NOVA is to be renewed for season 45
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Released Date season 26

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Released - 17.02.1999

NOVA is a veteran documentary and biography TV program that is created by Michael Ambrosino and produced by Paula Apsell. Season 1 of the series came out on the PBS network (Downton Abbey) on March 3, 1974 and has run 44 cycles.

Since 1974 NOVA has touched upon all kinds of subjects, including history, art, biology, physics and astronomy. Such topics as Meditation and the Mind, The Case of the Bermuda Triangle, The Great Wine Revolution and lots of others have been covered in the series, which has shown more than 840 episodes. Jay O. Sanders (2007-now), Lance Lewman, Craig Sechler, among others, performed as narrators. Several outstanding personalities visited NOVA as guests: Corey Johnson, Eric Meyers, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth Lloyd, Tom Shachtman, etc.

Being the longest-running science program in the US, NOVA has enjoyed lots of awards including a spoonful of News & Documentary Emmy Awards in different categories in different years and 2003 Primetime Emmy as Outstanding Cinematography for Non-Fiction Programming (Single or Multi-Camera). The audience likes NOVA because it provides true information in the form of bright and gripping series.

No wonder, the renewal decision for season 44, which was released in January 2017, came as no surprise. Now we are expecting season 45 release of this educating and engaging documentary program.



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Episode Guide

Season 26

1The Beast of Loch Ness12 Jan. 1999
2Submarines, Secrets, and Spies19 Jan. 1999
3Surviving AIDS2 Feb. 1999
4Escape: Because Accidents Happen, Car Crash16 Feb. 1999
5Escape: Because Accidents Happen, Fire16 Feb. 1999
6Escape: Because Accidents Happen, Abandon Ship17 Feb. 1999
7Escape: Because Accidents Happen, Plane Crash17 Feb. 1999
8Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden-
9Battle Alert in the Gulf23 Feb. 1999
10Volcanoes of the Deep30 Mar. 1999
11To the Moon13 Jul. 1999
12Fall of the Leaning Tower5 Oct. 1999
13Time Travel12 Oct. 1999
14The Killer's Trail: The Story of Dr. Sam Sheppard19 Oct. 1999
15Island of the Spirits2 Nov. 1999
16Decoding Nazi Secrets9 Nov. 1999
17Voyage of Doom23 Nov. 1999
18Electric Heart21 Dec. 1999

Season 25

1Night Creatures of the Kalahari6 Jan. 1998
2Mysterious Mummies of China20 Jan. 1998
3Supersonic Spies27 Jan. 1998
4Animal Hospital3 Feb. 1998
5The Brain Eater10 Feb. 1998
6Everest: The Death Zone24 Feb. 1998
7Search for the Lost Cave People31 Mar. 1998
8Warnings from the Ice21 Apr. 1998
9Crocodiles! With David Attenborough28 Apr. 1998
10The Truth About Impotence12 May 1998
11Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude6 Oct. 1998
12Chasing 'El Niño'13 Oct. 1998
13Terror in Space27 Oct. 1998
14Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond3 Nov. 1997
15Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius10 Nov. 1998
16Ice Mummies: The Return of the Iceman24 Nov. 1998
17Ice Mummies: Frozen in Heaven (1)24 Nov. 1998
18Ice Mummies: Siberian Ice Maiden 224 Nov. 1998
19Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman (3)24 Nov. 1998
20Leopards of the Night with David Attenborough1 Dec. 1998
21The Perfect Pearl29 Dec. 1998