Longmire season 6 is to premiere in 2017
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60 min
Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny
Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cassidy Freeman
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Released Longmire - 17.11.2017

Longmire, a highly-rated and prestigiously-awarded action Western drama series, is available on the on-online service Netflix. The provocative and gripping drama is based on the thrilling books and adopted to the television airing by producers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin. “Walt Longmire Mysteries”, written by Craig Jonson, includes 4 exciting and critically acclaimed books. Longmire released on June 3, 2012, where it was airing till 2014 before suffering from the cancelation epidemy in the A&E channel. A collaborate creative effort between The Shephard & Robin Company and Two Boomerang production studio, the series was picked up by Netflix, to the delight of the numerous fans.

The storyline of the nerve-wracking show revolves around a sheriff Walt Longmire who returns to his restless work after his wife being killed. Supported by his daughter and his friends, Longmire combats criminals within his county and follows the murderer of his wife.

In October 2015 Netflix greenlit Longmire for another cycle.

In July 2016 Netflix revealed that a fifth season of the anticipated western series Longmire is scheduled to debut on September 23, 2016. There are talks that the fifth season of the Western series will be its concluding one, but Netflix yet made no comments about them.



Longmire Season 5 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot3 Jun. 2012
2The Dark Road10 Jun. 2012
3A Damn Shame17 Jun. 2012
4The Cancer24 Jun. 2012
5Dog Soldier1 Jul. 2012
6The Worst Kind of Hunter8 Jul. 2012
78 Seconds15 Jul. 2012
8An Incredibly Beautiful Thing22 Jul. 2012
9Dogs, Horses and Indians5 Aug. 2012
10Unfinished Business12 Aug. 2012

Season 2

1Unquiet Mind27 May 2013
2Carcasses3 Jun. 2013
3Death Came in Like Thunder10 Jun. 2013
4The Road to Hell17 Jun. 2013
5Party's Over24 Jun. 2013
6Tell It Slant1 Jul. 2013
7Sound and Fury8 Jul. 2013
8The Great Spirit15 Jul. 2013
9Tuscan Red29 Jul. 2013
10Election Day5 Aug. 2013
11Natural Order12 Aug. 2013
12A Good Death Is Hard to Find19 Aug. 2013
13Bad Medicine26 Aug. 2013

Season 3

1The White Warrior2 Jun. 2014
2Of Children and Travelers9 Jun. 2014
3Miss Cheyenne16 Jun. 2014
4In the Pines23 Jun. 2014
5Wanted Man30 Jun. 2014
6Reports of My Death7 Jul. 2014
7Population 2514 Jul. 2014
8Harvest21 Jul. 2014
9Counting Coup28 Jul. 2014
10Ashes to Ashes4 Aug. 2014

Season 4

1Down by the River10 Sep. 2015
2War Eagle10 Sep. 2015
3High Noon10 Sep. 2015
4Four Arrows10 Sep. 2015
5Help Wanted10 Sep. 2015
6The Calling Back10 Sep. 2015
7Highway Robbery10 Sep. 2015
8Hector Lives10 Sep. 2015
9Shotgun10 Sep. 2015
10What Happens on the Rez...10 Sep. 2015

Season 5

1A Fog That Won't Lift23 Sep. 2016
2One Good Memory23 Sep. 2016
3Chrysalis23 Sep. 2016
4The Judas Wolf23 Sep. 2016
5Pure Peckinpah23 Sep. 2016
6Objection23 Sep. 2016
7From This Day Forward23 Sep. 2016
8Stand Your Ground23 Sep. 2016
9Continual Soiree23 Sep. 2016
10The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of23 Sep. 2016

Season 6

1The Eagle and the Osprey17 Nov. 2017
2Fever17 Nov. 2017
3Thank You, Victoria17 Nov. 2017
4A Thing I'll Never Understand17 Nov. 2017
5Burned Up My Tears17 Nov. 2017
6No Greater Character Endorsement17 Nov. 2017
7Opiates and Antibiotics17 Nov. 2017
8Cowboy Bill17 Nov. 2017
9Running Eagle Challenge17 Nov. 2017
10Goodbye Is Always Implied17 Nov. 2017

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