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Hack My Life season 4 is to air in 2017
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30 min
Kevin Pereira, Brooke van Poppelen
Spanish, English
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Released Hack My Life - 16.01.2018

Hack My Life is an original American how-to and life-mode series that is available to the viewers of the TruTV network. The program comes from TruTV and micro-blogging online service Tumblr and production company Sharp Productions. Executive produced by Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, Brian Saracusa, and Ashley Singer, the weekly show was released on TruTV in January 2015.

Hack My Life is a DIY and how-to-do amusing and educating program that tests and exhibits life hacks that can be useful for those who want to save time and resources. The series is presented to the viewer by Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen, who add some humor and vigor to it.

The format Hack My Life consists of thirty-minute parts, so it’s easy to watch, especially if the content is so entertaining, let it be cooking lasagna in a dishwasher, making lunch with power tools or travelling in time to unveil and check some authentic hacks from history.

The series hasn’t been a smash hit and doesn’t shovel prestigious awards, but the producers don’t want to kill their modest cash calf and continue ordering new episodes of Hack My Life, to the delight of its loyal fans. Hopefully, the wide audience will estimate the program at its true worth and the lifestyle series will grow in popularity.



Hack My Life - Defense Against Bachelors

Episode Guide

Season 1

1The World of Hacks6 Jan. 2015
2Slacker vs. Hacker13 Jan. 2015
3An Explosion of Hacks20 Jan. 2015
4Peeling Back the Hacks27 Jan. 2015
5Undercover Hacks3 Feb. 2015
6Hack the Unexpected10 Feb. 2015
7Cookin' Up Some Hacks17 Feb. 2015
8Lost and Found Hacks24 Feb. 2015
9Swimming in Hacks3 Mar. 2015
10Hack or Wack24 Mar. 2015

Season 2

1Hackers Back in Action18 Aug. 2015
2Dr. Hack to the Rescue25 Aug. 2015
3Lend Me a Hack1 Sep. 2015
4Battle of the Bags8 Sep. 2015
5Hacking the Brain15 Sep. 2015
6Beard-Off22 Sep. 2015
7Hacking Your Golden Years29 Sep. 2015
8The Hack Super Villain6 Oct. 2015
9Graphite Man13 Oct. 2015
10The Hacks of LIfe20 Oct. 2015
11Hacks for Work and Play5 Apr. 2016
12The Next Level of Hacking29 Mar. 2016
13Hack the Home and Beyond12 Apr. 2016
14Game the System19 Apr. 2016
15Dr. Hack Is Back26 Apr. 2016
16From Free Parking to Peeling Eggs3 May 2016
17The Secret to Hacking10 May 2016
18The Doctor Is In17 May 2016
19Hack Nanny Saves the Day24 May 2016
20The Hack House31 May 2016
21Brooke & Kevin's Hack-Stravaganza7 Jun. 2016
22Epic Hack Battles14 Jun. 2016
23Most Delicious Hacks21 Jun. 2016
24Hack Hall of Fame28 Jun. 2016

Season 3

1Hacky Holidays27 Nov. 2016
2Good Guys Finish First31 Jan. 2017
3Good Guys Finish First31 Jan. 2017
4Hacks to Set the Mood7 Feb. 2017
6Fill Er Up14 Feb. 2017
7Jump the Line14 Feb. 2017
8Hack-a-Bye Baby21 Feb. 2017
11Awww Craps!28 Feb. 2017
12Light Up Your Life7 Mar. 2017
13Gaming the System4 Apr. 2017
14Hackers Getaway11 Apr. 2017

Season 4

1Addicted to Hacks2 Jan. 2018

Season 5

1Addicted to Hacks2 Jan. 2018
2Hack and Cheese9 Jan. 2018
3Co-Hackitation16 Jan. 2018

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