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Make it Pop is to be renewed for season 4
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Released - 20.08.2016

Make it Pop is a family musical dramedy that hails from DHX Media, N' Credible Entertainment and Tom Lynch Company. The famous American-Canadian series, which is inspired by a hit Asian musical genre Korean pop, is broadcast on the Nickelodeon channel in the United States. Nick Cannon America's Got Talent, Real Husbands of Hollywood) and Thomas W. Lynch (The Other Kingdom, South of Nowhere), stand behind the musical sitcom series as executive producers. Make it Pop came out in the US on March 26, 2015.

The storyline of Make it Pop revolves around three girls, Sun Hi, Jodi and Cork, who attend the same school and one day made up their minds to found a music band. Together they are to achieve stardom while balancing school and other relationships.

The reviews on Make it Pop have been somewhat mixed since the premiere. For example, the series got a spoonful of awards, celebrating actors’ work, but not the plot. Though there is no doubt that Make it Pop has been quite a hit among the young adult and children audience. Those viewers who love Korean pop appreciate this musical comedy series more highly. To add, the show has been showing solid viewership numbers, and it is one of the best-lived Nickelodeon’s performers among kids from 6 to 11 years old.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Rumors & Roommates26 Mar. 2015
2Duet7 Apr. 2015
3Failed Dreams8 Apr. 2015
4Stolen Moves9 Apr. 2015
5I Can't Hear Me10 Apr. 2015
6Popular13 Apr. 2015
7The Situation14 Apr. 2015
8The Campaign15 Apr. 2015
9I Am Genius16 Apr. 2015
10Homecoming17 Apr. 2015
11Mr. Chang20 Apr. 2015
12Fashion Truck21 Apr. 2015
13Troll22 Apr. 2015
14The Tutor23 Apr. 2015
15Talent Show Redux24 Apr. 2015
16The Curse of Reality27 Apr. 2015
17Eggs28 Apr. 2015
18Love and Detention29 Apr. 2015
19Dreams30 Apr. 2015
20XO-IQ1 May 2015

Season 2

0The Gift7 Jan. 2015
1Think4 Jan. 2016
2Robomania5 Jan. 2016
3My Way or The Highway6 Jan. 2016
4Oh, Boys7 Jan. 2016
5Potato Power8 Jan. 2016
6The Mirror2016
7It's a Twin Thing2016
8Fashion 911!13 Jan. 2016
9Spring Fling14 Jan. 2016
10Submission Impossible15 Jan. 2016
11Scuttlebutt18 Jan. 2016
12Triangles19 Jan. 2016
13Get on the Bus!20 Jan. 2016
14Reality Bites21 Jan. 2016
15Band Blast Off22 Jan. 2016
16Staged and Confused25 Jan. 2016
17Excess Baggage26 Jan. 2016
18Im-Prom-Tu27 Jan. 2016
19Looking for Trouble28 Jan. 2016
20Really? It's Over?28 Jan. 2016

Season 3

0Summer Splash Spectacular20 Aug. 2016