Mako Mermaids

Mako Mermaids season 4
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30 min
Sam Carroll, Amy Purton-Long, Jonathan M. Shiff, Kristen Souvlis
Chai Romruen, Dominic Deutscher, Gemma Forsyth, Rowan Hills
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Episode 16









Released Mako Mermaids - 27.05.2016

Mako Mermaids is a newest drama and fantasy series, which premiered on July 26, 2013. The show, which is broadcast under the title Mako: Island of Secrets, is a spin-off of the hit teenager series H20: Just Add Water. The series debuted on Network Ten in Australia as well as on the Netflix network.

A teenager Zac goes to camp on Mako Island and gets followed by three mermaids, the guardians of the picturesque island - Lyla, Nixie and Sirena. Zac falls into a magical moon pool that made him a merman and he gets to know the girls. Moreover, Zac acquires the ability to manipulate water. In sophomore season merman girls unveil mysteries of the island and Lyla and Nixie go searching for a new home. In season 3 the mermaids have to combat the water dragon in order to save their Island and the Gold Coast from demolition.

Although Mako Mermaids targets mainly at kids and teenagers, its viewership number is enough for the producers to pick the series up for another cycle. It is supposed to lie in just 16 half-hour series instead of 26. To the disappointment of the fans, the third season is the final one. However, it is not the end of the story – the producers plan a feature film. Follow the news and meet your favorite characters again!



Mako Mermaids | Season 3/4

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Outcasts26 Jul. 2013
2Getting Legs26 Jul. 2013
3Meeting Rita26 Jul. 2013
4Lyla Alone26 Jul. 2013
5Blizzard26 Jul. 2013
6Dolphin Tale26 Jul. 2013
7Zac's Pool Party26 Jul. 2013
8Zac's Return to Mako26 Jul. 2013
9The Siren26 Jul. 2013
10Zac Returns to Mako26 Jul. 2013
11I Don't Believe in Mermaids26 Jul. 2013
12Close Call26 Jul. 2013
13Betrayal26 Jul. 2013
14Battlelines15 Sep. 2013
15Sirena's Secret15 Sep. 2013
16Truce15 Sep. 2013
17Moon Ring 215 Sep. 2013
18The Trident Job15 Sep. 2013
19Where's the On Button?15 Sep. 2013
20Nowhere to Hide15 Sep. 2013
21Aquata Returns15 Sep. 2013
22Evie Times Two15 Sep. 2013
23Zac's Choice15 Sep. 2013
24Trust15 Sep. 2013
25Betrayed15 Sep. 2013
26Decision Time15 Sep. 2013

Season 2

1The Seventh CycleJan. 2015
2Sticky Situation15 Feb. 2015
3Discovery15 Feb. 2015
4A New Tail15 Feb. 2015
5Bad for Business15 Feb. 2015
6Stormy Seas15 Feb. 2015
7Awakening15 Feb. 2015
8Land School15 Feb. 2015
9Stowaway15 Feb. 2015
10Keeping the Secret15 Feb. 2015
11Only as Young as You Feel15 Feb. 2015
12Supersized15 Feb. 2015
13Reunion15 Feb. 2015
14A New Man29 May 2015

Season 3

1A New Man29 May 2015
2Careful What You Wish For29 May 2015
3First Date29 May 2015
4The Merman Code29 May 2015
5The Siren29 May 2015
6Surprise!29 May 2015
7The Job29 May 2015
8New Orders29 May 2015
9The Last Dance29 May 2015
10Stay or Go29 May 2015
11The Truth About Evie29 May 2015
12The Trident Stone29 May 2015
13The Chosen One29 May 2015

Season 4

1A Visit from the East27 May 2016
2Seeing Is Believing27 May 2016
3Recipe for Success27 May 2016
4Mopping Up27 May 2016
5The Puzzle Box27 May 2016
6New Beginnings27 May 2016
7Turning the Tide27 May 2016
8The Way of the Dragon27 May 2016
9Reversal of Fortune27 May 2016
10Wishful Thinking27 May 2016
11Lost and Found27 May 2016
12Trust Issues27 May 2016
13Letting Go27 May 2016
14Age Before Beauty27 May 2016
15The Legend of Jiao Long27 May 2016
16Homecoming27 May 2016

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