If Loving You Is Wrong

If Loving You Is Wrong is yet to be renewed for season 3
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Tyler Perry
Joel Rush, Amanda Clayton, Edwina Findley Dickerson, Zulay Henao
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Episode 11









Released If Loving You Is Wrong - 24.01.2018

If Loving You Is Wrong is a new drama television series that is broadcast on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) channel in America. Tyler Perry stands behind the series as the creator, producer and executive producer of the initial run. If Loving You Is Wrong is a creative effort of Tyler Perry Studios. The initial season of the series came out on the OWN in September, 2014 and included 20 episodes divided into two parts.

Tyler Perry has made a creative effort with the OWN, resulting into several highly acclaimed shows, such as Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, Love Thy Neighbor and The Haves and the Have Nots.

If Loving You Is Wrong is inspired by The Single Moms Club film, released in 2014. The storyline of the soap opera follows the personal lives of five different couples.

The initial chapter of the drama series has attracted almost 2 million followers per episode. The sophomore chapter of If Loving You Is Wrong was released on the Oprah Winfrey Network in September 2015 and, having teased the fans with the first installment of the season, the popular drama series continued after a long break in March, 2016.

OWN has officially announced the decision to renew the series for one more run, expected to come out in September 2016.



The New Season of If Loving You Is Wrong Premieres 9/13 | Tyler Perry's If Loving You Is Wrong | OWN

Episode Guide

Season 1

1A Twisted Affair9 Sep. 2014
2Shots Fired9 Sep. 2014
3Alex Is Pregnant16 Sep. 2014
4The Colombian23 Sep. 2014
5The War Begins30 Sep. 2014
6Game NightOct. 2014
7After Heartbreak14 Oct. 2014
814 Weeks21 Oct. 2014
9Peppa28 Oct. 2014
10Look Closely4 Nov. 2014
11The Lady Next Door24 Mar. 2015
12Girlfriends31 Mar. 2015
13Fatherless Boys2015
14Who Knew2015
15Marcie and Brad2015
16Whose Baby2015
17The Randal Connection2015
18The Debt2015
19Nine PM2015
20Alex's Baby2015
32Fifth and Mortal3 Mar. 2016

Season 2

1Miss Louise22 Sep. 2015
2The Beauty That Is29 Sep. 2015
3The Painter6 Oct. 2015
4Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes13 Oct. 2015
5The Shed20 Oct. 2015
6Being a Woman10 Sep. 2015
7Joey & Faun2015
8The Tape2015
9He's Beautiful2015
10Time for a CigarNov. 2015
11Out of Control2015
12Mortal & Fifth15 Mar. 2016
13The Last Word22 Mar. 2016
14Backfired29 Mar. 2016
15Randal's Wicked Web5 Apr. 2016
16A Mother's Love12 Apr. 2016
17Betting on Tina19 Apr. 2016
18The Brown Paper Bag4 Apr. 2016
19For Pete3 May 2016
20The Will10 May 2016
21An Evil Alliance17 May 2016
22The Wicked Soul24 May 2016

Season 3

1Watch Your Back13 Sep. 2016
2911 Emergency20 Sep. 2016
3Boiling Point27 Sep. 2016
4You're The Boss4 Oct. 2016
5An Unlikely Suspect11 Oct. 2016
6The Power of Love18 Oct. 2016
7The Wages of Sin25 Oct. 2016
8Keeping Watch1 Nov. 2016
9A Room for You15 Nov. 2016
10Every Minute Counts22 Nov. 2016
11Rusty's Brand of Justice29 Nov. 2016
12A Neighborhood in Crisis21 Mar. 2017
13Su Ling Mai18 Mar. 2017
14A Fatal Attraction4 Apr. 2017
15The Missing Person11 Apr. 2017
16The Mailman18 Apr. 2017
17Tippa Haynes25 Apr. 2017
18The Party Just Arrived2 May 2017
19Don't Lose Your Deposit9 May 2017
20No One Is Safe16 May 2017
21Angry Men23 May 2017
22Sound the Alarm30 May 2017

Season 4

1A Difficult Path19 Sep. 2017
2Justice26 Sep. 2017
3In Distress3 Oct. 2017
4Enemy Secrets10 Oct. 2017
5A Taste Of Freedom17 Oct. 2017
6Falling24 Oct. 2017
7Something Is Rotten31 Oct. 2017
8Dark Intentions7 Nov. 2017
9Chains, Guns, And Automobiles14 Nov. 2017
10A Dame In Distress10 Jan. 2018
11The Porch Light17 Jan. 2018
12The Papers24 Jan. 2018
13Hanging in the Balance31 Jan. 2018

Season 5

4You're the Boss4 Oct. 2016
5An Unlikely Suspect11 Oct. 2016

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