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Released Kamisama hajimemashita - 30.03.2015

Kamisama Kiss is CGI anime series based on a Julietta Suzuki’s manga and developed by TMS Entertainment. The romantic fantasy series was released in 2012 and was warmly received by manga fans. Kamisama Kiss was followed by a second chapter, whose creation took quite a long time, and it was seen in 2015. Moreover, the Blu-ray picked up the series from the initial chapter and, a bit later, the manga was released on DVD.

The storyline of the romantic fantasy anime follows a 17-year-old girl Nanami Momozono. Her father sank in debts and left his family. One day, Nanami rescues a stranger frightened by a dog, and he installs her into his house as a thank. The girl is met as a god after a strange incident, and we observe her days spent in the castle with her fox friend, Tomoe.

Speaking of the sophomore season, the structure of it is presented by two storylines – Nanami meeting gods at the annual ceremony and Kurama, a sinfully charming human idol.

Wonderful graphics, twisted storyline, original characters that get developed from episode to episode make Kamisama Kiss a series exciting to watch. After the second season completely came out, the fans are anxious to learn if the series will be continued. To their delight, the production company has made a renewal decision, and we will follow Nanami and her friends soon.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Nanami Becomes a God1 Oct. 2012
2The God Becomes a Target8 Oct. 2012
3The God Makes a Match15 Oct. 2012
4The God Is Kidnapped22 Oct. 2012
5The God Loses Her Home29 Oct. 2012
6The God Catches a Cold5 Nov. 2012
7The God Asks a Boy Out on a Date12 Nov. 2012
8The God Goes to the Beach19 Nov. 2012
9The God Goes to the Dragon King's Palace26 Nov. 2012
10Tomoe Becomes A Familiar/The God Goes To A Mixer3 Dec. 2012
11The Familiar Goes Into Town10 Dec. 2012
12Nanami Quits Being a God17 Dec. 2012
13I've Started the Being a God Thing24 Dec. 2012

Season 2

1Episode #2.121 Jan. 2015
2The God Goes to Izumo12 Jan. 2015
3The God Falls Into the Netherworld26 Jan. 2015
4The God Races Across the Netherworld2 Feb. 2015
5The God Makes Her Second Romantic Confession9 Jan. 2015
6The God Meets a Little Tengu16 Feb. 2015
7The God Goes to Mount Kurama23 Feb. 2015
8The God Sneaks In2 Mar. 2015
9The God Is Blindsided9 Mar. 2015
10The God Receives a Romantic Confession16 Mar. 2015
11The God Goes Back to Being a Child23 Mar. 2015
12The God Receives a Marriage Proposal30 Mar. 2015

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