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Pit Bulls and Parolees is officially renewed for season 9 to air in 2017
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Released Pit Bulls and Parolees - 05.08.2017

Pit Bulls & Parolees is a unique real-life documentary program devoted to the pit bull breed. A product of 44 Blue Productions and Rive Gauche Television, the series is broadcast on the Animal Planet channel in the United States. Season 1 of the dog show came out on the small screen in October 2009.

Pit Bulls & Parolees is filmed in New Orleans, LA and tells the story of the Villalobos Rescue Center, the biggest pit bull rescue in the USA. Tia Maria Torres is determined to prove to the public that pit bulls can be true friends to people and not enemies to fear. This reality program takes an unbiased look at people who care about the future of abandoned animals and ex-condemned. In Tia’s rehabilitation center she employs those who have spent some years of their lives behind the iron gate. Our cruel society does not accept neither dogs of this breed, nor former prisoners, but Torres proves that there must be a second chance for all.

The cutting-edge documentary has produced quite a buzz in the society and among the critics, but most of the reviews on it have been praising. In season 7 Pit Bulls & Parolees have reached it milestone 100th episode. We sincerely hope that this reality program will exist in the future and give a chance in life to everyone who deserves it.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Second Chance Ranch30 Oct. 2009
2Redemption6 Nov. 2009
3Whiteout13 Nov. 2009
4Crisis20 Nov. 2009
5On the Run28 Nov. 2009
6Sin City4 Dec. 2009

Season 2

1A Battle of Wills30 Oct. 2010
2Return to the Ranch30 Oct. 2010
3A Final Verdict13 Nov. 2010
4A Fighting Chance20 Nov. 2010
5Devastation27 Nov. 2010
6Beware of Dog4 Dec. 2010
7Breaking Point11 Dec. 2010
8Mission of Mercy18 Dec. 2010
9Saving Tia Torres8 Jan. 2011
10Trial by Fire15 Jan. 2011
11Life in the Spotlight22 Jan. 2011
12The Next Chapter1 Jan. 2011

Season 3

1Judgement Day12 Nov. 2011
2Prison Break19 Nov. 2011
3New Blood26 Nov. 2011
4Trapped3 Dec. 2011
5Southern Uprising10 Dec. 2011
6Heart Broken17 Dec. 2011
7Burn Out7 Jan. 2012
8Pushing the Limits14 Jan. 2012
9Cut Loose21 Jan. 2012
10Path of Destruction28 Jan. 2012
12End of the RoadFeb. 2012

Season 4

1New Orleans, Here We Come6 Oct. 2012
2Face Off13 Oct. 2012
3Ghost Dog27 Oct. 2012
4A Gift from Heaven20 Oct. 2012
5Saving Prada3 Nov. 2012
6Swamped10 Nov. 2012
7Trapped Below24 Nov. 2012
8Boiling Point1 Dec. 2012
10Buried Alive12 Jan. 2013
11Freedom Fighters19 Jan. 2013
12Making Miracles26 Jan. 2013
14Storm on the Horizon9 Feb. 2013
15Storm Surge16 Feb. 2013
16Unleashed16 Feb. 2013

Season 5

1Out of the Dark2 Nov. 2013
2Shell Shocked9 Nov. 2013
3Pitch Black16 Nov. 2013
4Puppy-Palooza23 Nov. 2013
5Giving Back30 Nov. 2013
6Flood Watch7 Dec. 2013
7A New Future14 Dec. 2013
9Rescuing the Holidays28 Dec. 2013
10Can't Give Up4 Jan. 2014
11Collision Course11 Jan. 2014
12Not Meant to Be18 Jan. 2014
13Battle Scars25 Jan. 2014
14Almost Perfect1 Feb. 2014
15Rescue Resurrection8 Feb. 2014
16From the Shadows15 Feb. 2014
17Unleashed22 Feb. 2014

Season 6

1Last Chance4 Oct. 2014
2A Diamond in the Rough11 Oct. 2014
3Risky Business18 Oct. 2014
4Standing Strong25 Oct. 2014
5Helter Shelter1 Nov. 2014
6Dumped8 Nov. 2014
7Healing Hearts15 Nov. 2014
8Broken Home22 Nov. 2014
9Giving Thanks29 Nov. 2014
10Above and Beyond3 Jan. 2015
11Good Gone Bad10 Jan. 2015
12A Clash of Wills17 Jan. 2015
13Saving Each Other24 Jan. 2015
14From Darkness to Dawn24 Jan. 2015
15Taming the Beast7 Feb. 2015
17Blind Hope7 Mar. 2015
18Hero's Journey14 Mar. 2015
19Long Road Home28 Feb. 2015
20Why We Go On21 Mar. 2015
21Unleashed21 Mar. 2015

Season 7

1New Frontiers19 Sep. 2015
2Jail Break26 Sep. 2015
3Jail Break26 Sep. 2015
4Scarred3 Oct. 2015
6New Heights10 Oct. 2015
10A New Best Friend28 Nov. 2015
11Episode #7.115 Dec. 2015
12The Gift19 Dec. 2015
21Tia vs. Nature26 Sep. 2015
22Unforgettable19 Sep. 2015
23Life Transformed3 Oct. 2015

Season 8

1Down, Not Out12 Nov. 2016
2Redeemed19 Nov. 2016
3Kindness of Strangers26 Nov. 2016
4Down Below3 Dec. 2016
5Rock City Rescue10 Dec. 2016
6Our Gift17 Dec. 2016
7Pushing Forward7 Jan. 2017
8Hounded14 Jan. 2017
9Going the Distance21 Jan. 2017
10Unleashed: Season 828 Jan. 2017
11Longing for Home28 Jan. 2017

Season 9

6The Gift17 Dec. 2016

Season 10

1City of Second Chances5 Aug. 2017

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