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Madam Secretary season 3 broadcast
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Barbara Hall
T?a Leoni, Tim Daly, Patina Miller, Geoffrey Arend
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Released Madam Secretary - 17.12.2017

Madam Secretary is a well-received US political and family series that has been available to the CBS channel’s followers since fall 2014. A brainchild of Morgan Freeman and Barbara Hall, Madam Secretary comes from Revelations Entertainment, Barbara Hall Productions and CBS Television Studios.

The plot of Madam Secretary focuses on The U.S.A. Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord. She drives diplomacy and speaks loudly in office politics and at the same time struggles to find her work-life balance.

Season 2 of the intriguing series premiered on October 4, 2015 and included twenty-three 45-minute episodes. CBS has been very lucky to pick up hit political dramas so far, and they go on delivering viewers. The political and drama show has attracted almost twelve million followers per episode in the freshman season. The sophomore cycle averaged 10.7 million fans. Madam Secretary has also met critical accolades and several nominations, including TV Guide Award in the category Favorite New Show, 41st People's Choice Awards for Favorite New TV Drama and prestigious CBS MVP Awards for Best Motivational Speech of Téa Leoni, who plays the main character.

Speaking of the third upcoming installment, it is scheduled to premiere to numerous fans in late 2016.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot21 Sep. 2014
2Another Benghazi28 Sep. 2014
3The Operative5 Oct. 2014
4Just Another Normal Day12 Oct. 2014
5Blame Canada19 Oct. 2014
6The Call26 Oct. 2014
7Passage2 Nov. 2014
8Need to Know9 Nov. 2014
9So It Goes16 Nov. 2014
10Collateral Damage23 Nov. 2014
11Game On30 Nov. 2014
12Standoff4 Jan. 2015
13Chains of Command11 Jan. 2015
14Whisper of the Ax1 Mar. 2015
15The Ninth Circle8 Mar. 2015
16Tamerlane15 Mar. 2015
17Face the Nation22 Mar. 2015
18The Time Is at Hand29 Mar. 2015
19Spartan Figures5 Apr. 2015
20The Necessary Art12 Apr. 2015
21The Kill List26 Apr. 2015
22There But for the Grace of God3 May 2015

Season 2

1The Show Must Go On4 Oct. 2015
2The Doability Doctrine11 Oct. 2015
3The Rusalka18 Oct. 2015
4Waiting for Taleju25 Oct. 2015
5The Long Shot1 Nov. 2015
6Catch and Release8 Nov. 2015
7You Say You Want a Revolution15 Nov. 2015
8Lights Out22 Nov. 2015
9Russian Roulette29 Nov. 2015
10The Greater Good13 Dec. 2015
11Unity Node10 Jan. 2016
12The Middle Way17 Jan. 2016
13Invasive Species31 Jan. 2016
14Left of the Boom14 Feb. 2016
15Right of the Boom21 Feb. 2016
16Hijriyyah6 Mar. 2016
17Higher Learning20 Mar. 2016
18On the Clock27 Mar. 2016
19Desperate Remedies10 Apr. 2016
20Ghost Detainee17 Apr. 2016
21Connection Lost24 Apr. 2016
22Render Safe1 May 2016
23Vartius8 May 2016

Season 3

1Sea Change2 Oct. 2016
2The Linchpin16 Oct. 2016
3South China Sea23 Oct. 2016
4The Dissent Memo30 Oct. 2016
5The French Revolution6 Nov. 2016
6The Statement13 Nov. 2016
7Tectonic Shift20 Nov. 2016
8Breakout Capacity27 Nov. 2016
9Snap Back11 Dec. 2016
10The Race18 Dec. 2016
11Gift Horse8 Jan. 2017
12The Detour15 Jan. 2017
13The Beautiful Game29 Jan. 2017
14Labor of Love5 Mar. 2017
15Break in Diplomacy12 Mar. 2017
16Swept Away19 Mar. 2017
17Convergence26 Mar. 2017
18Good Bones9 Apr. 2017
19Global Relief23 Apr. 2017
20Extraordinary Hazard30 Apr. 2017
21The Seventh Floor7 May 2017
22Revelation14 May 2017
23Article 521 May 2017

Season 4

1News Cycle8 Oct. 2017
2Off the Record15 Oct. 2017
3The Essentials22 Oct. 2017
4Shutdown29 Oct. 2017
5Persona Non Grata5 Nov. 2017
6Loophole12 Nov. 2017
7North to the Future19 Nov. 2017
8The Fourth Estate26 Nov. 2017
9Minefield10 Dec. 2017
10Episode #4.1017 Dec. 2017
11Episode #4.11-
12Episode #4.12-

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