4 Dec. 2015
9Mammoth Gold11 Dec. 2015
10Parker's 21st18 Dec. 2015
11Captain Monica1 Jan. 2016
12Crew War8 Jan. 2016
13Goldzilla Gold15 Jan. 2016
14Million Dollar Mountain22 Jan. 2016
15Dead Even29 Jan. 2016
16Golden Bombshell5 Feb. 2016
17Klondike Legend12 Feb. 2016
18Oregon Gold19 Feb. 2016
19Frozen Pay26 Feb. 2016
20King of the Klondike4 Mar. 2016
21Gold Hard Truth11 Mar. 2016

Season 7

1Miracle on the Mountain14 Oct. 2016
2Eye in the Sky21 Oct. 2016
3Frankenstein Machinery28 Oct. 2016
4Mutiny4 Nov. 2016
5Misery on the Mountain11 Nov. 2016
6No Crane, No Gain18 Nov. 2016
7Watery Grave25 Nov. 2016
8Mega Barge & Kid Commando2 Dec. 2016
9Record Gold9 Dec. 2016
10Go Down Fighting16 Dec. 2016
11Game Over30 Dec. 2016
12Abandonment6 Jan. 2017
13Lifeline13 Jan. 2017
14Parker vs. Rick20 Jan. 2017
15Excavator Down27 Jan. 2017
16Double Trouble3 Feb. 2017
17Cruelest Cut10 Feb. 2017
18Miners vs. Beavers17 Feb. 2017
19Dredge vs. Washplant24 Feb. 2017
20Viking Voyage3 Mar. 2017
21Final Fury10 Mar. 2017
22Nuggets10 Mar. 2017
23War and Peace17 Mar. 2017

Season 8

0Live Kickoff13 Oct. 2017
1Wagers and Wars13 Oct. 2017
2Blizzards and Bullets20 Oct. 2017
3The Viking vs. the Mechanic27 Oct. 2017
4The Curse of the Fairplay Mountains3 Nov. 2017
5Son Dethrones Father10 Nov. 2017
6Colorado Strikes Back17 Nov. 2017
7Inferno24 Nov. 2017
8The Mighty Uppercut1 Dec. 2017
9Gold Bars and Hail Marys8 Dec. 2017
10The Devil's Finger15 Dec. 2017
11The Holy Grail22 Dec. 2017
12Eclipsed5 Jan. 2018
13Lost Gold12 Jan. 2018
15The Father, the Son & the Holy Roller19 Jan. 2018

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