Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is yet to be renewed for season 13
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30 min
Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, Richard Harrison, Austin 'Chumlee' Russell
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Released Date Pawn Stars season 3

Episode 30









Released Pawn Stars - 28.03.2011

Pawn Stars is a widely-acclaimed veteran reality television series that is broadcast on the History channel. Coming from Leftfield Entertainment production studio, Pawn Stars was released in July 2009.

The reality series takes a look at the daily operations of the profitable pawn store World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. It is owned by Rick Harrison and his family and located on the Las Vegas strip. The family, who run the store, buy, estimate and sell pieces of historical value 24/7. Pawn Stars series also shows the personal and working relationships of the store’s employees and gives some information about unique items that are brought in. When it comes to truly unique and potentially very valuable items, appraisal experts are involved to evaluate them.

Pawn Stars has enjoyed a spoonful of nominations and 2013 ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards in the category Top Television Series. Even after so many installments the program remains the best performer for the broadcasting channel, averaging around 7 million viewers per episode. Moreover, the series encouraged World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop as a business patent and made it even more a profitable business in America. The series is holding a good 7.3/10 on IMDb, which reflects the popularity of Pawn Stars.



Pawn Stars: The Art of Dealing DVD Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Boom or Bust19 Jul. 2009
2Confederate Conundrum19 Jul. 2009
3Sink or Sell26 Jul. 2009
4Knights in Fake Armor?26 Jul. 2009
5Gangsters & Guitars2 Aug. 2009
6Damn Yankees2 Aug. 2009
7Brothels & Busses9 Aug. 2009
8Time Machines16 Aug. 2009
9Rope a Dope23 Aug. 2009
10Rick's Big Bet30 Aug. 2009
11John Hancock's Hancock6 Sep. 2009
12Plane Crazy13 Sep. 2009
13Peaches & Pinups20 Sep. 2009
14Old Man's Gamble27 Sep. 2009

Season 2

1Chumlee Goes AWOL18 Jan. 2010
2Wheels18 Jan. 2010
3Shocking Chum25 Jan. 2010
4Pezzed Off25 Jan. 2010
5Guns and Rangers1 Feb. 2010
6Tattoos and Tantrums1 Feb. 2010
7Pinball Wizards8 Feb. 2010
8Chopper Gamble8 Feb. 2010
9Spooning Paul Revere15 Feb. 2010
10Off the Wagon15 Feb. 2010
11Fortune in Flames1 Mar. 2010
12Backroom Brawl1 Mar. 2010
13Big Guns8 Mar. 2010
14Flight of the Chum8 Mar. 2010
15Bumpy Ride29 Mar. 2010
16Helmet Head5 Apr. 2010
17Bow Legged12 Apr. 2010
18Hell Week19 Apr. 2010
19Zzzzzz25 Apr. 2010
20The British Are Coming25 Apr. 2010
21License to Pawn2 May 2010
22Trail Breaker7 Jun. 2010
23Top Secret7 Jun. 2010
24Whale of a Time14 Jun. 2010
25Gold Diggers14 Jun. 2010
26Aw Shucks!21 Jun. 2010
27Deals from Hell21 Jun. 2010
28Chumlee's Dummies28 Jun. 2010
29Strike, Spare, Boom28 Jun. 2010
30Message in a Bottle5 Jul. 2010
31Rough Riders5 Jul. 2010
32Phoning It In12 Jul. 2010
33Moon Walking12 Jul. 2010

