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Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle, Chris Potter
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Released Heartland - 21.01.2018

Hearltand is a long-running Canadian TV drama series that premiered in fall 2007 and was warmly received by the audience from all over the world.

The highly acclaimed series tell the story of two sisters, Amy and Lou Fleming, who live on a horse ranch by the Alberta Rocky Mountains. The young women are supervised by their experienced and wise grandfather Jack. The heartwarming saga following several generations chronicles happy moments and trying times of the family.

A cross-over between family dramedy and romantic series feels very realistic, and its views of mountain landscape and beautiful nature only make it more lovable.

Canada’s most watched series has already shown its nine chapters, the recent ones, 8th and 9th, were broadcast on the UpTV and CBC networks in the United States.

Heartland has, by date, received fifteen awards and is currently holding a good 8.3 out of 10 score on IMDb, based on 4500 reviews, and 8.6 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. It goes to show the family drama and comedy’s level of popularity alongside its high quality of execution, acclaimed by critics.

To the delight of fans, Heartland hit the small screen with its highly anticipated season 10 in late 2016.




Episode Guide

Season 1

1Coming Home14 Oct. 2007
2After the Storm21 Oct. 2007
3Breaking Free28 Oct. 2007
4Taking Chances4 Nov. 2007
5Best Laid Plans2 Dec. 2007
6One Trick Pony9 Dec. 2007
7Come What May6 Jan. 2008
8Out of the Darkness13 Jan. 2008
9Ghost from the Past20 Jan. 2008
10Born to Run3 Feb. 2008
11Thicker Than Water10 Feb. 2008
12Nothing Endures17 Feb. 2008
13Coming Together24 Feb. 2008

Season 2

1Ghost Horse5 Oct. 2008
2Letting Go12 Oct. 2008
3Gift Horse19 Oct. 2008
4Dancing in the Dark26 Oct. 2008
5Corporate Cowgirls2 Nov. 2008
6Holding Fast9 Nov. 2008
7Sweetheart of the Rodeo16 Nov. 2008
8Summer's End30 Nov. 2008
9Showdown!7 Dec. 2008
10True Enough4 Jan. 2009
11Starstruck!11 Jan. 2009
12Divorce Horse18 Jan. 2009
13Seismic Shifts8 Feb. 2009
14Do or Die15 Feb. 2009
15Dark Horse1 Mar. 2009
16The Ties That Bind8 Mar. 2009
17Full Circle15 Mar. 2009
18Step by Step22 Mar. 2009

Season 3

1Miracle4 Oct. 2009
2Little Secrets11 Oct. 2009
3Man's Best Friend18 Oct. 2009
4The Haunting of Hanley Barn25 Oct. 2009
5Glory Days1 Nov. 2009
6Growing Pains8 Nov. 2009
7The Starting Gate15 Nov. 2009
8The Fix22 Nov. 2009
9Broken Arrow6 Dec. 2009
10Eye of the Wolf3 Jan. 2010
11Catch and Release10 Jan. 2010
12The Reckoning17 Jan. 2010
13Quarantine24 Jan. 2010
14The Happy List31 Jan. 2010
15Second Chances7 Mar. 2010
16Spin Out!14 Mar. 2010
17Ring of Fire21 Mar. 2010
18In the Cards28 Mar. 2010

Season 4

1Homecoming26 Sep. 2010
2What Dreams May Become3 Oct. 2010
3Road Curves10 Oct. 2010
4Graduation17 Oct. 2010
5Where the Truth Lies24 Oct. 2010
6Win, Place or Show7 Nov. 2010
7Jackpot!14 Nov. 2010
8One Day21 Nov. 2010
9Local Hero5 Dec. 2010
10Moods Swings2 Jan. 2011
11Family Business9 Jan. 2011
12Lost Song16 Jan. 2011
13The Road Home23 Jan. 2011
14Leap of Faith13 Feb. 2011
15The River27 Feb. 2011
16Never Surrender6 Mar. 2011
17Burning Down the House13 Mar. 2011
18Passages27 Mar. 2011

Season 5

1Finding Freedom18 Sep. 2011
2Something in the Night25 Sep. 2011
3What's in a Name?2 Oct. 2011
4Beyond Hell's Half Mile16 Oct. 2011
5Never Let Go23 Oct. 2011
6The Slippery Slope30 Oct. 2011
7Over the Rise13 Nov. 2011
8Nothing for Granted20 Nov. 2011
9Cover Me4 Dec. 2011
10Trust8 Jan. 2012
11Fool's Gold15 Jan. 2012
12Road to Nowhere22 Jan. 2012
13Aftermath12 Feb. 2012
14Working in a Dream26 Feb. 2012
15Breaking Down and Building Up4 Mar. 2012
16Wild Horses11 Mar. 2012
17True Calling18 Mar. 2012
18Candles in the Wind25 Mar. 2012

