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Join or Die with Craig Ferguson is yet to be renewed for season 2
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Craig Ferguson, Shadoe Stevens
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Released Join or Die with Craig Ferguson - 28.07.2016

Join or Die with Craig Ferguson is a new comedy talk show that airs on History Channel and comes from production studios Comedy Dynamics, Green Mountain West and Lionsgate TV. The entertaining and educating program is hosted by Craig Ferguson (Celebrity Name Game, The Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson) since its release on February 18, 2016.

In each part of the fresh talk-show Craig Ferguson discusses heady and timely subjects with a forum of guests which include A-list celebrities, scientists, experts and keen public through mass media. In the debut season Join or Die with Craig Ferguson was visited by Magic Johnson, Elijah Wood, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bigs, Courteney Cox and other famous people with interesting outlooks on different issues. The topics under discussion vary from History's Biggest Frenemies and History's Craziest Cult to History's Biggest Badass.

Join or Die is rather entertaining, but it doesn’t mean that it aims only at making the audience laugh. One can get the fullest possible value from the program and learn lots of things in an easy format of two panel debate. Mediocre ratings of the series premiere came as an unpleasant surprise for the production company, but there was no doubt the sophomore cycle would attract steady high viewership numbers.



Craig Ferguson Debates History's Greatest Issues - Join Or Die: Premieres Feb. 18th 11/10c | History

Episode Guide

Season 1

1History's Biggest Political Blunder18 Feb. 2016
2History's Worst Medical Advice18 Feb. 2016
3History's Biggest Frenemies25 Feb. 2016
4History's Most Doomed Presidential Campaign3 Mar. 2016
5History's Worst Tyrant10 Mar. 2016
6History's Craziest Cult17 Mar. 2016
7History's Greatest Invention Since 195024 Mar. 2016
8History's Most Influential Band31 Mar. 2016
9The Drug That Changed the World7 Apr. 2016
10History's Biggest Fall from Grace14 Apr. 2016
11History's Greatest Man-Made Structure21 Apr. 2016
12History's Most Plausible Conspiracy Theory28 Apr. 2016
13History's Biggest Presidential Bad Boy5 May 2016
14History's Dumbest Mistake12 May 2016
15History's Greatest Unsolved Mystery12 May 2016
16History's Greatest Unexplained Phenomenon19 May 2016
17History's Greatest Gangster19 May 2016
18History's Most Defiant Moments of the Last 75 Years26 May 2016
19History's Best Founding Fathers26 May 2016
20History's Biggest Fraud9 Jun. 2016
21History's Biggest Badass9 Jun. 2016
22History's Biggest Douchebag28 Jul. 2016

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