Home and Away

Home and Away is to be broadcast in 2017
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22 min
Alan Bateman
Ray Meagher, Lynne McGranger, Norman Coburn, Emily Symons
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Home and Away is a veteran Australian soap opera that premiered on January 17, 1988. The series has been telecast by a lot of networks like Seven Network, Channel 5 and Hulu. Home and Away is a brainchild of Alan Bateman, who penned the series and devoted a great deal of his time to this long-running project. The storyline is set in a fictional seaside town of Summer Bay in New South Wales. During its long history, Home and Away has changed 82 directors.

It is said that the original idea for Home and Away script came to Bateman after he spotted that the number of safe harbors in a New South Wales area (Australia) grew and it lead to the conflict within the neighborhood. He wanted to focus attention on that problem of orphan kids adapting to a new life in the drama. Thus, Home and Away often takes a look at streetwise kids, education problems and teenage love alongside such vital topics like health, addiction, abortion, and other sensitive and even intimate subjects.

Unfortunately, Home and Away used to do better in the ratings department, as it does now. The viewership numbers suffer considerable declines, and in 2015 the drama and romance series were drawing in less than a million viewers per episode. The award-winning soap opera is under the hazard of being cancelled, to the disappointment of its loyal fans.



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