Season 6

1Running Against the Wind16 Sep. 2012
2Crossed Signals23 Sep. 2012
3Keeping Up Appearances30 Sep. 2012
4The Natural7 Oct. 2012
5Trial Run28 Oct. 2012
6Helping Hands4 Nov. 2012
7Life Is a Highway11 Nov. 2012
8Do the Right Thing2 Dec. 2012
9Great Expectations9 Dec. 2012
10The Road Ahead6 Jan. 2013
11Blowing Smoke13 Jan. 2013
12Playing with Fire20 Jan. 2013
13Waiting for Tomorrow10 Feb. 2013
14Lost and Gone Forever17 Feb. 2013
15After All We Have Been Through3 Mar. 2013
16Born to Buck24 Mar. 2013
17Breaking Point31 Mar. 2013
18Under Pressure7 Apr. 2013

Season 7

1Picking Up the Pieces6 Oct. 2013
2Living the Moment13 Oct. 2013
3Wrecking Ball20 Oct. 2013
4The Penny Drops27 Oct. 2013
5Thread the Needle3 Nov. 2013
6Now or Never10 Nov. 2013
7Best Man17 Nov. 2013
8Hotshot1 Dec. 2013
9There But for Fortune8 Dec. 2013
10Darkness and Light12 Jan. 2014
11Better Days19 Jan. 2014
12Walking Tall26 Jan. 2014
13Lost Highway9 Mar. 2014
14Things We Lost16 Mar. 2014
15Smoke 'n' Mirrors23 Mar. 2014
16The Comeback Kid30 Mar. 2014
17On the Line6 Apr. 2014
18Be Careful What You Wish For13 Apr. 2014

Season 8

1There and Back Again28 Sep. 2014
2The Big Red Wall5 Oct. 2014
3Severed Ties13 Oct. 2014
4Secrets and Lies19 Oct. 2014
5Endings and Beginnings26 Oct. 2014
6Steal Away2 Nov. 2014
7Walk a Mile9 Nov. 2014
8The Family Tree23 Nov. 2014
9The Pike River Cull7 Dec. 2014
10The Heart of a River11 Jan. 2015
11The Silent Partner18 Jan. 2015
12Broken Heartland1 Feb. 2015
13Cowgirls Don't Cry15 Feb. 2015
14Riders on the Storm1 Mar. 2015
15Eclipse of the Heart8 Mar. 2015
16Faking It15 Mar. 2015
17All I Need Is You22 Mar. 2015
18Written in Stone29 Mar. 2015

Season 9

1Brave New World4 Oct. 2015
2Begin Again11 Oct. 2015
3Riding for a Fall18 Oct. 2015
4Ties of the Earth25 Oct. 2015
5Back in the Saddle1 Nov. 2015
6Over and Out8 Nov. 2015
7Fearless15 Nov. 2015
8Reckless Abandon22 Nov. 2015
9A Matter of Trust6 Dec. 2015
10Darkness Before Dawn10 Jan. 2016
11Making the Grade17 Jan. 2016
12The Real Deal24 Jan. 2016
13Risky Business7 Feb. 2016
14No Regrets14 Feb. 2016
15Making a Move21 Feb. 2016
16Pandora's Box6 Mar. 2016
17Love Is Just a Word13 Mar. 2016
18Resolutions20 Mar. 2016

Season 10

1There Will Be Changes2 Oct. 2016
2You Just Know9 Oct. 2016
3New Kid in Town16 Oct. 2016
4New Horizons23 Oct. 2016
5Something to Prove30 Oct. 2016
6The Green-Eyed Monster6 Nov. 2016
7Riding Shotgun13 Nov. 2016
8Here and Now20 Nov. 2016
9A Horse with No Rider4 Dec. 2016
10Together and Apart15 Jan. 2017
11Change of Course22 Jan. 2017
12Sound of Silence5 Feb. 2017
13Home Sweet Home12 Feb. 2017
14Written in the Stars19 Feb. 2017
15Forest for the Trees5 Mar. 2017
16A Long Shot12 Mar. 2017
17Dreamer19 Mar. 2017
18Greater Expectations26 Mar. 2017

Season 11

1Baby on Board24 Sep. 2017
2Highs and Lows1 Oct. 2017
3Decision Time8 Oct. 2017
4How to Say Goodbye15 Oct. 2017
5Measuring Up22 Oct. 2017
6Strange Bedfellows5 Nov. 2017
7Our Sons and Daughters12 Nov. 2017
8Truth Be Told19 Nov. 2017
9Challenges3 Dec. 2017
10Episode #11.107 Jan. 2018
11Episode #11.1114 Jan. 2018
12Episode #11.1221 Jan. 2018
14Episode #11.144 Feb. 2018

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