Season 3

1Peeping Pawn16 Aug. 2010
2Ace in the Hole16 Aug. 2010
3Double Trouble6 Sep. 2010
4Getting a Head6 Sep. 2010
5Cornering the Colonel13 Sep. 2010
6Ready, Set Pawn13 Sep. 2010
7The Eagle Has Landed20 Sep. 2010
8Like a Rolling Chum20 Sep. 2010
9Hello Nurse18 Oct. 2010
10Chumdog Millionaire18 Oct. 2010
11Gone with the Schwinn25 Oct. 2010
12The Eagle Has Landed12 Jul. 2010
13Never Surrender1 Nov. 2010
14Honest Abe1 Nov. 2010
15Monkey Business6 Dec. 2010
16Packing Heat13 Dec. 2010
17Luck of the Draw17 Jan. 2011
18Houdini's Handcuffs17 Jan. 2011
19Pedal to the Medal24 Jan. 2011
20Case Closed24 Jan. 2011
21Darth Pawn31 Jan. 2011
22Put Up Your Dukes31 Jan. 2011
24Striking a Chord7 Feb. 2011
25Harrison for President14 Feb. 2011
26Wise Guys14 Feb. 2011
27Robosaurus21 Mar. 2011
28Ah, Shoot!21 Mar. 2011
29Going Postal28 Mar. 2011
30Case Closed-
31Episode #3.31-

Season 4

1Luck of the Draw17 Jan. 2011
2Houdini's Handcuffs17 Jan. 2011
3Pedal to the Medal24 Jan. 2011
4Case Closed24 Jan. 2011
5Darth Pawn31 Jan. 2011
8Put Up Your Dukes31 Jan. 2011
9Pawn Illustrated7 Feb. 2011
10Striking a Chord7 Feb. 2011
11Harrison for President14 Feb. 2011
12Wise Guys14 Feb. 2011
13Honor Thy Father28 Mar. 2011
14Ah, Shoot!21 Mar. 2011
15Going Postal28 Mar. 2011
16Chummobile28 Mar. 2011
17Evel Genius4 Apr. 2011
18Pablo Pawncasso4 Apr. 2011
19Sub for Sale11 Apr. 2011
20Missile Attack11 Apr. 2011
21Not on My Watch18 Apr. 2011
22Take a Seat18 Apr. 2011
23Pom Pom Pawn25 Apr. 2011
24Patton Pending25 Apr. 2011
25Spidey Cents2 May 2011
26Necessary Roughness2 May 2011
27Peacemaker9 May 2011
28The Great Escape9 May 2011
29Broadsiding Lincoln30 May 2011
30Sharpe Shooters1 Jun. 2011
31Late Night Chum6 Jun. 2011
32Buy the Book6 Jun. 2011
33Over the Top13 Jun. 2011
34Honor Thy Father13 Jun. 2011
35The Pick, the Pawn & the Polish11 Jul. 2011
36Making Cents18 Jul. 2011
37Kings and McQueens18 Jul. 2011
38Face the Music25 Jul. 2011
39Off the Wall25 Jul. 2011
40Buffalo Bull1 Aug. 2011
41Cannons and Klingons1 Aug. 2011
42Silent and Deadly8 Aug. 2011
43Weird Science8 Aug. 2011
44The Wright Stuff15 Aug. 2011
45Out of Gas15 Aug. 2011
46The King's Bling5 Sep. 2011
47Pipe Dreams5 Sep. 2011
48High Stakes12 Sep. 2011
49Pirate's Booty12 Sep. 2011
50Teacher's Pet19 Sep. 2011
51Bugs Money19 Sep. 2011
53Poker Night26 Sep. 2011
54Rick or Treat24 Oct. 2011

