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Masters of Sex is to be renewed for season 5
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Michelle Ashford
Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin FitzGerald, Annaleigh Ashford
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Released Masters of Sex - 13.11.2016

Masters of Sex (product of Sony Pictures Television) is a history-related drama series that came out on the Showtime network in September, 2013. The series is an adaptation the biographical book of the same name, telling the story of Virginia Johnson and William Masters, the two people who taught America how to love. The provocative book was written by Thomas Maier in 2009 and created quite a buzz in the media. Masters of Sex is a brainchild of Michelle Ashford (The Pacific). Talented Tammy Rosen and Michael are behind the series as its producers.

The plot centers on Dr. William Masters (played by Michael Sheen, who also exec produced the series) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), bold pioneers who dared to make investigations of men's and women's sexuality.

The viewership count of the second chapter of the story suffered a 25% decrease (to 800 thousand followers) when compared to the initial chapter of the series. Nonetheless, Masters of Sex was greenlit for the third installment, which debuted in July 2015, and season 4, which is set to include 12 episodes, each lasting an hour. In June 2016 the Showtime network unveiled the premiere date for season 4of the Golden Globe Award-nominated series Masters of Sex - September 11, 2016. The cutting-edge biographical drama series has been forced to experience an increased competition this fall, as the Starz network has set its original programs, including the hit Power.



Masters of Sex Season 4 (2016) | Official Trailer | Michael Sheen & Lizzy Caplan Series

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot29 Sep. 2013
2Race To Space6 Oct. 2013
3Standard Deviation13 Oct. 2013
4Thank You for Coming20 Oct. 2013
5Catherine27 Oct. 2013
6Brave New World3 Nov. 2013
7All Together Now10 Nov. 2013
8Love and Marriage17 Nov. 2013
9Involuntary24 Nov. 2013
10Fallout1 Dec. 2013
11Phallic Victories8 Dec. 2013
12Manhigh15 Dec. 2013

Season 2

1Parallax13 Jul. 2014
2Kyrie Eleison20 Jul. 2014
3Fight27 Jul. 2014
4Dirty Jobs3 Aug. 2014
5Giants10 Aug. 2014
6Blackbird17 Aug. 2014
7Asterion24 Aug. 2014
8Mirror, Mirror31 Aug. 2014
9Story of My Life7 Sep. 2014
10Below the Belt14 Sep. 2014
11One for the Money, Two for the Show21 Sep. 2014
12The Revolution Will Not Be Televised28 Sep. 2014

Season 3

1Parliament of Owls12 Jul. 2015
2Three's a Crowd19 Jul. 2015
3The Excitement of Release26 Jul. 2015
4Undue Influence2 Aug. 2015
5Matters of Gravity9 Aug. 2015
6Two Scents16 Aug. 2015
7Monkey Business23 Aug. 2015
8Surrogates30 Aug. 2015
9High Anxiety6 Sep. 2015
10Through a Glass, Darkly13 Sep. 2015
11Party of Four20 Sep. 2015
12Full Ten Count27 Sep. 2015

Season 4

1Freefall11 Sep. 2016
2Inventory18 Sep. 2016
3The Pleasure Protocol25 Sep. 2016
4Coats or Keys2 Oct. 2016
5Outliers9 Oct. 2016
6Family Only16 Oct. 2016
7In to Me You See23 Oct. 2016
8Topeka30 Oct. 2016
9Night and Day6 Nov. 2016
10The Eyes of God13 Nov. 2016

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