Poldark season 3 is to premiere in 2017
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Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Heida Reed, Tristan Sturrock
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Released Poldark - 30.11.2017

Poldark, a British drama series airing on the BBC1 channel in Great Britain, was created by Debbie Horsfield. The initial chapter was released in the UK in March 2015 and included 8 episodes. The program is an adaptation of the first two Poldark novels, written by Winston Graham in the first part of century 19. The drama series is executive produced by Karen Thrussel, Rebecca Eaton, and Damien Timmer.

The plot of the historical drama tells the story of Ross Poldark who comes back to his motherland after participating in the war and being wounded in America. Everyone was shocked beyond belief that Ross has managed to stay alive. During his absence his father gone and his love, Elizabeth, accepted the proposal of his cousin Francis. Ross, who has made up his mind not to interfere in the situation, meets a young woman and takes her as a kitchen worker. Demelza goes for her young and handsome employer.

The initial cycle of the period drama appeared to be one of the best releases of 2015 on BBC One due to the solid performance of the lead actor Aidan Turner. In April 2016 the network officially greenlit Poldark for a sophomore series.

The romantic saga that was broadcast on the MASTERPIECE channel in the 1970s, Ross Poldark was airing on PBS in 2015 as a part of the PBS Masterpiece series.

In one of the interviews given by Aidan Turner, who played Ross Poldark, a spoonful of new details regarding season 2 were released. The premiere season of Poldark was a huge success for the BBC delivering about 6 million viewers.

The win by Aidan Turner the National Television Awards has increased the interest towards the period drama and has officially titled him as newest sex symbol in Britain. According to the female lead Heida Reed, the second run of the series will be a little deeper and tenser. New episodes are scheduled to come out in fall 2016.



Poldark - I am not content playing second best! 2x09

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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Episode #1.121 Jun. 2015
2Episode #1.228 Jun. 2015
3Episode #1.35 Jul. 2015
4Episode #1.412 Jul. 2015
5Episode #1.519 Jul. 2015
6Episode #1.626 Jul. 2015
7Episode #1.72 Aug. 2015
8Episode #1.82 Aug. 2015

Season 2

1Episode #2.125 Sep. 2016
2Episode #2.225 Sep. 2016
3Episode #2.32 Oct. 2016
4Episode #2.416 Oct. 2016
5Episode #2.523 Oct. 2016
6Episode #2.69 Oct. 2016
7Episode #2.716 Oct. 2016
8Episode #2.823 Oct. 2016
9Episode #2.930 Oct. 2016
10Episode #2.106 Nov. 2016

Season 3

1Episode #3.111 Jun. 2017
2Episode #3.218 Jun. 2017
3Episode #3.325 Jun. 2017
4Episode #3.415 Oct. 2017
5Episode #3.522 Oct. 2017
6Episode #3.629 Oct. 2017
7Episode #3.75 Nov. 2017
8Episode #3.812 Nov. 2017
9Episode #3.96 Aug. 2017

Season 4

1Episode #4.12018
2Episode #4.2-
3Episode #4.3-
4Episode #4.4-
5Episode #4.5-
6Episode #4.6-
7Episode #4.7-
8Episode #4.8-

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