Season 5

1Mile High Club28 Nov. 2011
2Patriot Games28 Nov. 2011
3Blaze of Glory5 Dec. 2011
4Looney Dunes5 Dec. 2011
5Buyer Beware12 Dec. 2011
6Silence of the Lambo12 Dec. 2011
7$=MC219 Dec. 2011
8Pony Up19 Dec. 2011
9High Tops26 Dec. 2011
10Apocalypse Wow26 Dec. 2011
11Corey's Big Play2 Jan. 2012
12Help Wanted2 Jan. 2012
13Learning the Ropes9 Jan. 2012
14Smells Like Pawn Spirit9 Jan. 2012
15Crosby, Stills and Cash16 Jan. 2012
16Cash Cash Bang Bang16 Jan. 2012
17Over the Moon23 Jan. 2012
18Les Is More23 Jan. 2012
19Hole in One30 Jan. 2012
20Yankee Panky30 Jan. 2012
21Air Mail6 Feb. 2012
22Cash is King6 Feb. 2012
23Bear-ly There13 Feb. 2012
24Huddle Up13 Feb. 2012
25Pawnocchio20 Feb. 2012
26Guns Blazing20 Feb. 2012
27James Gang Rides Again27 Feb. 2012
28Ring Around a Rockne27 Feb. 2012
29Pawn with the Wind5 Mar. 2012
30Zoodoo5 Mar. 2012
31Guilty as Charged9 Apr. 2012
32Corey's Big Burn9 Apr. 2012
33Wild Thing16 Apr. 2012
34To the Moon16 Apr. 2012
35Chum-p Change23 Apr. 2012
36Trigger Happy23 Apr. 2012
37Bossy Pants21 May 2012
38What the Truck21 May 2012
39Three Hour Tour28 May 2012
40Family Feud28 May 2012
41Silver Linings4 Jun. 2012
42Like a Rock11 Jun. 2012
43Dirty Sox11 Jun. 2012
44That Sinking Feeling18 Jun. 2012
45Pin It to Win It18 Jun. 2012
46Love Me Spender25 Jun. 2012
47Stalled Deals25 Jun. 2012
48Hot and Colt2 Jul. 2012
49Stuff It2 Jul. 2012
50Jet Setters9 Jul. 2012
51Kick the Can9 Jul. 2012
52Bullitt Proof13 Aug. 2012
53Cool as Ike20 Aug. 2012
54Free Willie20 Aug. 2012
55Some Like It Not27 Aug. 2012
56Say It Ain't So27 Aug. 2012
57Fork It Over3 Sep. 2012
58Thirty Something3 Sep. 2012

Season 6

1What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?2012
2Sturgis and Acquisitions2012
3Three Pawn Night12 Nov. 2012
4Stick to Your Guns2012
5Lord of the Ring2012
6Man. Make. Fire.13 Nov. 2012
7On Guard19 Nov. 2012
8The Last Samurai19 Nov. 2012
9Sweet Pawn of Mine26 Nov. 2012
10The Offer26 Nov. 2012
11Putt, Putt, Pawn3 Dec. 2012
12Wouldn't It Be Ice3 Dec. 2012
13Silent But Chumlee10 Dec. 2012
14Take the Money and Run10 Dec. 2012
15It's a Wonderful Pawn17 Dec. 2012
16Santa Chum17 Dec. 2012
17Little Pawn Shop of Horrors14 Jan. 2013
18I Herd That14 Jan. 2013
19Funny Money21 Jan. 2013
20Spare the Rodman21 Jan. 2013
21Million Dali Baby28 Jan. 2013
22Hair Force One28 Jan. 2013
23Comic Con4 Feb. 2013
24Off the Hook4 Feb. 2013
25Room and Hoard11 Feb. 2013
26Just Shoe It11 Feb. 2013
27Lunch Larceny18 Feb. 2013
28Grand Theft Corey18 Feb. 2013
29Beam Me Up25 Feb. 2013
30Shekel and Hyde25 Feb. 2013
31Book 'Em Rick4 Mar. 2013
32Corey, I Am Your Father4 Mar. 2013
33Close, But No Cigar11 Mar. 2013
34Hello, Goodbye11 Mar. 2013

