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Tom Kapinos
Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Tom Ellis
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Released Lucifer - 22.01.2018

Lucifer is a newest fantasy crime drama and comedy airing on the FOX channel. The original dark series was developed for the small screen by Tom Kapinos and debuted in January 2016 with the initial season including 13 episodes.

Lucifer is inspired by the Sandman comics and tells the somber story of Lucifer, the Lord of Hell. Exhausted by leading monotonous and dull life, he abandons his throne and goes to LA to enjoy his deserved retirement. At his own nightclub, Lucifer gets pleased by the things he loves most of all - women and wine – when a celebrity is abruptly murdered outside his club.

The debut chapter of the controversial story did very well in ratings, having averaged more than 7 million followers. However, as the series went on, the viewership counts have dropped significantly to 4.9 million. With the strong IMDb count of 8.5/10 and praising reviews from critics, the FOX channel is to give the renewal of the dark Satan dramedy for another season. To the delight of viewers, season 2 comes out on September 19, 2016. The charismatic and "sinfully attractive" detective will lead his human life…or not? The intrigue for the expected chapter is the personality of the Lord of Hell's mother, a question that will be picked up from the initial chapter finale and it is to be investigated, providing more depth to Lucifer's character.



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Lucifer S1 - Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot25 Jan. 2016
2Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.1 Feb. 2016
3The Would-Be Prince of Darkness8 Feb. 2016
4Manly Whatnots15 Feb. 2016
5Sweet Kicks22 Feb. 2016
6Favorite Son29 Feb. 2016
7Wingman7 Mar. 2016
8Et Tu, Doctor?14 Mar. 2016
9A Priest Walks Into a Bar21 Mar. 2016
10Pops28 Mar. 2016
11St. Lucifer11 Apr. 2016
12#TeamLucifer18 Apr. 2016
13Take Me Back to Hell25 Apr. 2016

Season 2

1Everything's Coming Up Lucifer19 Sep. 2016
2Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire3 Oct. 2016
3Sin-Eater10 Oct. 2016
4Lady Parts17 Oct. 2016
5Weaponizer24 Oct. 2016
6Monster31 Oct. 2016
7My Little Monkey7 Nov. 2016
8Trip to Stabby Town14 Nov. 2016
9Homewrecker21 Nov. 2016
10Quid Pro Ho28 Nov. 2016
11Stewardess Interruptus16 Jan. 2017
12Love Handles23 Jan. 2017
13A Good Day to Die30 Jan. 2017
14Candy Morningstar1 May 2017
15Deceptive Little Parasite8 May 2017
16God Johnson15 May 2017
17Sympathy for the Goddess22 May 2017
18The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy29 May 2017

Season 3

1They're Back, Aren't They?2 Oct. 2017
2The One with the Baby Carrot9 Oct. 2017
3Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith16 Oct. 2017
4What Would Lucifer Do?23 Oct. 2017
5Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards30 Oct. 2017
6Vegas With Some Radish6 Nov. 2017
7Off The Record13 Nov. 2017
8Chloe Does Lucifer20 Nov. 2017
9The Sinnerman4 Dec. 2017
10The Sin Bin11 Dec. 2017
11City of Angels?1 Jan. 2018
12All About Her22 Jan. 2018
13Episode #3.132018
14The Last Heartbreak2018
15Episode #3.15-
16Episode #3.16-
17Episode #3.17-
18Episode #3.18-
19Episode #3.19-
20Episode #3.20-
21Episode #3.21-
22Episode #3.22-

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