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Long Lost Family is officially renewed for Season 2
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Chris Jacobs, Lisa Joyner
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Released Long Lost Family - 25.04.2017

Long Lost Family is a US television real-life show presented by Christopher Jacobs and Lisa Joyner, which has come out on March 6, 2016. Long Lost Family is an adaptation of a British series (which has received 2012 Royal Television Society as Best Popular Factual and Features) that came out in 2001.

The series revolves around people who have lost those whom they love and the smallest hope to find them. Unfortunately, some people lose their friends and family members and can’t reunite with them. Due to traumas and loss of memory, natural catastrophes or crimes, sometimes it happens that people have to leave their homes and can’t return. Long Lost Family’s goal is to reunite such people with their families, who have even forgotten all hope of finding their relatives or friends. The series focuses on complex and sometimes dangerous process of exploring the circumstances of disappearance, family history, and searching for the ones who were lost.

The US version of the series is supported by Ancestry.com – the most prominent provider of family history in the US. Long Lost Family scores a good 7.8/10, and though there is very little information on ratings and viewership, but the series has got praising critical acclaim and there is no doubt Long Lost Family will live long.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

0Episode #1.01 Mar. 2015
1I've Waited for This Call for 45 Years6 Mar. 2016
2Your Mom's Been Here the Whole Time13 Mar. 2016
3Nobody Knew I Existed20 Mar. 2016
4I Should've Fought Harder to Keep Her27 Mar. 2016
5Am I Who I Think I Am?3 Apr. 2016
6Why Did You Leave Me?10 Apr. 2016
7Everything Your Parents Told You Was a Lie17 Apr. 2016
8Alone in a Crowded Room24 Apr. 2016
9I Knew I'd Never See My Mom Again1 May 2016

Season 2

1There's No Easy Way to Say This12 Feb. 2017
2The Court Said No, We Were Too Young19 Feb. 2017
3I Want to Heal My Mother's Heart26 Feb. 2017
4Born Together, Stay Together5 Mar. 2017
5One More Reason to Fight for My Life12 Mar. 2017
6Did You Have Dreams? Did You Follow Them?19 Mar. 2017
7All the Leaves Fell Off My Family Tree26 Mar. 2017
8The Last Time I Saw My Mother, I Was 5 Years Old2 Apr. 2017
9Do I Call Him My Son?9 Apr. 2017
10If You Bring Your Baby Home, You Can't Come Home16 Apr. 2017
11Am I a Secret She Had to Keep?23 Apr. 2017
12It's the Fulfillment of a Promise24 Apr. 2017
13We Don't Need Anything from Them Besides Love25 Apr. 2017

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