Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is yet to be renewed for series 3
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60 min
Essie Davis, Nathan Page, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Ashleigh Cummings
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Released Date Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries season 3

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Released Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - 26.06.2015

An Australian thriller and drama series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries has been broadcast by ABC Australia since winter 2012. The mystery crime costume series is based on a 20-part series of detective novels by a talented writer Kerry Greenwood.

The main character of the books and the series is Phryne Fisher, a fearless lady with an unmistakable sense of style. Being a private detective in Melbourne of 1920-s, Miss Fisher dives right into the world of murder, spying, music and science. Her thrilling adventures are spiced up with tango and attractive men, which makes Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries a more exciting series.

The mystery and crime series enjoyed critical accolades, high viewership numbers, multiple nominations and some wins. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries scored a strong 8.4 out of 10 point on IMDb and an almost perfect 9.8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. After such a success, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries was picked up by a lot of streaming services all over the world. American viewers can follow Miss Fisher's professional and personal life on Acorn Online, Netflix and several PBS channels.

For us, the renewal decision of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is seen from miles away, although the production company has not announced it yet.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Cocaine Blues24 Feb. 2012
2Murder on the Ballarat Train2 Mar. 2012
3The Green Mill Murder9 Mar. 2012
4Death at Victoria Dock16 Mar. 2012
5Raisins and Almonds23 Mar. 2012
6Ruddy Gore30 Mar. 2012
7Murder in Montparnasse6 Apr. 2012
8Away with the Fairies13 Apr. 2012
9Queen of the Flowers20 Apr. 2012
10Death by Miss Adventure27 Apr. 2012
11Blood and Circuses4 May 2012
12Murder in the Dark11 May 2012
13King Memses' Curse18 May 2012

Season 2

1Murder Most Scandalous6 Sep. 2013
2Death Comes Knocking13 Sep. 2013
3Dead Man's Chest20 Sep. 2013
4Deadweight27 Sep. 2013
5Murder à la Mode4 Oct. 2013
6Marked for Murder11 Oct. 2013
7Blood at the Wheel18 Oct. 2013
8The Blood of Juana the Mad25 Oct. 2013
9Framed for Murder1 Nov. 2013
10Death on the Vine8 Nov. 2013
11Dead Air15 Nov. 2013
12Unnatural Habits22 Nov. 2013
13Murder Under the Mistletoe22 Dec. 2013

Season 3

1Death Defying Feats8 May 2015
2Murder & the Maiden15 May 2015
3Murder & Mozzarella22 May 2015
4Blood & Money29 May 2015
5Death & Hysteria5 Jun. 2015
6Death at the Grand12 Jun. 2015
7Game, Set & Murder19 Jun. 2015
8Death Do Us Part26 Jun. 2015

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