Nashville season 5 comes in 2017
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Callie Khouri
Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Charles Esten
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Released Nashville - 01.01.2018

Nashville, a long-running and highly acclaimed music and family soap, has been on air on the ABC network since fall of 2012. The hit country drama series is a creative effort of Callie Khouri and production studios Lionsgate Television, ABC Studios, Small Wishes Productions, Opry Entertainment and Walk & Chew Gum, Inc.

The plot of Nashville focuses on Rayna Jaymes’ life. She is a country music singer, whose popularity fades away. Rayna teams up with a music tyro Juliette in Nashville. So, after almost 25 years of winning prestigious awards and selling millions of albums copies, Rayna has to collaborate with an impudent young country diva.

Chapter 4 of Nashville, which came out in fall of 2015, included ten 60-minute parts. What is interesting, all the episodes of seasons 3 and 4 are named after different country songs (“Nobody Knows but Me” Tony Rich, “Baby Come Home” Scissor Sisters and so on). Season 3 of Nashville delivered more than 5 million followers, and season 4 - 4.6 million, which is a 10% decrease.

Chapter 4 of Nashville was supposed to be a final one, but the music-themed series has attracted a large number of viewers, and the producers decided not to kill the cash cow and renew the soap for season 5. Now we are waiting to learn the premiere date of the fifth chapter of Nashville.



NASHVILLE First Look Promo - New Episodes Thursdays in January on CMT

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot10 Oct. 2012
2I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)17 Oct. 2012
3Someday You'll Call My Name24 Oct. 2012
4We Live in Two Different Worlds31 Oct. 2012
5Move It on Over7 Nov. 2012
6You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)14 Nov. 2012
7Lovesick Blues28 Nov. 2012
8Where He Leads Me5 Dec. 2012
9Be Careful of the Stones You Throw9 Jan. 2013
10I'm Sorry for You, My Friend16 Jan. 2013
11You Win Again23 Jan. 2013
12I've Been Down That Road Before6 Feb. 2013
13There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight13 Feb. 2013
14Dear Brother27 Feb. 2013
15When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts27 Mar. 2013
16I Saw the Light3 Apr. 2013
17My Heart Would Know10 Apr. 2013
18Take These Chains from My Heart1 May 2013
19Why Don't You Love Me8 May 2013
20A Picture from Life's Other Side15 May 2013
21I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive22 May 2013

Season 2

1I Fall to Pieces25 Sep. 2013
2Never No More2 Oct. 2013
3I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now9 Oct. 2013
4You're No Angel Yourself16 Oct. 2013
5Don't Open That Door23 Oct. 2013
6It Must Be You30 Oct. 2013
7She's Got You13 Nov. 2013
8Hanky Panky Woman20 Nov. 2013
9I'm Tired of Pretending4 Dec. 2013
10Tomorrow Never Comes11 Dec. 2013
11I'll Keep Climbing15 Jan. 2014
12Just For What I Am22 Jan. 2014
13It's All Wrong, But It's All Right29 Jan. 2014
14Too Far Gone5 Feb. 2014
15They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore26 Feb. 2014
16Guilty Street5 Mar. 2014
17We've Got Things to Do12 Mar. 2014
18Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down26 Mar. 2014
19Crazy2 Apr. 2014
20Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad30 Apr. 2014
21All or Nothing with Me7 May 2014
22On the Other Hand14 May 2014

Season 3

1That's Me Without You24 Sep. 2014
2How Far Down Can I Go1 Oct. 2014
3I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life8 Oct. 2014
4I Feel Sorry for Me15 Oct. 2014
5Road Happy22 Oct. 2014
6Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy29 Oct. 2014
7I'm Coming Home to You12 Nov. 2014
8You're Lookin' at Country19 Nov. 2014
9Two Sides to Every Story3 Dec. 2014
10First to Have a Second Chance10 Dec. 2014
11I'm Not That Good at Goodbye4 Feb. 2015
12I've Got Reasons to Hate You11 Feb. 2015
13I'm Lost Between Right or Wrong18 Feb. 2015
14Somebody Pick Up My Pieces25 Feb. 2015
15That's the Way Love Goes4 Mar. 2015
16I Can't Keep Away from You1 Apr. 2015
17This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'8 Apr. 2015
18Nobody Knows But Me15 Apr. 2015
19The Storm Has Just Begun22 Apr. 2015
20Time Changes Things29 Apr. 2015
21Is the Better Part Over6 May 2015
22Before You Go Make Sure You Know13 May 2015

Season 4

1Can't Let Go23 Sep. 2015
2'Til the Pain Outwears the Shame30 Sep. 2015
3How Can I Help You Say Goodbye7 Oct. 2015
4The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here14 Oct. 2015
5Stop the World (And Let Me Off)21 Oct. 2015
6Please Help Me, I'm Fallin'28 Oct. 2015
7Can't Get Used to Losing You11 Nov. 2015
8Unguarded Moments18 Nov. 2015
9Three's a Crowd2 Dec. 2015
10We've Got Nothing But Love to Prove9 Dec. 2015
11Forever and for Always16 Mar. 2016
12How Does It Feel to Be Free23 Mar. 2016
13If I Could Do It All Again30 Mar. 2016
14What I Cannot Change6 Apr. 2016
15When There's a Fire in Your Heart13 Apr. 2016
16Didn't Expect It to Go Down This Way20 Apr. 2016
17Baby Come Home27 Apr. 2016
18The Trouble with the Truth4 May 2016
19After You've Gone11 May 2016
20It's Sure Gonna Hurt18 May 2016
21Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday25 May 2016

Season 5

1The Wayfaring Stranger15 Dec. 2016
2Back in Baby's Arms5 Jan. 2017
3Let's Put It Back Together Again12 Jan. 2017
4Leap of Faith19 Jan. 2017
5Love Hurts26 Jan. 2017
6A Little Bit Stronger2 Feb. 2017
7Hurricane9 Feb. 2017
8Stand Beside Me16 Feb. 2017
9If Tomorrow Never Comes23 Feb. 2017
10I'll Fly Away2 Mar. 2017
11Fire and Rain9 Mar. 2017
12Back in the Saddle Again1 Jun. 2017
13'Til I Can Make It on My Own8 Jun. 2017
14(Now and Then There's) a Fool Such as I15 Jun. 2017
15A Change Would Do You Good22 Jun. 2017
16Not Ready to Make Nice29 Jun. 2017
17Ghost in This House6 Jul. 2017
18The Night Before (Life Goes On)13 Jul. 2017
19You Can't Lose Me20 Jul. 2017
20Speed Trap Town27 Jul. 2017
21Farther On3 Aug. 2017
22Reasons to Quit10 Aug. 2017

Season 6

1Episode #6.1Jan. 2018
2Episode #6.22018
3Episode #6.32018
16Episode #6.162018

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