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Ink Master season 8 broadcast
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Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez, Oliver Peck
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Released Ink Master - 23.01.2018

Popular USA competition and real-life series Ink Master is an original addition to the row of hit Spike TV's programs, which has been successfully airing since January 17, 2012.The program comes from famed production studio Original Media and executive producers Andrea Richter, Steven Weinstock and Glenda Hersh.

Each round of the reality TV show follows 18 talented tattoo masters from around the US who struggle for a $100,000 prize, an editorial feature in the program and the desired title ‘Ink Master.’ The presenter Dave Navarro and experienced tattoo masters Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck function as the judging panel in the program.

The seventh run of Ink Master, also known as Ink Master: Revenge, premiered in America in March, 2016 and consisted of 13 episodes with the finale shown on May 24, 2016. The fans could vote in order to choose the winner who received the grand prize. The contest continues delivering plenty of viewers (the initial episode drew in 800 thousand followers). The series also gathered a very notable count of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb and lots of praising reviews alongside little negative criticism, Some critics claim that the center on the artistry is occasionally replaced to dramatization of the competition.

However, the channel officially announced the decision to film another round and also set the premiere date for the anticipated 8th season of the show – August 23, 2016.



A First Look At Ink Master Season 8

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Fresh Meat17 Jan. 2012
2Botched Heat Tattoo24 Jan. 2012
3Pasties and a Camel Toe31 Jan. 2012
4Ink Disaster Piece7 Feb. 2012
5Game On14 Feb. 2012
6Permanent Mistakes21 Feb. 2012
7Picture Imperfect28 Feb. 2012
8Ink Master Revealed6 Mar. 2012
9Ink Master Revealed6 Mar. 2012

Season 2

1Tattooing the Dead9 Oct. 2012
2Semi Nude 91116 Oct. 2012
3The 80 Year Old Virgin23 Oct. 2012
4Tattoo Her What?23 Oct. 2012
5Trick or Freak30 Oct. 2012
6Half Naked and Fully Loaded6 Nov. 2012
7Star Wars Forever13 Nov. 2012
8Holy Ink20 Nov. 2012
9Buck Off27 Nov. 2012
10Blowing Chunks4 Dec. 2012
11Better Than Words?11 Dec. 2012
12This Bigger They Are18 Dec. 2012
13Ink Master Live18 Dec. 2012

Season 3

1Baby Got BackJul. 2013
2Thrills for Grills23 Jul. 2013
3Fire and LaceJul. 2013
4Elysium ChallengeAug. 2013
5Baby Beat-Down13 Aug. 2013
6Animal InstinctAug. 2013
7Monumental Mistakes27 Aug. 2013
8Baby Don't Go3 Sep. 2013
9Skulls and VillainsSep. 2013
10Eyes of the Beholder10 Sep. 2013
11Heroes & Heads24 Sep. 2013
12Enduring the Pain1 Oct. 2013
13The Epic FinaleOct. 2013

Season 4

1Earn It25 Feb. 2014
2Bug Out4 Mar. 2014
3Tatt Ganged11 Mar. 2014
4Nude & Tattooed18 Mar. 2014
5X-Men's Hugh Jackman25 Mar. 2014
62 on 1 Tat-Astrophe1 Apr. 2014
7Artist Slaughter8 Apr. 2014
8Episode #4.815 Apr. 2014
9Episode #4.922 Apr. 2014
11Karma's a Bitch6 May 2014
12Fight to the Finish13 May 2014

Season 5

1Inking with the Enemy2 Sep. 2014
2Pinup Pittfalls9 Sep. 2014
3Head to Headache16 Sep. 2014
4Geishas Gone Wrong23 Sep. 2014
5Glass on Blast30 Sep. 2014
6Cheek to Cheek7 Oct. 2014
7Three's a Crowd14 Oct. 2014
8Ink My Oosik21 Oct. 2014
9Virgin Blood28 Oct. 2014
10Cold Blooded4 Nov. 2014
11Up in Smoke11 Nov. 2014
12Heads Will Roll18 Nov. 2014
13Painstaking Portraits25 Nov. 2014
14Firing Squad2 Dec. 2014
15Fight to the Finale9 Dec. 2014
16Ink FinaleDec. 2014
97Merry Ink23 Dec. 2014
98New Year's Ink30 Dec. 2014

Season 6

1Meet Your Make23 Jun. 2015
2Fight or Flight30 Jun. 2015
3Sink or Swim7 Jul. 2015
4Tut For Tat14 Jul. 2015
5Problem Parts28 Jul. 2015
6Firing Line4 Aug. 2015
7Predator/Prey11 Aug. 2015
8Composed and Exposed18 Aug. 2015
9Like a Moth to Flame25 Aug. 2015
10Hell on Wheels1 Sep. 2015
11Hail Mani8 Sep. 2015
12Slitting Throats15 Sep. 2015
13Players Choice22 Sep. 2015
14Active Duty29 Sep. 2015
15Go Big or Go Home6 Oct. 2015
16Masters vs Apprentices Live13 Oct. 2015
17Hallowink27 Oct. 2015
18Cupid's Ink9 Feb. 2016

Season 7

1Initiation1 Mar. 2016
2One Man's Trash8 Mar. 2016
3Salt in the Wound16 Mar. 2016
4The Devil's in the Details22 Mar. 2016
5New School, Old Artist29 Mar. 2016
6Under Pressure5 Apr. 2016
7Knuckle SandwichApr. 2016
8Breathing Fire19 Apr. 2016
9Sink or Soar26 Apr. 2016
10Shipwrecked3 May 2016
11Head in the Game10 May 2016
12Turning the Tables17 May 2016
13Revenge Live24 May 2016

Season 8

1Weeding Out the Weak23 Aug. 2016
2The Game Begins30 Aug. 2016
3Ruffled Feathers6 Sep. 2016
4Put on Your Armor13 Sep. 2016
5Sparks Fly20 Sep. 2016
6Sticky Situation27 Sep. 2016
7New School, Old Scars4 Oct. 2016
8Bent Out of Shape11 Oct. 2016
9Head Games18 Oct. 2016
10Like Sand Through the Hour Glass25 Oct. 2016
11Duck and Cover Up1 Nov. 2016
12Road to the Finale8 Nov. 2016
13Heavy Lifting15 Nov. 2016
14Bio-Mechanical Failure22 Nov. 2016
15No One Is Safe29 Nov. 2016
16Peck vs. Nunez Live6 Dec. 2016

Season 9

1Fire & Ice6 Jun. 2017
2Crossing the Line13 Jun. 2017
3Unnatural Disasters20 Jun. 2017
4Lend Me Your Ear27 Jun. 2017
5War and Ink11 Jul. 2017
6Get the Flock Outta Here18 Jul. 2017
7On the Bubble25 Jul. 2017
8Masterpiece Mayhem1 Aug. 2017
9Pin-Up Panic Attack8 Aug. 2017
10Drill Baby, Drill15 Aug. 2017
11Grim Inker22 Aug. 2017
12Pit Fall29 Aug. 2017
13Sell Out5 Sep. 2017
14Casting the First Stone12 Sep. 2017
15Marathon to the Finale19 Sep. 2017
16Shop Wars Finale26 Sep. 2017

Season 10

1Pick Your Side9 Jan. 2018
2Fill'er Up16 Jan. 2018
3Divine Proportion23 Jan. 2018

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