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High School DxD is yet to be renewed for season 4
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Yuki Kaji, Jamie Marchi, Azumi Asakura, Y?ko Hikasa
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Released Date High School DxD season 3

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Released High School DxD - 09.12.2015

High School DxD is a Japanese computer-animated love and satire series that was released in 2012.

High School DxD tells the story of a hopeless womanizer Issei Hyodo, who is dreaming of having a harem. Since the beginning of his adventures, Issei becomes more mature but still fails to learn from his experience. Serpentine women, who killed and resurrected him, presented him with unique magical powers and made him serve them, have taught him nothing. And the women-lover continues to long to be surrounded by beautiful females. Fortunately or not, his dream has become true, and he finds himself around sexy young women.

The previous season 3 of love adventure animated series was released in spring of 2015 in Japan and in the U.S.A. to the subscribers of the online streaming services AnimeLab and FUNimation Entertainment.

The graphics in the adventure series are great, and even incredible magical battles are masterfully portrayed. The fans of High School DxD were happy to hear about the series renewal in spring 2016 but the broadcasting networks did not schedule the program into the air. Currently, we are still expecting romantic Issei to continue his unbelievable love adventures.



High School DxD BorN - Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1I Got a Girlfriend!6 Jan. 2012
2I'm Done Being Human!13 Jan. 2012
3I Made a Friend!20 Jan. 2012
4I'm Saving My Friend!27 Jan. 2012
5I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend!3 Feb. 2012
6I Work as a Devil!10 Feb. 2012
7I Get a Familiar!17 Feb. 2012
8I Pick a Fight!24 Feb. 2012
9I've Begun My Training!2 Mar. 2012
10The Showdown Begins!9 Mar. 2012
11The Acclaimed Battle Continues!16 Mar. 2012
12I'm Here to Keep My Promise!23 Mar. 2012
13I'm Harvesting Breasts! OVA6 Sep. 2012
14I'm Searching for Breasts! OVA31 May 2013

Season 2

1Another Disquieting Premonition!7 Jul. 2013
2The Holy Sword Is Here!14 Jul. 2013
3I'll Destroy the Holy Sword!21 Jul. 2013
4A Strong Enemy Appeared!28 Jul. 2013
5Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!4 Aug. 2013
6Go! Occult Research Club!11 Aug. 2013
7Summer! Bathing Suits! I'm in Trouble!18 Aug. 2013
8Open House Begins!25 Aug. 2013
9I Have a Junior!1 Sep. 2013
10Various Three-way Deadlocks!8 Sep. 2013
11The Leaders' Summit Begins!15 Sep. 2013
12Clash of the Twin Heavenly Dragons!22 Sep. 2013
13I'm Enveloped in Breasts! OVA15 Mar. 2015

Season 3

1Summer Break! Off to the Underworld!4 Apr. 2015
2Young Devils Gather11 Apr. 2015
3Cat and Dragon18 Apr. 2015
4Interception, Commence!25 Apr. 2015
5The Last Day of Summer Break!2 May 2015
6Second Semester Has Started!9 May 2015
7Night Before the Battle!16 May 2015
8We Will Save Asia!23 May 2015
9Dragon of Dragon30 May 2015
10The Occult Club Disappears?!6 Jun. 2015
11I Will Fight!13 Jun. 2015
12Any Time, for All Time!20 Jun. 2015
13The Unresurrected Phoenix OVA9 Dec. 2015

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