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Grace and Frankie season 3 in to premiere in 2017
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30 min
Marta Kauffman, Howard J. Morris
Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen
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Released Grace and Frankie - 19.01.2018

A highly anticipated and Golden Globe Award-nominated US comedy show Grace and Frankie has been available exclusively on the on-demand Netflix network in North America. The new program was created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris. A brainchild of the production studios Okay Goodnight and Skydance Television, the 13-part initial season of the comedy series premiered online in May 2015.

The comedy show centers on the fate of two charismatic ladies, Frankie and Grace, who have always hated one another. But suddenly the fortune decided to play a joke and make them friends. All hatred fades away when the characters find out the shocking truth about their husbands. Surprisingly, after quite a long time of living with their men, the two women learn that their spouses have not been honest with them and have started love affairs to the point that they are even willing to leave their wives. At this moment, Frankie’s and Grace’s destinies are closely intertwined and they discover that they have something in common.

All 13 half-hour episodes of the sophomore season of Grace and Frankie became available online for Netflix followers in May 2016 and the reviews of the second chapter have been ever more encouraging than after the initial one. The relationship among the main characters is involving, the storyline twists and turns are hilarious and unpredictable and the whole season is watched with pleasure. Netflix has greenlit the award-nominated comedy for another season even before the second chapter was released. Today, we are expecting the network to announce the date of the 4th run premiere.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1The End8 May 2015
2The Credit Cards8 May 2015
3The Dinner8 May 2015
4The Funeral8 May 2015
5The Fall8 May 2015
6The Earthquake8 May 2015
7The Spelling Bee8 May 2015
8The Sex8 May 2015
9The Invitation8 May 2015
10The Elevator8 May 2015
11The Secrets8 May 2015
12The Bachelor Party8 May 2015
13The Vows8 May 2015

Season 2

1The Wish6 May 2016
2The Vitamix6 May 2016
3The Negotiation6 May 2016
4The Road Trip6 May 2016
5The Test6 May 2016
6The Chicken6 May 2016
7The Boar6 May 2016
8The Anchor6 May 2016
9The Goodbyes6 May 2016
10The Loophole6 May 2016
11The Bender6 May 2016
12The Party6 May 2016
13The Coup6 May 2016

Season 3

1The Art Show24 Mar. 2017
2The Incubator24 Mar. 2017
3The Focus Group24 Mar. 2017
4The Burglary24 Mar. 2017
5The Gun24 Mar. 2017
6The Pot24 Mar. 2017
7The Floor24 Mar. 2017
8The Alert24 Mar. 2017
9The Apology24 Mar. 2017
10The Labels24 Mar. 2017
11The Other Vibrator24 Mar. 2017
12The Musical24 Mar. 2017
13The Sign24 Mar. 2017

Season 4

1Episode #4.119 Jan. 2018
2Episode #4.219 Jan. 2018
3Episode #4.319 Jan. 2018
4Episode #4.419 Jan. 2018
5Episode #4.519 Jan. 2018
6Episode #4.619 Jan. 2018
7Episode #4.719 Jan. 2018
8Episode #4.819 Jan. 2018
9Episode #4.919 Jan. 2018
10Episode #4.1019 Jan. 2018
11Episode #4.1119 Jan. 2018
12Episode #4.1219 Jan. 2018
13Episode #4.1319 Jan. 2018

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