Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is yet to be renewed for season 10
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22 min
Richard Dominick
Les Gold, Seth Gold, Ashley Broad, Joel 'Big Joe' Shannon
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Released Date Hardcore Pawn season 9

Episode 13









Released Hardcore Pawn - 06.04.2015

Hardcore Pawn is a veteran American real-life series available on the truTV cable network. The widely acclaimed show is a brainchild of Richard Dominick (who also served as producer of The Jerry Springer Show). A collaborate effort betweenRDF USA and Richard Dominick Productions, Hardcore Pawn was released to the US viewers in summer 2010. The debut episode attracted more than 2 million followers and made it truTV's best-rated series premiere in the channel's history.

American Jewelry and Loan is a pawn belonging to Les Gold, who opened it in Oak Park in the end of 1970s. Together with Seth and Ashley, his children, Les runs his business.

Seth is responsible for shop's marketing and is sure that if without him the business's one and only marketing would be a humble "ad in the Yellow Pages". Ashley has got a diploma in business administration and she has devoted to the family company fifteen years. The classical sibling rivalry between aspiring Seth and Ashley takes place in the show from time to time. The long running reality show follows everyday operations of the pawn shop, which is one of the most recognizable ones in America.

Although the series has got quite mixed reviews, it is still on a roll, and the producers have greenlit Hardcore Pawn for season 10.



Hardcore Pawn - Best Meltdowns!

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot: Robo Bites21 Dec. 2009
2Pilot: Ashley's Back21 Dec. 2009
3Dangerous Cash16 Aug. 2010
4Booze & Guns16 Aug. 2010
5Bulletproof Gator23 Aug. 2010
6Trouble Inside23 Aug. 2010
7Moving Targets30 Aug. 2010
8Father vs. Son13 Sep. 2010
9Les' Big Gamble20 Sep. 2010
10Gold at Gunpoint27 Sep. 2010

Season 2

1Crazy Cash28 Dec. 2010
2The Big Bet28 Dec. 2010
3Storm's a-Brewin'4 Jan. 2011
4Desperate Pawn11 Jan. 2011
5Skulls & Scoundrels18 Jan. 2011
6The Gambler25 Jan. 2011
7Fool's Gold1 Feb. 2011
8Cash Kings8 Feb. 2011

Season 3

1Hot Rods, Raging Tempers15 Feb. 2011
2Whack Job22 Feb. 2011
3Acid Test1 Mar. 2011
4Gold War8 Mar. 2011
5Family Feud22 Mar. 2011
6Bad Blood22 Mar. 2011
7Les' Revenge29 Mar. 2011
8Gold Hustle29 Mar. 2011
9Sibling War5 Apr. 2011
10Les' Way or the Highway12 Apr. 2011
11Sucker Punch26 Apr. 2011
12Melted Gold10 May 2011
13I Quit!24 May 2011

Season 4

1Life After Death21 Jun. 2011
2Return of the Queen?21 Jun. 2011
3Fire Bomb!28 Jun. 2011
4Les Walks Out5 Jul. 2011
5Les' Loses It19 Jul. 2011
6Blood Lines26 Jul. 2011
7Turf Wars2 Aug. 2011
8All in the Family16 Aug. 2011
9Ashley vs. Rich30 Aug. 2011
10New Hire. Now Fire!6 Sep. 2011
11Seth vs. Rich13 Sep. 2011
12Drop the Bomb27 Sep. 2011
13Total Meltdown4 Oct. 2011

Season 5

1Aftermath15 Nov. 2011
2Final Decision22 Nov. 2011
3Stolen Gold?29 Nov. 2011
4Banned for Life13 Dec. 2011
5Rematch: Ashley vs. Tressa20 Dec. 2011
6More Money. More Problems.27 Dec. 2011
7Les Hunts a Thief3 Jan. 2012
8Full Metal Panic10 Jan. 2012
9Dirty Tape17 Jan. 2012
10Only in Detroit24 Jan. 2012
11Blackout!31 Jan. 2012
12Gold Battle Begins7 Feb. 2012
13Gold Day in Hell14 Feb. 2012
14Face Off20 Mar. 2012
15Last Man Standing27 Mar. 2012
16Family Traitor!3 Apr. 2012
17Millionaire Mayhem10 Apr. 2012
18Urban Hillbilly17 Apr. 2012
19Poachers!24 Apr. 2012
20Ashley's Breakdown1 May 2012
21Ashley's Aftermath8 May 2012
22Devil in Detroit22 May 2012
23Cash Money Moron29 May 2012
24You're Fired. I Quit!5 Jun. 2012
25Kill Em All12 Jun. 2012
26Rich vs. Les19 Jun. 2012

