LEGO NEXO Knights is to be renewed for season 4
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Released - 01.09.2017

LEGO NEXO Knights is the animation, fantasy, action and comedy series broadcast by the giant broadcasting network Cartoon Network. It hails from celebrated The Lego Group is collaboration with M2 Entertainment.

As you have already guessed, LEGO NEXO Knights is inspired by the toy line of internationally adored construction sets, which substantiates the popularity of the series. The show, developed by Tommy Andersen, Samuel Thomas Johnson, Martin Dalsgarrd and Heidi Rathschau Niesen, came out in the US on January 11, 2016.

The plot of NEXO Knight takes place in the medieval era. The knights Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron and Axl protect their kingdom under the supremacy of their digital trainer Merlok 2.0.

The initial feedback from the demanding critics and the audience have been quite positive so far, praising the grafical effects and the involving storyline of LEGO NEXO Knights. It didn’t come as a surprise as the earlier television projects inspired by LEGO have enjoyed wide recognition wround the world alongside a spoonful of awards and nominations. It seems that any project bearing LEGO in the name must be no worse that the previous one, and we sincerely hope this tendency will exist.



Trailer Season 1 - LEGO® Nexo Knights

Episode Guide

Season 1

1The Book of Monsters, Part 113 Dec. 2015
2The Book of Monsters, Part 213 Dec. 2015
3The Power of Merlock13 Jan. 2016
4The Knights' Code14 Jan. 2016
5Fright Knight15 Jan. 2016
6The Golden Castle3 Mar. 2016
7The Maze of Amazement10 Mar. 2016
8The Black Knight17 Mar. 2016
9The Book of Total Badness24 Mar. 2016
10The Might and the Magic24 Mar. 2016
11Knights of the Realm: Part 12015
12Knights of the Realm: Part 22015

Season 2

1Back to School13 Aug. 2016
2Greed Is Good13 Aug. 2016
3Book of Obsession13 Aug. 2016
4The King's Tournament10 Sep. 2016
5Monster Chef17 Sep. 2016
6Knight Out24 Sep. 2016
7Saturday Knight Fever1 Oct. 2016
8Open Mike Knight8 Oct. 2016
9The Fortrex and the Furious15 Oct. 2016
10Kingdom of Heroes22 Oct. 2016

Season 3

1The Cloud4 Feb. 2017
2A Little Rusty11 Feb. 2017
3Thunderstrox18 Feb. 2017
4Rotten Luck25 Feb. 2017
5Storm Over Rock Wood4 Mar. 2017
6Miner Setback11 Mar. 2017
7Knight at the Museum18 Mar. 2017
8Hot Rock Cafe25 Mar. 2017
9Rock Bottom8 Apr. 2017
10In ChargeApr. 2017

Season 4

1Weekend at Halberts21 Aug. 2017
2The Gray Knight22 Aug. 2017
3The Good, the Bad and the Tightwad23 Aug. 2017
4In His Majesty's Secret Service24 Aug. 2017
5Stranger in the Halps25 Aug. 2017
6Krakenskull28 Aug. 2017
7Heart of Stone29 Aug. 2017
8Between a Rock and a Hard Place30 Aug. 2017
9March of the Colossus31 Aug. 2017
10The Fall1 Sep. 2017