Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin season 3 broadcast
Total Seasons:
60 min
Jennie Snyder Urman
Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni
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Released Date Jane the Virgin season 3

Episode 8









Released Jane the Virgin - 26.01.2018

Jane the Virgin is an American romantic dramedy series, which is based on Venezuelan soap Juana la Virgen.

The satire dramedy program was exec produced by Ben Silverman (The Office, Ugly Betty, Marco Polo), Jennie Snyder Urman (90210, Reign), Jorge Granier (Pablo Escobar, Angel o Demonio) , Gary Pearl (Liberty Stands Still)and Brad Silberling (Casper, City of Angels). RCTV International, Poppy Productions, CBS Television Studios, Electus and Warner Bros. Television are behind the series.

A deeply religious 23-year old woman Jane gets pregnant after being artificially inseminated at the hospital by mistake. The biological father of the child, Raphael, is married to a mercenary woman who wanted Raphael’s money more than himself. Jane makes a decision to save the child and in the course of her pregnancy she gradually falls for Raphael.

Jane the Virgin has been nominated for various awards like Teen Choice Award, Critics' Choice Award and Imagen Award and awards for strong acting for Gina Rodriguez. Such a considerable list of accolades must be inspiring for the network to pick up the series for another cycle.

The sophomore season of Jane the Virgin came out in fall 2015 and included twenty-two forty-minute episodes. The series has received praising reviews and attracted 1.2 million viewers in average in season 1 and about 0.9 million viewers in season 2.

As of now, Jane the Virgin is on air with its 3, as we are delighted to inform the followers of the show.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Chapter One13 Oct. 2014
2Chapter Two20 Oct. 2014
3Chapter Three27 Oct. 2014
4Chapter Four3 Nov. 2014
5Chapter Five10 Nov. 2014
6Chapter Six17 Nov. 2014
7Chapter Seven24 Nov. 2014
8Chapter Eight8 Dec. 2014
9Chapter Nine15 Dec. 2014
10Chapter Ten19 Jan. 2015
11Chapter Eleven26 Jan. 2015
12Chapter Twelve2 Feb. 2015
13Chapter Thirteen9 Feb. 2015
14Chapter Fourteen16 Feb. 2015
15Chapter Fifteen9 Mar. 2015
16Chapter Sixteen16 Mar. 2015
17Chapter Seventeen6 Apr. 2015
18Chapter Eighteen13 Apr. 2015
19Chapter Nineteen20 Apr. 2015
20Chapter Twenty27 Apr. 2015
21Chapter Twenty-One4 May 2015
22Chapter Twenty-Two11 May 2015

Season 2

1Chapter Twenty-Three12 Oct. 2015
2Chapter Twenty-Four19 Oct. 2015
3Chapter Twenty-Five26 Oct. 2015
4Chapter Twenty-Six2 Nov. 2015
5Chapter Twenty-Seven9 Nov. 2015
6Chapter Twenty-Eight16 Nov. 2015
7Chapter Twenty-Nine23 Nov. 2015
8Chapter Thirty14 Dec. 2015
9Chapter Thirty-One25 Jan. 2016
10Chapter Thirty-Two1 Feb. 2016
11Chapter Thirty-Three8 Feb. 2016
12Chapter Thirty-Four22 Feb. 2016
13Chapter Thirty-Five29 Feb. 2016
14Chapter Thirty-Six7 Mar. 2016
15Chapter Thirty-Seven21 Mar. 2016
16Chapter Thirty-Eight28 Mar. 2016
17Chapter Thirty-Nine11 Apr. 2016
18Chapter Forty18 Apr. 2016
19Chapter Forty-One25 Apr. 2016
20Chapter Forty-Two2 May 2016
21Chapter Forty-Three9 May 2016
22Chapter Forty-Four16 May 2016

Season 3

1Chapter Forty-Five17 Oct. 2016
2Chapter Forty-Six24 Oct. 2016
3Chapter Forty-Seven31 Oct. 2016
4Chapter Forty-Eight7 Nov. 2016
5Chapter Forty-Nine14 Nov. 2016
6Chapter Fifty21 Nov. 2016
7Chapter Fifty-One28 Nov. 2016
8Chapter Fifty-Two23 Jan. 2017
9Chapter Fifty-Three30 Jan. 2017
10Chapter Fifty-Four6 Feb. 2017
11Chapter Fifty-Five13 Feb. 2017
12Chapter Fifty-Six20 Feb. 2017
13Chapter Fifty-Seven27 Feb. 2017
14Chapter Fifty-Eight20 Mar. 2017
15Chapter Fifty-Nine27 Mar. 2017
16Chapter Sixty24 Apr. 2017
17Chapter Sixty-One1 May 2017
18Chapter Sixty-Two8 May 2017
19Chapter Sixty-Three15 May 2017
20Chapter Sixty-Four22 May 2017

Season 4

1Chapter Sixty-Five13 Oct. 2017
2Chapter Sixty-Six20 Oct. 2017
3Chapter Sixty-Seven27 Oct. 2017
4Chapter Sixty-Eight3 Nov. 2017
5Chapter Sixty-Nine10 Nov. 2017
6Chapter Seventy17 Nov. 2017
7Chapter Seventy-One8 Dec. 2017
8Chapter Seventy-Two26 Jan. 2018
9Chapter Seventy-Three2018
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11Episode #4.11-
12Episode #4.12-
13Episode #4.13-
14Episode #4.14-
15Episode #4.15-
16Episode #4.16-
17Episode #4.17-

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