Homeland is officially renewed for season 6 to air in January 2017
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55 min
Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon
Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Rupert Friend, Damian Lewis
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Released Homeland - 11.02.2018

Homeland is a popular espionage, psychological and political series, which has been broadcast to American viewers on the Showtime network since fall 2011. The veteran award-winning drama series is inspired by the Israeli series Prisoners of War. As for the US version of the program, Homeland comes from production studios Showtime Networks, Fox 21 Television Studios, Keshet Broadcasting and Cherry Pie Productions. The political drama series is a creative effort of Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who used to work together on such projects as The X-Files and 24.

Homeland tells the story of Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer, and her work, unveiling double standards of any policy. Nicholas Brody, a Marine Sergeant considered missing in action, has been rescued during a mission on a terrorist compound. Carrie is sure that Brody has been turned by terrorists and is going to commit an attack. But when they have to team up, Carrie’s work becomes even more complicated.

In season 5, Homeland drew in more than 1.5 million viewers, which is a considerable decline compared to the initial seasons.

However, the network has secured the renewal of the award-winning series for another cycle. Homeland is to premiere with its 6th season in January 2017.


Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot2 Oct. 2011
2Grace9 Oct. 2011
3Clean Skin16 Oct. 2011
4Semper I23 Oct. 2011
5Blind Spot30 Oct. 2011
6The Good Soldier6 Nov. 2011
7The Weekend13 Nov. 2011
8Achilles Heel20 Nov. 2011
9Crossfire27 Nov. 2011
10Representative Brody4 Dec. 2011
11The Vest11 Dec. 2011
12Marine One18 Dec. 2011

Season 2

1The Smile30 Sep. 2012
2Beirut Is Back7 Oct. 2012
3State of Independence14 Oct. 2012
4New Car Smell21 Oct. 2012
5Q&A28 Oct. 2012
6A Gettysburg Address4 Nov. 2012
7The Clearing11 Nov. 2012
8I'll Fly Away18 Nov. 2012
9Two Hats25 Nov. 2012
10Broken Hearts2 Dec. 2012
11In Memoriam9 Dec. 2012
12The Choice16 Dec. 2012

Season 3

1Tin Man Is Down29 Sep. 2013
2Uh... Oh... Ah...6 Oct. 2013
3Tower of David13 Oct. 2013
4Game On20 Oct. 2013
5The Yoga Play27 Oct. 2013
6Still Positive3 Nov. 2013
7Gerontion10 Nov. 2013
8A Red Wheelbarrow17 Nov. 2013
9One Last Thing24 Nov. 2013
10Good Night1 Dec. 2013
11Big Man in Tehran8 Dec. 2013
12The Star15 Dec. 2013

Season 4

1The Drone Queen5 Oct. 2014
2Trylon and Perisphere5 Oct. 2014
3Shalwar Kameez12 Oct. 2014
4Iron in the Fire19 Oct. 2014
5About a Boy26 Oct. 2014
6From A to B and Back Again2 Nov. 2014
7Redux9 Nov. 2014
8Halfway to a Donut16 Nov. 2014
9There's Something Else Going On23 Nov. 2014
1013 Hours in Islamabad7 Dec. 2014
11Krieg Nicht Lieb14 Dec. 2014
12Long Time Coming21 Dec. 2014

Season 5

1Separation Anxiety4 Oct. 2015
2The Tradition of Hospitality11 Oct. 2015
3Super Powers18 Oct. 2015
4Why Is This Night Different?25 Oct. 2015
5Better Call Saul1 Nov. 2015
6Parabiosis8 Nov. 2015
7Oriole15 Nov. 2015
8All About Allison22 Nov. 2015
9The Litvinov Ruse29 Nov. 2015
10New Normal6 Dec. 2015
11Our Man in Damascus13 Dec. 2015
12A False Glimmer20 Dec. 2015

Season 6

1Fair Game15 Jan. 2017
2The Man in the Basement22 Jan. 2017
3The Covenant29 Jan. 2017
4A Flash of Light12 Feb. 2017
5Casus Belli19 Feb. 2017
6The Return26 Feb. 2017
7Imminent Risk5 Mar. 2017
8Alt.truth12 Mar. 2017
9Sock Puppets19 Mar. 2017
10The Flag House26 Mar. 2017
11R Is for Romeo2 Apr. 2017
12America First9 Apr. 2017

Season 7

1Episode #7.111 Feb. 2018
2Episode #7.22018
3Episode #7.32018
4Episode #7.42018
5Episode #7.52018
6Episode #7.62018
7Episode #7.72018
8Episode #7.82018
9Episode #7.92018
10Episode #7.102018
11Episode #7.112018
12Episode #7.122018

Season 8

1Episode #8.12019
12Episode #8.122019

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