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Long Island Medium is officially renewed for season 9
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Released Long Island Medium - 07.09.2014

Long Island Medium is a controversial reality show that has been airing on the TLC channel since September 25, 2011. Coming from Magilla Entertainment, the hit program is executive produced by Brian Flanagan, Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo Johnson and James Kowats.

The supernatural series takes a look at Theresa Caputo, a psychic medium, as she sets out to help those who have suffered the loss of a loved one and want to contact them. As if seeing people’s souls, Theresa focuses on giving them comfort feeling and thus, an opportunity to open to her.

One of the recent installments was dedicated exclusively to the families who have lost children. Such terrible event can ruin a family, but with the help of Theresa parents can get into closure with their children and gain the feeling of relief from pain. She will also have a special session for those, who had to say farewell to the close ones who had gone performing their duty, including in the events of 9/11. Some famous guests like Jim Parsons and Jamie-Lynn Sigler could not stay aside from it and joined Theresa.

Despite all the skepticism and criticism Long Island Medium and Theresa Caputo have seen since the debut of the program, the series is still doing well in the rating department.



The Long Island Medium is Back

Episode Guide

Season 1

1No Turning Off25 Sep. 2011
2Driving Me Nuts25 Sep. 2011
3Spirit Release2 Oct. 2011
4This Isn't Working2 Oct. 2011
5Theresa's Upgrade9 Oct. 2011
6Reconnecting16 Oct. 2011
7Blessing & a Curse23 Oct. 2011
8Theresa Explains It All30 Oct. 2011
9Sailing with Spirits6 Nov. 2011

Season 2

1Meeting the Parents25 Mar. 2012
2Drumming and Healing25 Mar. 2012
3Losing It1 Apr. 2012
4Poor Petey1 Apr. 2012
5Christmas Spirit8 Apr. 2012
6Spirit Al Dente8 Apr. 2012
7Car Crazy15 Apr. 2012
8Just Like Me15 Apr. 2012
9Wheelin' & Dealin'22 Apr. 2012
10Long Island Romance22 Apr. 2012
11Bellies & Babies29 Apr. 2012
12Apply Yourself29 Apr. 2012
13Uneasy6 May 2012
14Spirit and the City6 May 2012

Season 3

1Homecoming9 Sep. 2012
2A Medium Surprise9 Sep. 2012
3Help Me16 Sep. 2012
4The Princess and Her Prom16 Sep. 2012
5The Flying Larrys23 Sep. 2012
6My Keys Now23 Sep. 2012
7Beach Bonding30 Sep. 2012
8The Graduate30 Sep. 2012
9The Family Photo14 Oct. 2012
10Joe Skeptic14 Oct. 2012
11FAQ21 Oct. 2012
12Never Before Seen21 Oct. 2012
14Like Father, Not Like DaughterOct. 2012
15Halloween SpiritNov. 2012
17Hello College4 Nov. 2012

Season 4

1Behind the ReadNov. 2012
3Sandy Spirit24 May 2013
4The Royal FlushMay 2013
6The GamblerMay 2013
7Why MeMay 2013
8Louie's LostJun. 2013
9The Medium MatchmakerJun. 2013
10Girls Night InJun. 2013
11Spirit on the SlopesJun. 2013
12Bouffants and BingoJun. 2013
13The PincushionJun. 2013
14Once Upon a DreamJun. 2013
15The PatientJun. 2013
16UnseenJun. 2013

Season 5

1On the Road: PhiladelphiaOct. 2013
2Construction ZoneOct. 2013
3Shoo Shoo SpiritOct. 2013
5Gluten Free VOct. 2013
6Momma's BoyOct. 2013
7Diving Right InOct. 2013
8When There's a WillNov. 2013
9Just Me and V in the CatskillsNov. 2013
10Bunny LoveNov. 2013
11Ready to LeaveNov. 2013
12RevisitedNov. 2013
13Back to NormalNov. 2013
14Christmas at the Caputo's15 Dec. 2013

Season 6

1On The Road: Las Vegas Part I3 Aug. 2014
2On The Road: Las Vegas Part II10 Aug. 2014
9Horsing Around7 Sep. 2014
13Gone Fishing-

Season 7

125 and Counting8 Mar. 2015
2Dog Eat Dog Summer15 Mar. 2015
3Back to My Roots15 Mar. 2015
4Getting the Band Back Together22 Mar. 2015
5Don't Give Up Your Day Job22 Mar. 2015
6On the Road: Texas29 Mar. 2015
7Coach Theresa5 Apr. 2015
8Spirit Roll5 Apr. 2015
9Return to Jail12 Apr. 2015
10Roller Rink Romance12 Apr. 2015
11When a Bedroom Door Closes, a Closet Door Opens19 Apr. 2015
12Behind the Scenes of Knock and Shock19 Apr. 2015
14Theresa Loves Moms3 May 2015

Season 8

1Celebrity Spirit3 Jan. 2016
2Spirit in Paradise: Snowbirds10 Jan. 2016
3Spirit in Paradise: The Son also Visits10 Jan. 2016
4Spirit in Paradise: The Decision17 Jan. 2016
5Before the Baby17 Jan. 2016
6Line of Duty24 Jan. 2016
7Parental Blessing24 Jan. 2016
8I Don't Believe31 Jan. 2016
9Haunted Houses31 Jan. 2016
10Wisdom Teeth14 Feb. 2016
11Remembering Petey14 Feb. 2016
13Live from Hollywood6 Mar. 2016
17Block Party27 Mar. 2016

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