Season 6

1Rich Returns?10 Jul. 2012
2The Shocker17 Jul. 2012
3Million Dollar Story24 Jul. 2012
4Amy Got Back31 Jul. 2012
5Tripped Out Cash7 Aug. 2012
6Motor Mouth14 Aug. 2012
7Cold-Blooded Robbery21 Aug. 2012
8Les' Spending Spree28 Aug. 2012
9Burmese or Busted?4 Sep. 2012
10Lawyer Up Son11 Sep. 2012
11Seth's Big Bet18 Sep. 2012
12Oh No He Didn't25 Sep. 2012
13Oh Yes He Did2 Oct. 2012
14Family Matters13 Nov. 2012
15Pay to Play20 Nov. 2012
16Shell Game27 Nov. 2012
17Gold Meltdown4 Dec. 2012
18Vintage Victory11 Dec. 2012
19Ashley's Bad Day18 Dec. 2012
20Motor City Dream Cruise25 Dec. 2012
21Unforgiven1 Jan. 2013
22Junkyard Intervention8 Jan. 2013
23Watch Out15 Jan. 2013
24Les' Mojo22 Jan. 2013
25To Catch a Thief, Part 129 Jan. 2013
26To Catch a Thief, Part 25 Feb. 2013

Season 7

1Frisky Business26 Mar. 2013
2Short Staffed2 Apr. 2013
3Monster Deals9 Apr. 2013
4Tipped Off16 Apr. 2013
5Redeem Girl Rumble23 Apr. 2013
6Busted30 Apr. 2013
7Watch Your Back7 May 2013
8American Jewelry & Zoo4 Jun. 2013
9Les Sells Out11 Jun. 2013
10You Bet Your Butt18 Jun. 2013
11Homefront Heat25 Jun. 2013
12Strike Out2 Jul. 2013
13Les Goes Down9 Jul. 2013
14Bad Trouble Here30 Jul. 2013
15The Trouble with Michael6 Aug. 2013
16Seth in Charge13 Aug. 2013
17Back in Action20 Aug. 2013
18Back to the Hustle27 Aug. 2013
19Seth Snaps3 Sep. 2013
20Computer Crash10 Sep. 2013
21All-American Jewelry and Loan17 Sep. 2013
22Breakdown at Tiffany's24 Sep. 2013
23Gold Crash15 Oct. 2013
24Harold's Gamble22 Oct. 2013
25The Outsider29 Oct. 2013
26Seth's Secret5 Nov. 2013

Season 8

1Seth's Return17 Dec. 2013
2Fishing for Trouble24 Dec. 2013
3Scent of Deception31 Dec. 2013
4Growing Pains7 Jan. 2014
5Daddy Daughter Dance14 Jan. 2014
6Drama Online, Part 121 Jan. 2014
7Drama Online, Part 228 Jan. 2014
8Seth's Soft Side11 Feb. 2014
9Seth's Gamble, Part 125 Feb. 2014
10Seth's Gamble, Part 211 Mar. 2014
11Guards Go Home25 Mar. 2014
12Busted Deal8 Apr. 2014
13New Blood15 Apr. 2014
14Meet the New Girl28 May 2014
15Fan Favorites28 May 2014
16Cousin Competition4 Jun. 2014
17Gold vs. Gold11 Jun. 2014
18Karen vs. Ashley18 Jun. 2014
19Buy Baby Buy25 Jun. 2014
20Shakedown!2 Jul. 2014
21Along Came a Spider9 Jul. 2014
22Inside Job16 Jul. 2014
23The Hot Rod23 Jul. 2014
24Ashley in Charge30 Jul. 2014
25Karen in the Middle6 Aug. 2014
26Million Dollar Deal, Part 113 Aug. 2014
27Million Dollar Deal, Part 220 Aug. 2014

Season 9

1Million Dollar Resolve29 Dec. 2014
2High Roller14 Jan. 2015
3The Drag Race21 Jan. 2015
4Lights, Camera, Drama!28 Jan. 2015
5Karen's Big Idea9 Feb. 2015
6The Estate Sale16 Feb. 2015
7Professor Les23 Feb. 2015
8War on the Floor2 Mar. 2015
9Secret Shopper9 Mar. 2015
10Cousin vs. Cousin16 Mar. 2015
11Seth's Big Mistake23 Mar. 2015
12Three Ring Circus Part 130 Mar. 2015
13Three Ring Circus Part 26 Apr. 2015

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