Season 7

1Rick 'n' Roll30 May 2013
2Grumpy Old Man30 May 2013
4Unprankable6 Jun. 2013
5Ready to Rumble13 Jun. 2013
6Dog Day Afternoon13 Jun. 2013
7King of Pain20 Jun. 2013
8Free Agent20 Jun. 2013
9Sticks and Stones27 Jun. 2013
10The Pawntridge Family27 Jun. 2013
12Fool's Gold11 Jul. 2013
13World Series of Pawn18 Jul. 2013
14Rage Against That Machine18 Jul. 2013
15Colt to the Touch1 Aug. 2013
16Chum-parazzi1 Aug. 2013
17The Chum-Sake8 Aug. 2013
18Corey's Big Splurge8 Aug. 2013
19Secret Agent Man15 Aug. 2013
20London Pawning15 Aug. 2013
21On a Mission to Pawn22 Aug. 2013
22Goldfish and Silver22 Aug. 2013
23What Happens in Vegas29 Aug. 2013
24You're Out29 Aug. 2013
50Security26 Sep. 2011

Season 8

1Everyday I'm Shufflin'30 May 2013
2The Bald and the Beautiful10 Oct. 2013
3Say It, Don't Spray It17 Oct. 2013
4The Enigma17 Oct. 2013
5No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service24 Oct. 2013
6Comfortably Chum24 Oct. 2013
7Brush with Greatness31 Oct. 2013
8250th Episode: Chum of All Fears31 Oct. 2013
9Winchester, Lose or Draw7 Nov. 2013
10The Merchant of Vegas7 Nov. 2013
11The Bachelor14 Nov. 2013
12Cold Hard Cash14 Nov. 2013
13Rebel, Rebel21 Nov. 2013
14Open and Shut Case21 Nov. 2013
16Gnarly Harley5 Dec. 2013
17Woah Pilgrim12 Dec. 2013
18The Amazing Chumlee12 Dec. 2013
21Lost in Spacelander26 Dec. 2013
22Put Your Hands Up26 Dec. 2013
23Finding Fonzie2 Jan. 2014
24You Say You Wanna Revolution2 Jan. 2014
25Truly Trivial9 Jan. 2014
26Whodunit?9 Jan. 2014
27I'll Be Doggone16 Jan. 2014
28Can't Buy Me Love16 Jan. 2014
30Silent Stars and Rebel Cars23 Jan. 2014
31Smurf and Turf30 Jan. 2014
33Rescue 9-1-Chum6 Feb. 2014
40Underground Pawn19 Feb. 2015
46Head Games20 Mar. 2014

Season 9

1Extreme Pawnover6 Feb. 2014
2Rough and Tumble13 Feb. 2014
3The Great Pawnbino13 Feb. 2014
4Sunday Funday30 Jan. 2014
5Rock Bottom20 Feb. 2014
6Chords, Swords and Rewards20 Feb. 2014
7Magic Bus6 Mar. 2014
8Purple Haze27 Feb. 2014
9Field Trip27 Feb. 2014
10Bang Bang13 Mar. 2014
11You Snooze, You Lose13 Mar. 2014
12McKinley Family Jewels6 Mar. 2014
13Shamrocked20 Mar. 2014
18Tee'd Off2014
28All In8 May 2014
29New Old Man15 May 2014
30Tickets to Ride15 May 2014
31Everybody Do the Dinosaur22 May 2014
32Breaking the Bank22 May 2014
33Reeling and Dealing29 May 2014
34Pawn U29 May 2014
35Daddy's Girl5 Jun. 2014
36Dam Good Time5 Jun. 2014
37Who's Your Dali?12 Jun. 2014
38Chumlee's Last Laugh12 Jun. 2014
39Spacing Out19 Jun. 2014

