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Peter Nowalk
Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee
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Released How to Get Away with Murder - 18.01.2018

A hit American law and drama scripted show How to Get Away with Murder is available on the ABC channel. Peter Nowalk is behind the legal and crime series alongside Shonda Rhimes (famous for veteran series Grey’s Anatomy), Bill D'Elia and Betsy Beers. How to Get Away with Murder comes from a creative effort of ABC Studios, ShondaLand and NoWalk Entertainment. The premiere installment of the law procedural drama series premiered in the US in fall 2014.

How to Get Away with Murder plot focuses on Annalise Keating, a sought out criminal defender and a law university professor. Five of Annalise’s students are involved in her law firm as stagers.

The sophomore season of How to Get Away with Murder premiered on ABC in September 2015 and drew in about 10 million followers per episode. During the second cycle, the series has been delivering for the network more than 7.4 million fans, which is a 23% decrease when we compare the viewership numbers season-to-season.

Despite the rating’s drop during the second installment, How to Get Away with Murder has got a lot of nominations and awards, including the Golden Globe Award for the female lead Viola Davis, alongside rave critical reviews.

Getting a high mark of 8.2% on IMDb, the series has nonetheless suffered a considerable rating drop since its debut in 2014 – with a 6.5 million viewership count, How to Get Away with Murder has lost more than 30% of its fans. However, even after such a remarkable decline, the series ratings are still motivating for the network to renew the striking crime drama for another season. So, the ongoing run started to air on September 22, 2016. Hopefully, the creative team has invented a way to attract the larger audience, and we are looking forward to shocking storyline twists and involving attorney cases.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot25 Sep. 2014
2It's All Her Fault2 Oct. 2014
3Smile, or Go to Jail9 Oct. 2014
4Let's Get to Scooping16 Oct. 2014
5We're Not Friends23 Oct. 2014
6Freakin' Whack-a-Mole30 Oct. 2014
7He Deserved to Die6 Nov. 2014
8He Has a Wife13 Nov. 2014
9Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me20 Nov. 2014
10Hello Raskolnikov29 Jan. 2015
11Best Christmas Ever5 Feb. 2015
12She's a Murderer12 Feb. 2015
13Mama's Here Now19 Feb. 2015
14The Night Lila Died26 Feb. 2015
15It's All My Fault26 Feb. 2015

Season 2

1It's Time to Move On24 Sep. 2015
2She's Dying1 Oct. 2015
3It's Called the Octopus8 Oct. 2015
4Skanks Get Shanked15 Oct. 2015
5Meet Bonnie22 Oct. 2015
6Two Birds, One Millstone29 Oct. 2015
7I Want You to Die5 Nov. 2015
8Hi, I'm Philip12 Nov. 2015
9What Did We Do?19 Nov. 2015
10What Happened to You, Annalise?11 Feb. 2016
11She Hates Us18 Feb. 2016
12It's a Trap25 Feb. 2016
13Something Bad Happened3 Mar. 2016
14There's My Baby10 Mar. 2016
15Anna Mae17 Mar. 2016

Season 3

1We're Good People Now22 Sep. 2016
2There Are Worse Things Than Murder29 Sep. 2016
3Always Bet Black6 Oct. 2016
4Don't Tell Annalise13 Oct. 2016
5It's About Frank20 Oct. 2016
6Is Someone Really Dead?27 Oct. 2016
7Call It Mother's Intuition3 Nov. 2016
8No More Blood10 Nov. 2016
9Who's Dead?17 Nov. 2016
10We're Bad People26 Jan. 2017
11Not Everything's About Annalise2 Feb. 2017
12Go Cry Somewhere Else9 Feb. 2017
13It's War16 Feb. 2017
14He Made a Terrible Mistake23 Feb. 2017
15Wes23 Feb. 2017

Season 4

1I'm Going Away28 Sep. 2017
2I'm Not Her5 Oct. 2017
3It's for the Greater Good12 Oct. 2017
4Was She Ever Good at Her Job?19 Oct. 2017
5I Love Her26 Oct. 2017
6Stay Strong, Mama2 Nov. 2017
7Nobody Roots For Goliath9 Nov. 2017
8Live. Live. Live.16 Nov. 2017
9Episode #4.918 Jan. 2018

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