Season 10

1Get in the Ring26 Jun. 2014
2Rick, Rock, and Roll26 Jun. 2014
3Pinball Punch3 Jul. 2014
4Fireworks and Freedom3 Jul. 2014
5Mr. Cool10 Jul. 2014
6Press One for Chum2013
7Chumdae17 Jul. 2014
8Put Up Your Nukes17 Jul. 2014
9Pawn Apocalypse24 Jul. 2014
10Colts and Vikings24 Jul. 2014
11Break on Through31 Jul. 2014
12Playboys and Players31 Jul. 2014
13Go for Chum7 Aug. 2014
14Shufflin' and Hustlin'7 Aug. 2014
15Bo Knows14 Aug. 2014
16Break Room Battle14 Aug. 2014
17Secret Admirer21 Aug. 2014
18Hidden Treasure21 Aug. 2014
19Rock Stars and Race Cars28 Aug. 2014
20Tricky Ricky1 Sep. 2014
21Dodging Dillinger21 Aug. 2014
22Birthday Blues2 Oct. 2014
23Pawn Fiction25 Sep. 2014
24Book of Rick9 Oct. 2014
25Van Gogh a Go Go9 Oct. 2014
26Tough Cookie2 Oct. 2014
27Smart Pants16 Oct. 2014
28Chummified16 Oct. 2014
30McQueen Dreams13 Nov. 2014
32Rick's a Riot30 Oct. 2014
34The Chum System13 Nov. 2014
35Oldest Trick in the Book18 Dec. 2014
36Off to the Races20 Nov. 2014
37Chum's Secret Stash11 Dec. 2014
38Mini Rick11 Dec. 2014
39Flying High4 Dec. 2014
40Game Over4 Dec. 2014
42The Adventures of Corey and Chum10 Nov. 2014

Season 11

4Captain Rick13 Nov. 2014
5Money Ball22 Jan. 2015
10Hiding Houdini15 Dec. 2014
12Head Games20 Mar. 2014
14Sword Play5 Mar. 2015
16Rick the Giant12 Feb. 2015
19Son of a Gun19 Mar. 2015
23One Man's Junk12 Mar. 2015
29Fake or Fortune21 May 2015
31Ticket to Pawn25 May 2015
43Dangerous Deals28 May 2015

Season 12

18The Pawn Before Christmas-
26Blockbuster Buys30 Mar. 2016
27Gangsters, Guns and Guitars6 Apr. 2016
30Deals on Wheels20 Apr. 2016
31One in a Million27 Apr. 2016
32Every Rose Has Its Pawn4 May 2016
33Rick the Emperor11 May 2016

Season 13

9Cowboys and Cannons7 Sep. 2016

Season 14

25Clowning Around18 Dec. 2014

Season 15

12Rocky Road26 Feb. 2015
13All Hail Rick26 Feb. 2015
16Hot Dam29 Mar. 2015
17Last Call Pawn12 Mar. 2015

Season 16

1Mad Deals27 Jul. 2016
2Pawn No Evil3 Aug. 2016
3Pawn Halen10 Aug. 2016
5Double Your Pawn24 Aug. 2016
6Pops Pawn24 Aug. 2016
7Death and Taxidermy31 Aug. 2016
8Triple Axel Pawn31 Aug. 2016
9Cowboys and Cannons7 Sep. 2016
10Great Negotiations7 Sep. 2016
11Biggest Buys: Hydro Jetpack15 Oct. 2016
12Biggest Buys: Keith Haring Art15 Oct. 2016
13Smokin' Pawn24 Oct. 2016
15Hidden Pawn14 Nov. 2016
16All Pawns on Deck21 Nov. 2016
17Locked Up and Rail Roaded28 Nov. 2016
18Silver Stash Pawn5 Dec. 2016
19Gotham Pawn12 Dec. 2016
20Pawn Another Day26 Dec. 2016
21Four Score and Seven Pawn26 Dec. 2016
22A Pawn of Lies1 Jan. 2017
23My Country, Pawn of Thee2 Jan. 2017
24Killer Pawn2 Jan. 2017
25Megawatt Money16 Jan. 2016
26Seven Barreled Pawn16 Jan. 2017
27Wound Up Rick23 Jan. 2017
28Cutting Edge Pawn23 Jan. 2017
29Pawn Patent30 Jan. 2017
30Houston, We Have a Deal30 Jan. 2017
31Under Pressure6 Feb. 2017

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